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H.O.V.A.'s Heroes -- Jay-Z Parties Army Strong

9/15/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kanye West used the VMAs to destroy a young girl's hopes and dreams -- Jay-Z was busy making dreams come true for a few members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Jay-Z -- Marine Corps
Sources tell us when Jay arrived at the ASICS after party at the 40/40 Club -- which he owns -- on Sunday night, he pulled the uniformed crew from the line outside to walk the red carpet with him.

After that, we're told Jay brought them inside the club and hooked them up with full VIP treatment.

Watch and learn, Kanye.


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Yeah, and then he helped Kanye celebrate destroying a young girl's dream by singing with him on Jay Leno. Way to go JZ!

1862 days ago

Miss Tina    

Why the hell is that so called Marine out of uniform? The last time I checked, the USMC didn't trade blood stripes and corfams for jeans and boots - stupid ass boots at that.

That man is no more a Marine than Jay-Z is. What'd you do kid? Decide to go up to the Army/Navy Surplus store and buy a blouse.

IMO as a girlfriend of a Marine and the daughter of an Army veteran and Marine Corps veteran, they aren't military just a bunch of kids wanting to get laid and doing anything including faking being in the military to do it.

1862 days ago


please follow up with these faker kids, very very disrespectfull to men and woman actually fighting for our country in uniform

1862 days ago


my friend just told me the guy on the right is an artist by the name of Lee Charms. His myspace is

1862 days ago

stating the obvious    

Is anyone else wondering why JayZ and company keep throwin up the daft pyramid?? I have a feeling its not because he collaborated with them....

1862 days ago

where's the justice    

The symbol that he is holding up represents his record label, Roc-A-Fella records which was formed in 1996 which is now called RocNation. It is not a "gang symbol" or an illuminati. He has been using this symobol for YEARS with his fans and it is called "The Roc" symbol.

1862 days ago


TMZ, your "sources" are dumber than crap! There's no damned way a REAL Marine would disgeace his uniform the way that fake is doing. I wish I had been there and witnessed this publicity stunt on all accounts. Either Jay-Z was hoodwinked or he had these doube bags planted in the line.

1862 days ago


Coming from a past "drug dealer", I'll he is no better than Kanye, Jayz is just like Kanye, he's doing things now to reel you white folks in, he's good a kissing white folks azz.

Jayz stands behind Kanye 100%

1862 days ago


If that "Marine" is really a Marine... trust me, he's in hot water for appearing in his dress coat and nothing else...if he's a wanna be.. shame on him, and shame on Z for falling for it.

1862 days ago


No way that is a Marine on the right side. They would never wear a dress blue jacket with jeans and boots, and the guy has an earring, another no-no in uniform. Ha! The other guys look pretty authentic.

1862 days ago


WTF is that guy on the right doing? You do NOT wear a Marine uniform like that! I'm a Marine wife. There are strict rules on how and WHEN to wear your uniforms! If he's a real Marine I hope someone sees this and gets his ass in trouble! This is just a discrace to Marines!

1862 days ago

anthony steglik    

i am the person on the far left of that picture. yes the people in army uniforms are in the army. yes we were allowed to wear it because it was apart of our mission for public affairs. the person in the far right is not a marine. he is an up and comming artist. he was not trying to pretend to be in the military it was just for fashion. and a freak accident we happen to meet up with him. tmz did not confirm the story they just wrote what they saw. hence why other websites have our name and rank and they do not. its because they never spoke to us

1862 days ago


After researching these are two real soldiers that were invited as soldiers, and were at the actual awards show

there are two posts that explain this is Lee Charms and up and coming artist check him out. It was not his choice top wear the Marine Jacket. No disrespect to the Marines.

1862 days ago


Just knowing that that idiot is wearing our Marine Corps Blues jacket makes me sick to my stomach. we hold our standards and traditions to high to allow some punk to wear it like it was a fashion statment. he looks like a freaking IDIOT. if he is a Marine i hope his command sees this photo and takes action. stupid punk cant be a real man and EARN that jacket. i sweated and bleed for 3 months every hour of the day for the right to wear that. dressing in a military style is one thing, putting on a blues coat that you disgrace is another!

utterly disgusted!

1862 days ago


The Army guys could be legit, but the guy wearing a Marine Corps dress blues blouse needs his face kicked in. Hey buddy, nice total disrespect to the service who's reputation you're trying to get laid from!

Its an awesome gesture for Jay-Z to do! I just hope a couple real Marines saw that guy on the right later that night...

1861 days ago
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