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Writers Sue - New Aniston Flick Must be Stopped!

9/15/2009 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two screenwriters claim the script for Jennifer Aniston's new movie was straight up stolen from them by NBC Universal -- and now they want to stop the movie from being released ... or they want more than $100,000,000.

jennifer aniston love happens

Greg Crowder and Tony Freitas just filed a lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming they gave a script titled "The Truth" to Scott Bernstein in 2006 -- when Scott was VP of Production for Universal Pictures.

In the federal lawsuit filed by the screenwriters' lawyer, Ed McPherson, Crowder claims he had multiple meetings with Bernstein about the script -- but Bernstein told Crowder it needed a rewrite before Universal would buy it. Crowder said he'd rewrite it but only if Universal paid. Bernstein wouldn't pay so the deal fell apart.

Fast forward to 2009 ... Crowder says he submitted the script to another film company, who told him they were "concerned that [he] might have stolen" the script from the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Aaron Eckhart project called "Love Happens." The suit says it was the other way around.

Crowder and Freitas are asking a judge to block NBC Universal from releasing the film on September 18. If it gets released they want the profits ... which they estimate at more than $100,000,000.


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yes please stop it, i cant even stand the commercials for it.
i wonder why she never does anything new to her hair? it seems like its looked the same for years.

1675 days ago


Can anyone say Box Office Poison? That's what Jennifer is. She sucks.

1675 days ago


Its true jen only is in the movies because of Plan B. She can't land any lead roles because, like movie chick said, she's box office poison. Brad moved onto a much more interesting, passionate and beautiful woman, inside and out, who doesn't really care about materialistic things but cares more about humanity. Ang is only in the business because it allows her to give back so much money to charity. i predict jen will end up alone with her dogs.

1675 days ago


So they want all the profits? What profits? $100 million, give me a break. After they pay her $10 million and all the other production costs, this stink bomb of flick will be in the negative. The last hit Miss Aniston got was when Brad hit her with divorce papers.

1675 days ago


If they wanted a $100 million dollar profit, they should have hired Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock. With Jennifer, a $10 profit is more plausible. Are they joking, $100 million in this economy. People want value for their hard earned money, not stale Jennifer Aniston flipping her hair & trying to look cute throughout a movie. I wish Brad Pitt or Courtney Cox had taught her how to act. I've seen better acting in a elementary school play.

1675 days ago


All you haters can please stay in your trailer parks and make out with your cousins.
Jen is a treasure, a beautiful woman who is modest and charming and kind. She's smart, funny and dedicated to helping wherever she can.
Haters please note this - Jennifer's movies have earned over $1 billion, and she pocketed $45 million from Friends syndication.
Now go back to your WalMart jobs and get off the library computer.

1675 days ago


Please it's going to flop anyway. She whines through her lines. The only movie she was any good in was "The Good Girl". Why? Because she was playing a depressed person. She only has 1 tone and that's it. I saw her here in Atlantic city this summer when she taping a movie. She was so SNOTTY. She didn't even wave to the people standing in the heat watching her mess up her lines over and over again. I meet her co star from friends David Schwimmer. a couple of years ago when he was making a movie here Duane Hopwood. Very Very sweet man. Not her. a diva all the way. No wonder why Brad left her ass.

1675 days ago


Yes indeed stories get stolen , its not like it never happened. But lets hope the film doesn't come out. Aniston sucks,she can't act, she's always "aw shucks" and BORING....., everyone already knows the film will suck. Ever hear her talk , or try to, in any interview ? Cardboard. Same with her acting, its cardboard.

1675 days ago


It wouldn't be the first time a studio lifted an idea. But it remains to be seen, and not being thrilled with Aniston's acting, it's not likely I will.

1675 days ago


Publicity stunt.

1675 days ago


I loved her in Dream for an Insomniac being the "pick me upper" to Ione Skye's morose character. She was funny and her accents were great, too. Yeah, she plays in the same type of movies a lot but so did Meg Ryan and no one whined about that. And she at least tried to break out into other darker roles (as did Meg Ryan who was repeatedly shot down like Aniston is when she "branches out"). Some people do know their audiences and are smart enough to play to them. She is one of those people.

Aniston would not be believable in a kick-assy type role that Jolie is so good at; YET Jolie could never play sweet and romantic the way Aniston can either. She was a screech owl in The Changeling. They both have their strengths and I think know their place in movies and they play them well. BOTH OF THEM!

For the record, I have to admit this movie seems like you don't even need to see it to know the ending (they practically showed the whole damm thing in the previews anyway) but I am a sucker for a good chick flick so I will be there! Dumb title, too.

1675 days ago


Same chick movie and not interested...but she's still a hottie.

1675 days ago


What?? They've only just discovered it's a "copy"??

1674 days ago


Stolen? What's to steal? Aniston has done the whole "I'm an ordinary girl who likes the super cool boy" crap a billion times. This movie would be lucky to break 10 million for it's entire duration in the theaters for cryin' out loud!!!

1674 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Hard to steal the same movie over and over again. I'd sue just for making the same movie repeatedly, if it were possible! Sorry, Jen, time to do something different.

1674 days ago
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