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Watch Obama Say 'Jackass'

9/17/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We unveiled the audio first -- now watch the video of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a "jackass."

Obama: Click to watch


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Walter Sponaugle    

It's about time...He finally said something that the whole country agrees with...You Go Boy

1841 days ago


Awesome. It's nice to see the "President" is still normal and has a normal opinion
He is an awesome man. Tells it like it is, and exactly how we all felt

1841 days ago

BJ Rocks    

this is great! at least he has a sense of humor! scares me as our president.

1841 days ago


It takes one to know one. They are both @ssholes.

1841 days ago


What he said was Kanye is a typical Sparkling Wiggle !

1841 days ago


The President of The United States Of America is one of the coolest person walking on earth. Mr. Obama ROCKs! He is just being true and honest; he does not candy coat the world. He is only human being just like the rest of us. The only difference is he is the president, and unfortunately, everyone is watching every single move he makes and every single word he says. All people does is to criticize. Let us just Unite and Cooperate and work hand on hand to help this country survive. I love the president.

1841 days ago


Bravo Mr. President. He is the President but he is also just a simple human being like us. And he was stating what the majority of us felt. I think the fact that the tape was relased is more disturbing than him calling someone, who indeed is, a jackass.

Onto Kanye, he is wrong, apologized, Taylor accepted so cut him some slack too. I do not like the guy but fair is fair.

1841 days ago


Obama should never apologize. What's up with everything and all this apologizing when someone speaks the truth. He was a jackass.
It's getting real sad that every time someone speaks they have to apologize to someone.

1841 days ago


Finally an honest politician. So sick of this political correctness which is lying basically.

1841 days ago

Agent E    

Breaking News: Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to let everyone know that Michael Jackson's funeral was better.

1841 days ago

Kooky Fan    

YES HE's a Jackass, But when will the jobs come back FROM CHINA SO I CAN WORK AGAIN??

1841 days ago


He lies !

1841 days ago

fck you congress men you suck    

hay call them as you see them ...he is a jackass .. that was mean what he did ... if he act like a jack ass then he should be call what he is .......A JACK ASS.........and as for obama he is the persedent he can say what he wantes he has a oppion just like everyone else does....leave obama alone

1841 days ago


Someone said the 'reporters' had to apologize to Obama. Is this true?
Why should reporters have to apologize for an audio and video of what the president said? They didn't say it. He did.
If the President doesn't want to be quoted, he shouldn't talk.

1841 days ago


When Kanye opens his mouth all one hears is hee-haw, hee-haw. He is without a doubt a jackass.

1841 days ago
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