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Caught on Tape

Calling Kanye 'Jackass'

9/15/2009 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama Caught on Tape Calling Kanye 'Jackass'TMZ has obtained the audiotape of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a "jackass" for hijacking Taylor Swift's acceptance speech during the VMAs.

The audio was recorded just before Obama went on camera to do an interview with CNBC. Before the interview began, Obama -- referring to Kanye's antics on stage -- said "I thought that was really inappropriate," then adding, "He's a jackass."

After making the remarks, Obama said "Where's the pool?" Presumably, he was worried the joke would go wide. He noted the last time that happened, he got burned for killing a fly.

Obama said, "Cut the President some slack."

 Kanye's Big Show


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La Toya Jackson    

Love Obama !!! .. Right on !!! .. Even clowns need health care

1871 days ago

Caron Bryan    

Holla!!! I love it!!

1871 days ago


Out of line Obama! .......Keep shaking things up Kanye
conformity and walking a single file line sucks ass.

1871 days ago


I think it's awesome that he said that. Way to go Obama!

1871 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Takes one to know one! He's right - it's obvious, but I guess da Prez dint learn his lesson last time he spouted off against the Cambridge Police Officer. Time for another beer and smoke summit!!!

Viva Argentina!!!!!!!

1871 days ago


too funny. i agree, so does everyone else. he has daughters, he probably thought about how she felt and how her parents felt. and seriously, if even 1 person disagrees with this, you're an idiot. nobody stops to think about what if they were president.. if you were president you wouldn't stop with your own personal opinions. you would not want to be told you can't say something or have an opinion. it was not on the record anyway he can say whatever he wants. just like im sure you did today at work or school.

1871 days ago


To Spree: Fox News had nothing to do with the Presidents comment being released. I voted for Obama, but I won't in the next election. The more I make the more the government takes. I don't believe in socialism, and I think too many in this country thinks 'everybody' owes them. Free medical, free education, free housing, free food... who do you think is paying for this? Taxpayers.

1871 days ago


That is hilarious!

1871 days ago


Just goes to show Kanye really does need to take a break and chill out. For the President to see that something's wrong with Kanye... maybe, this is a clue for Kanye to get some well needed rest and go ahead a grieve his mother's death.

Go to Africa Kanye, and come back refreshed!

1871 days ago


It absolutely ok for Obama, but not ok for the journalist. It must be possible to speak off the record with any member of the press. Off the record is off the record.

1871 days ago

Fact Checker    

I never liked Obama. Still don't.... but I like what he said !!!! About time one racist called out another :)

1871 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

So where are all you IDIOTS who have been SCREAMING that Obama is racist against whites .... even though he's half white, you dumbarses!! He's a fair, objective person - and calls it like he sees it. Good for him. And he thought this comment was off-air. He didn't announce it at a press conference.

1871 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

To 29. Even Obama Is Against KANYE!!
Whos Next? God.

Posted at 3:14PM on Sep 15th 2009 by LMFAO

GOD already does not like Kanya

1871 days ago


Way to go!! I totally agree with Obama

1871 days ago


That is not the president you idiots. First of all it is totally inappropriate or the president to call his people names like that, second of all he is the president unless your president is a jackass then I believe. So naive people. Get a life!

1871 days ago
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