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Jessica Simpson --

Coyote Took My Doggy

9/15/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dog Nick Lachey gave Jessica Simpson as a sign of their once undying love may have met a violent and tragic demise.

Jessica Simpson -- Coyote Took My Doggy

Daisy, Jessica's beloved "carmel colored" Malti-Poo, was snatched right in front of her eyes by a coyote last night.

Jessica has posted a missing dog sign on her Twitter page along with the following message:

My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

It doesn't look good....

Jessica Simpson And Daisy


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She is an irresponsible owner!!
WHO lets their little dog run around lose in the middle of the night in the backyard?
Idiot Jessica, that's who.

1833 days ago


She is trying to get publicity and sympathy out of this, that's all. Stupid bitch should have been out looking for her dog instead of texting and twittering.

1833 days ago


Maybe she'll get lucky and the coyote will drop the remains on her lawn as a peace offering.

1833 days ago


Cut her some slack, I am no fan of Jessica Simpson but I love dogs, I don't think she's hoping coyotes can read, it's more like she hopes any eye-witnesses who saw the dog's body may alert her.

Lets try to be an intelligent audience and be more discerning? Don't take everything on face value and exercise some of our god-given common sense instead of absorbing whatever message the media tries to portray.

1833 days ago



Coyote just send me an email with a picture of UGLY DOG holding today's newspaper , he wants a reward of 100 steaks , 50 sausages , 100 chicken wings (honey garlic) and a gift certificate for KENTUKY FRIED DOGGIES

1833 days ago


OMG Jessica that is just awful, I am soooo very sorry. OMG. Your poor baby Daisy. Pets are our babies and nothing like that should ever happen ever. Blessed thoughts for your beloved Daisy and for your heart Jessica. OMG this story is making me cry. I had a cat taken by a coyote one time in San Diego but I didn't see it happen. She just never came home. We lived on a big beautiful canyon where coyotes lived (we are living in their habitat.) We searched high and low for her and never found her. Still breaks my heart, and I can't imagine seeing your baby being taken and being so helpless. Your sweet baby Daisy. OMG I am heartbroken for you. Hugs to you Jess. You and Daisy will be in my prayers.

1833 days ago


So if someone posts a picture of Patrick Swayze on a telephone pole should we expect him to be returned too?

The dog was a warm snack for the coyote, he probably enjoyed the carmel flavor.

1833 days ago


Daisy ran off willingly with the coyote.

Somewhere, in a place far away, that dog is now giving the Martin Luther King speech :
Free at last! Free at last!!

1833 days ago


If she'd used some common sense the dog would be alive today.
But that would have involved Jessica getting off her fat lard arse and walking the dog on a leash instead of pushing her out the door after dark.

1833 days ago


Poor thing, this breaks my heart. I have a little Maltese and just seeing the picture brings tears.
I feel so bad for her. :(

1833 days ago


What a bunch of heartless people you are. The dog was attacked by a coyote. It was not a pretty site. Dig deep inside yourselves and find some compassion.

1833 days ago


I can't believe how cruel most of these comments are. This is a sweet, innocent dog we're talking about. OMG. Most people in this world are evilheared selfish jerks. Team Jessica.

1833 days ago


FYI I lived in San Diego county for years and would see coyotes running down my STREET in the middle of broad daylight. Why? Their habitats have been destroyed by fires and human growth, so they have no other choice. They are out looking for food. Don't blame Jessica. She did absolutely nothing wrong and never would.

1833 days ago


No one is heartless, we all feel sorry for the dog.
But no sympathy for that dumb bitch Jessica who can't even take care of a little dog. She is such a moron.

1833 days ago


I'm not really a fan of Jessica's, but I cannot believe most of these heartless, cruel comments. Really bad taste. I have a malti-poo, and would be torn up if anything happened to her. Sorry for your loss, Jessica.

1833 days ago
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