Jasmine Guy to Ex -- You're Debt to Me!

9/17/2009 2:30 AM PDT

Jasmine Guy to Ex -- You're Debt to Me!

"A Different World" star Jasmine Guy got her furniture, artwork, jewelery, cars, pre-marital earnings and sole custody of her daughter in her divorce from her hubby of 11 years -- but she also got a crapload of debt.

Docs just filed in L.A. Superior Court show Guy was granted a divorce from Terrence Mitchell Duckett -- but the papers also reveal she had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the couple's tremendous debt.

The amount Guy personally owes in back taxes and penalties: $123,503.64 ... plus interest.

Her ex isn't free and clear either. His share of the debt: $94,354.71 ... and he's on the hook for interest too.

Plus side: Guy just landed a role on "Vampire Diaries" ... and that first paycheck couldn't come fast enough.