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Michael Jackson Doc Sues

9/15/2009 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein has sued Dr. Steven Hoefflin in the Michael Jackson prescription drug saga -- sued him for defamation of character.

Dr. Conrad Murray & Dr. Steven Hoefflin

According to the suit, Dr. Klein claims Dr. Hoefflin told The Sun in the minutes following Jackson's death, "[Dr. Conrad] Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer Propofol ... Murray would have counted on Klein to be the source of Propofol and guide him on its use."

Klein claims Hoefflin's conduct was "willful, fraudulent, malicious, oppressive and reckless" and was done "with the intent to injure and harm Dr. Klein."

: Hoefflin tells TMZ: "They [The Sun] check their facts with an electronic microscope. There is factual evidence that the statements that I made are true. They have in their possession phone records, recordings, documents and other evidence that confirms facts in their stories before they're published."


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Be sure it would have been for a President there would already have some arrests ....

I would like to understand what LADP is doing ? Where is Murray ?

1861 days ago


Is my opinion below valid?
What do you think??
Or am I on the wrong track here?

I can only decide for myself but I don't go to see the "This is it" movie or buy the DVD as long as the investigation is going on.
I don't want to pay people who are maybe involved in Michael's death.
I could never forgive myself if I did when in the end it turns out that they are indeed quilty.
Michael is and was too important to me to take that chance.

1861 days ago


No matter who or if they make arrests in Michael's death, the dirt that comes out is going to be on Michael.

1861 days ago


can anyone explain why it has took @ss

1861 days ago


they cant bring out anymore dirt on michael they have already done it the lies they have already said about him and they have got away with it,its time for justice michael is dead this is ridiculous the length of time this is taking i feel no one cares it is very sad.JUSTICE FOR THE KING OF

1861 days ago


The sun prints anything at all but wouldn't hoefflin have proof before opening his mouth. This could all come back to bite klein on the butt. I read somewhere that one of the calls Murray made was to Klein I cannot recall the source though. Why isn't Klein suing the Sun?

1861 days ago

Linda Mott    

The pot calling the kettle black.

1861 days ago


49. Dr. Klein, due to the fact he is likely the biological father of the older children

No, he most likely is NOT!
If he were, Michael wouldn´t have had him as a friend - he would have kept him far away from the children. Like he did with Debbie Rowe. Michael wanted his kids to himself. He was even jealous of the nanny, Grace Rwaramba, if he felt she was getting too attached to the children.
Furthermore I think that Michael is the bio father. Remember that, assuming that Michael is the father, the children are less than 50% black, Michael being of mixed race (Katherine: black and native american. Joe: black, native american and white.) Debbie is a very, very, blonde, white, scandinavian type.
And Blanket is the spitting image of Michael azcept for the hair. (I know he has a different mother.)

About the doctors. They are nuts: money-hungry, star struck quacks. And at least Murray is a criminal and possibly a murderer, who needs to be held accountable for his sinister deeds ASAP!
There will not be closure concerning Michael´s death until that happens.

1861 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

From Dr.Klein to Dr.Murray??? sounds plausible and factual. We knew there had to be a connection to the two....So...whats holding up the paddy wagon pickin these high priced assassins anyway? There is enough evidence that none of the docs involved used good or even moral judgement when it came to Michael. I just wish we could have stopped the murder of such a wonderful person. Yes, he had issues...but he had put his life in the hands of people who had no other object but to bring money into their pockets.
Shame on the medical community that aided either of these doctors.
But none of this will bring Michael back to his little children. Or to the fans that worshipped him for years. Rest in Peace MJ
I just hope that you know how much you were loved, and adored.

1861 days ago

cali chick    

I heard that Dr. Murry made 3 different calls right before he called 911 the same day Michael died! I do believe one was to Dr. Klein!! They are BOTH guilty of contributing to his death! R.I.P MICAHEL WE LOVE YOU!!

1861 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

With all being said’ why did “MR. Michael Jackson” partake in dangerous’ Propofol use, was his insomnia unique’ did he try sleeping pills, was his insomnia caused by the excruciating’ pain from his scalp burn’ or did he suffer’ from being predisposed’ to lifelong insomnia, from birth’ or adolescence? Where we can seek answers is, when’ did he first improperly’ receive the Propofol for insomnia relief’ and Dr. Arnold Klein becomes suspect, following that’ thought process, we back-date to timeframe’ just before’ Prince Jackson was born, when’ Debbie Rowe / Jackson was Dr. Klein’s assistant, conjecturing collusion, both’ assumptive birth parent’s of Prince Jackson’ with ongoing relationship to MR. Michael Jackson up to before’ he went overseas, advancing to near present’ we are informed dr. Murray acquired’ the Propofol that killed’ MR. Michael Jackson at Allied Pharmacy’ in Las Vegas, be they’ individual or be they’ intra-national the “fly by night” Pharmacy failed to begin acting responsible, following their’ Sports Illustrated’ implication for filling e-mail order’s of “Steroid’s in Sports” D.O.J. 2007 investigation, supplying Chris Benoit {murdered, Woman’ Son’ then Suicide’} also’ Firemen, Police, Wrestlers, Pro Sport Athletes and School aged kid’s’ easy access to illegal non-prescribed Steroid enhancements. Looking back to Self Prescribing’ Dr. Kline’ might he have been also’ enabling’ Michael to Self Prescribe, with Debbie Rowe mediating’ as an unlicensed anesthesiologist, using Mickey Fine’ Pharmacy in the same building’ as Dr. Kline, to fill Prescription’s, some’ without patent’s name, charging {filed papers on $100,000.00 unpaid bill} MR. Michael Jackson $25,000.00 per. Month’ for medication, {actually’ $25,000.00 was recorded Michael’s monthly overall’ family medicine’ budget} before’ dr. Murray, began’ fatal medicine experimentation. Lots more at the link: for idea of Murder thinker’s.

1861 days ago


We have something to tell you!

1861 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Looking at the information the media has given’ logically, “MR. Michael Jackson” was supposedly addicted to all’ these’ prescription drugs (pain killers were stated’ at one point) yet none’ of the drugs he was supposedly addicted to' were reported found in his blood. The only drugs reported found in his bloodstream, were those administered by dr. Murray’ by his own admission. If MR Michael Jackson was addicted’ to any of the drugs’ he received the day of his death, then’ why did dr. Murray administer them’ willingly? Since’ dr. Murray, believed’ that MR. Michael Jackson was becoming addicted’ to Propofol. How did this addiction occur? Perhaps the fact’ that dr. Murray himself had been giving “MR Michael Jackson” Propofol every night for six week’s may have had something to do with it? Was dr. Murray even board certified’ in cardiology, reason’ makes you suspiciously wonder, why a "Specialist" didn't pass the boards. Also’ were dr. Murray’s credentials and license current, proper and up-to date for practicing medicine in the state of California, No. The fact’ remains, that dr. Murray is not a trained anesthesiologist’ was not performing surgery’ did not have the proper lifesaving’ equipment’ and was inducing coma’ without back-up’ personnel, dr Murray is culpable, for knowingly’ administering’ Propofol’ causing’ a Man’s death’ and he deserves punishment, plus’ he had no business giving Propofol to begin with! He was treating MR Michael Jackson for insomnia, not performing surgery. Doctors are supposed to treat a symptom’ of an illness’ with appropriate medications, Propofol’ is not an appropriate medication’ for insomnia. If you go into surgery' does your anesthesiologist leave you completely unprotected’ unattended’ in induced coma’ to go to the restroom’ or to make personal phone calls’ while your unconscious’ under anesthesia?

This dr. Murray is guilty’ of more that just gross negligence and malpractice, what about the fact that he transported (or had transported) these medications across state lines? What about the fact’ that he had his assistants’ in Houston destroy possible evidence, hindering an investigation? No doctor hires a lawyer immediately after a patient’s death, unless’ they know for a fact’ that they did something wrong! MR. Michael Jackson did not kill himself’ instead he trusted a doctor to take care of him’ who failed to do the job’ he was paid’ and entrusted to do! Since dr. Murray reports to suddenly notice’ MR. Michael Jackson not breathing, then’ logically dr Murray did not witness’ the onset of distress, and if’ dr. Murray detected a slight or weak pulse, the Patient was breathing {Resuscitating} on his own, so why then’ why would CPR even be administered? Why was the upstairs heat maximized? Why was he attempting CPR on the bed, instead’ of the hard surface of the floor’ in the stifling heat, no less? Why would dr. Murray stop “CPR” to run to the kitchen, to tell the chef’ to send up a child’ for witnessing CPR administration’ to body, that’ was later pronounced by paramedics to evidence {blood gravitation} Lividity?

Why’ does dr. Murray not call 911 immediately, because he claims’ he doesn’t know the address’ to the house’ he has been driving to’ every evening’ for two Months? This’ dr. Murray does not have any phone’ or access to any household phone’ available to call 911’ immediately ‘at first sign of distress, Yet’ has a phone’ available to make other’ phone calls? Then’ dr. Murray insisted’ paramedics continue CPR even after Lividity was noticed (Lividity is blood gravitation’ said to only’ “set in” several hours after death) dr. Murray insisted’ MR. Michael Jackson not be declared dead at his home (home death=immediate autopsy) dr. Murray insisted’ oxygen to be administered in Ambulance {home death= immediate autopsy} dr. Murray refused’ to sign’ the death certificate (avoiding liability) dr. Murray avoids’ police questions, for several day’s’ following MR. Michael Jackson's death, thus’ allowing day’s of Crime Scene contamination with all homes content’s removal, plus’ real possibility of evidence destruction, allowing time to contact office assistant Stacey Howe’ to possibly interfere’ with evidence’ at his Los Vegas properties, assuming he failed to personally’ travel to Los Vegas in those two day’s!

It’s reported that it takes at least 40 mg. of Propofol’ to even put something to sleep, larger’ than a cat,

1861 days ago


Just a little snippet of a teaser for the readers. All these doctors should be hanging their heads in shame, every last one of them. Take away their licenses to practice in the States and send them off to an impoverished country to provide free medical care to the very children Michael Jackson spent his life trying to protect and save. I think it would be a very fitting consequence.

1861 days ago


None of you have learned crap from what happened to MJ and all the lies told about him.

What's really sad is you yahoos believe everything you read about anyone reported on here and the other tabloids. You don't need any proof, if someone prints it then it must be true. When you gonna wake up?

1861 days ago
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