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MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

9/16/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids just got to do something no Regular Joe has done since 1998 -- they saw Michael's 17-minute, 3-D film "Captain EO" at Disneyland.

MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

Sources say Michael Jr., Paris and Prince were taken to the happiest place on Earth (the one in California) last Thursday by Michael's brother Jackie. While they were there, we're told the kids were shown a screening of "Captain EO" -- which the Mouse stopped playing in 1998 -- and "they loved" it.

According to Disney blog, the kids were able to see the movie because on Tuesday, the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience show was quietly closed, and Imagineers moved in with a truckload of equipment used to install the Captain EO show for a special executive presentation."

The blog says "Honey" was up and running again by Saturday -- so you'll just have to catch "EO" on YouTube like the rest of us.


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I wonder what the kids think when they see their father as a 'black' man. They only know him as a 'white' man. In Captain EO he was still black. I know all about his vitiligo so I don't need anyone preaching to me about how he is a black man blah blah blah..I'm not retarded. His kids are just so little still so I doubt they even knew he had those diseases etc etc..

1872 days ago


I just want to say that in most reports about the kids nowadays it seems as if their uncle Jackie seems to be taking a bigger role in their lives. They are either with him and his kids or Rebbie. I like that Jackie is helping taking care of his nephews and neice instead of running his mouth like most of the family. He is the one that supposedly shielded them from all the controversy regarding the burial. He's doing Michael proud!

1872 days ago


I realize there are some very evil people in this world. I just wish they would stop postings on this site.

Leave his kids alone or at least until they become of age.

1872 days ago


that's sweet, i'm happ they enjoyed it!

1872 days ago


What is wrong with you TMZ? Stop stalking these children!

1872 days ago

seeking the truth    

The media only mocked Michael putting the face masks on because it stopped them having a good picture for their awful stories. We the public need to speak out more about stories we don't like and regain power from the press. They only print it because we buy it so don't buy it if you don't like it folks as then you are a hypocrite too.

1872 days ago


48. As far as his problems with prescription drugs it is about time we start facing the truth. People who become addicted to prescription drugs sure as hell don't cook them up in their kitchen. One thing about this addiction is it has to come from those who have the power and means to prescibe medication. Many ethical physician's say no to addicts and protect them from addiction. On the other hand quacks who care about money and fame take advantage of this situation.

But we continue to lie to ourselves and on the prescription addicts and claim this is all their fought.
So these doctors continue killing because they are counting on us to do this. Why because we are not honest enough to say they need to be stopped. We are more interested in blaming the addict. And in Michael's case those who hate him and want to see him suffer in life and in death so they will blame him anyway.

Posted at 6:49AM on Sep 16th 2009 by gs


You and I are so on the same page about this. Several years ago I was an inpatient at a physical rehabilitaion hospital for autoimmune diseases. Out of the 17 patients in the Incentives Program, I was the only one who was not addicted. The rest had been addicted to pain killers and antidepressants by their primary care physicians. Most of them had been taking as many as 24 pills as listed on the label.

It broke my heart to see how those people suffered. Not only did they have to suffer the pain of withdrawal, but they also had to suffer through the return of their autoimmune symptoms. Grown men and women sobbed uncrontrollably throughout the night. Even there, the attitude was negative against the patient, as though they were at fault for following doctors directions.

It's time for us to put the blame where the blame belongs...with the doctors who overprescribe and with the pharmaceutical companies who pass out free samples like candy just to boost their profit margins.

BTW, I'm glad the children had an opportunity to get out. I just wish the media would stop setting them up as targets. There are too many crazy haters out there who who want to wound them for no good reason. TMZ, you can do us proud by backing off.

1872 days ago

Joseph Edo, Jr.    

A friend of mine that works at Disney tells me that the Captain EO attraction will return in January '10. Disney wants to cash in on the MICHAEL JACKSON popularity train.

1872 days ago


You can say all you want but in the end they are HIS kids! He is the one who was there from the time they were born, he took care of them when they were sick, he played with them and gave them a good eductaion, but most of all he LOVED them. There are alot of biological fathers out there who take off on their kids and never see them again. I am one of those kids. And from what you see and read, those kids are bright loving kids. Just leave them alone. OH and FYI-Paris was conceived and born when Debbie Rowe and Michael were married therefore legally he is her father!!! And Prince and Blanket have Michael's name on their birth certificate, so to a court of law that is also legal. Don't you know how hurt the children would be if they read this! Grow up and leave the kids alone.

1872 days ago


I am glad the children were able to do a normal outing and we didn't hear about it until it was over. That is how it should be,

I have been trying to put this all together. Michael said he was addicted to script pain Meds. Went to rehab. in the 90's. Now MJ thought that meds received from a Dr were not "drugs". He divided street drugs & scripts. I can understand that.

In his mind, if a Dr was administering a med, it wasn't "drug use". So he trusted this murderer to administer meds to him to help him sleep, and he killed him.

This Dr. Neil Ratner did the same thing for MJ earlier on tour. So he was looking for the same solution to do the 02 concerts with a DR on board to help him sleep. He may not have seen the difference to restorative sleep and anesthetic coma.

I wonder if he tried to get Ratner before he hired Murray. That would be an interesting interview for TMZ to do.

I have cronic pain, and as a result I sleep very little. I had to get a hospital bed and meds for pain, but I refuse to take more or take meds that are incompatible with what I take. I know the difference between sleep and anesthetic.
If I am prescribed a new med, I research it before it goes into my mouth. A lot of Drs don't pay attention when they write a patient a script, whether the med is compatible with the meds the patient is taking.

Are we ever going to see Law Enforcement arrest anyone, and will we ever see the final tox and coroners final report?

1872 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

I think they all resemble MJ. Maybe he is the bio-dad.

1872 days ago


While I'm not sure I like the media "stalking" Michael Jackson's children, it did delight me that they had the opportunity to see their father up on the screen doing something he loved. I hope Paris and Prince can keep their father alive in Blanket's eyes, other than just the videos he will see as he grows up. From all accounts that I've read, heard and watched, Michael was a good father to those kids and the love they all shared was strong, healthy and happy. Prayers to Michael and his children. Be strong.

1872 days ago

seeking the truth    

68. You can call these WHITE children "his kids' til you're blue in the face, it doesn't change the fact that they're NOT his kids. They're white, he never adopted them, therefore, they are NOT his kids. They probably need years of therapy for the crap he surely put them through.
Posted at 9:37AM on Sep 16th 2009 by STFU TMZ!!


How nasty you are, what does it matter who their biological parents are? Michael was their father - he brought them up, taught them morals and values and from what people say he brought them up well with good manners and they are intelligent kids - he did a good job bless him! Paris said that herself bless her heart.

1872 days ago


72. You can call these WHITE children "his kids' til you're blue in the face, it doesn't change the fact that they're NOT his kids. They're white, he never adopted them, therefore, they are NOT his kids. They probably need years of therapy for the crap he surely put them through.
Posted at 9:37AM on Sep 16th 2009 by STFU TMZ!!

Read more:

You know what i don't care if these kids are green or orange they are just kids. Plenty of people adopt kids that are not their own race so what. I do not care about these kids race, THIS IS THE POINT THEY ARE CHILDREN PERIOD

1872 days ago


Wow we claim Michael Jackson was sick look at the kind of crap we are sitting here writing about these children simply because they went to see a show. Now thats beyond sick

1872 days ago
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