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Jackson Probe

Coming in for a Landing

9/16/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Michael Jackson homicide case will be presented to the L.A. County District Attorney in 3 to 4 weeks.

We're told the lion's share of the investigation has been completed and Dr. Conrad Murray remains the singular target. Our sources say LAPD detectives have requested opinions from several medical experts who will analyze the evidence and offer their opinions on Dr. Murray's conduct.

The medical experts are supposed to submit their finding in 2 to 3 weeks and we're told detectives need an additional week to assemble their evidence before they make a formal presentation to the D.A.

Law enforcement sources also say an arrest will not be made before Dr. Murray is charged with a crime -- of course that assumes he will be charged.

The case is complicated by the fact that Jackson had been taking various medications, even though the evidence is compelling that Propofol was the direct cause of Jackson's death.


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Nice picture TMZ, thank you!

Did anyone see this interview with Michael?
It's about painmedication and a lawsuit involving an ex-manager.

1842 days ago

tania from Germany    

# 23 a crime

It may be right that Michael Jackson was an addict, and yes, he maybe wanted propfol, but the doctor´s responsibility was to monitor him in every second of his terrible sleep. And he didn´t!

1842 days ago


7. dang! i cant belive a BLACK got first comment and not me! i wish the south would rise again!

Posted at 2:04AM on Sep 16th 2009 by balls


Hey you should stop stealing other peoples usernames. We know your not the real balls because he hardly says anything more than a few words (which is usually just "balls") .

If you want to post a racist remarks then have the "balls" to use your own name instead of hiding behind someone else.

1842 days ago


Won't it be difficult to prove who is responsible for the other drugs that were found in his system?
I mean the amount.
What did he take himself and what was given to him that day and night.
I mean the propofol is obvious, and that is inexcusable, but what about the rest?
Could that be a sort of "a way out" for Murray?

1842 days ago


Did anyone happen to watch the Whitney interview on Oprah for the past two days? I TVO'd it and watched it in its entirety. How interesting is it that Whitney finally opened up..describing her descent into drug use, the abuse she endured from her husband, including verbal abuse and at point, BB spit on her. Yet, throughout it all, Whitney did not shed a tear. THE ONLY POINT WHERE WHITNEY TEARED UP WAS WHEN OPRAH ASKED HER ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH. This is what this man did for all of us. He touched our hearts and our souls. Through the darkest of times in our lives, we could still count on Michael to give us hope through song and humanitarian effort. From the ordinary citizen to the icons of our time, Michael Jackson positively affected us all.

1842 days ago


I totally agree with you, Chico. I don't know if you are the "real" Chico, but, you are right. Michael was really important and affected many people's lives. I miss him.

1842 days ago


Oh my goodness! i can't believe it's even a question about whether someone should be arrested.

Bottom line is Murray agreed to help Michael sleep. Michael would expect that Dr to know what he was doing & that everything was safe & under control. IF murray had any concerns about anything health related, then why was there no heart monitoring equipment or a defibrillator? Michael like any of us paid for a service & by law Murray was legally bound to TAKE CARE of Michael. Murray DID NOT DO THIS.
If you go to a Dr. or Dentist, etc.. you expect them to help you and look after you. I had 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out some years ago & Propofol (or something like it) was used to sedate me. I woke up with a breathing machine & sticky things on me to monitor my heart rate.
Murray should be arrested at the very LEAST with negligence!! He knew very well what a fine line he was walking. Whether or not Michael had taken drugs prior, even if MJ chopped his leg off or something outrageous. The fact is Murray did not look after Michael & because of this it killed Michael. Murray should never have left the room, had all the right equipment, called 911 straight away & told ambulance workers the truth. Had this been done there's a good chance MJ would still be with us.

1842 days ago


Irrespective of whether Michael had a dependency, it doesn't alter the FACT FACT FACT that the onus of responsibilty rests with the doctor. The doctor must, at all times, be responsible for the care and the life of his/her patient. In this case, the doctor injected the patient with a lethal dosage of a drug (which was NOT for home use) and, by his own admission, left the room for several minutes. The doctor was reckless, negligent, arrogant,incompetent, complacent and when he discovered the patient was dead, the doctor immediately started trying to cover his reckless mistakes and passing the blame on to others. It's obvious the doctor is 100% to blame for killing the patient. Arrest the lying killer doctor now!!! RIP Michael Jackson. Always a victim of people's brutality, lies, greed etc etc. Greatly loved and missed. The first and the best. ALWAYS.

1842 days ago


Now THIS is relevant Michael Jackson news, Team Harvey, IF your mysterious "law enforcement sources" really told you all that and IF all that is accurate.

Still, there are one too many "assumes" and far too few identified bigmouths here for folks who prefer verified facts backed by real, live people.

Let's talk again in "3 to 4 weeks" to see how true this post turns out to be.

1842 days ago


#43 You are absolutely correct. I don't know who the District Attorney is in L A??? Remember good old Tom Sneedon who brought false allegations and charges against Michael who was totally cleared of everything in the 2005 trial. Sneedon and the lynch mob media distorted, slandered and viciously attached Michael Jackson with lies and the Arvizos and Chandlers were extortion motivated. .Sneedon was a vindictive man and thank the Lord for Tom Mesereau and Aphrodite Jones... So sorry this happened to Michael Jackson..It's absolutely horrible..

1842 days ago


@Posted at 3:38AM on Sep 16th 2009 by Chico

Thank you,you said it well and you're so right...Michael Jackson besides Lady Dianna is the only other i know of that has such an impact on the world..i still cry and hurt...

Thank you Michael you more

1842 days ago


MURRAY should be in jail already this is a

1842 days ago


This comment is for thoses of you that really love
Michael jackson..........
I pray everyday that justice will be served that
Murray and all the enablers will get there just-due
YES, Michael was an addict. But, "THEY ALL KNEW IT"
you think about MICHAEL...Because they could get off....


1842 days ago


I'm an agnostic,but for justice for Michael,I've been praying!

1842 days ago


Love you Michael...

There is no justice cause you are gone and have left us changed and sad til this very day.. The pain won't ever end.

You will always be our angel!!

1842 days ago
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