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Oba-Ma Kenobi Senses Disturbance in the Force

9/17/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Life Lesson #321 -- don't pick your nose when you're standing behind the President ... people will see you.




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Dave Evans Lulu
By the 8th month, Bush had passed no child left behind (authored with Kennedy Democrat) He passed the first felony prison rape law, Bush moved to block federal aid to foreign groups that offered counseling or any other assistance to women in obtaining abortions he announced his commitment to channeling more federal aid to faith-based service organizations.Bush would also successfully push for the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (shey suck out the brain), enacted in 2003 with bi-partisan support January 2003, Bush outlined a five-year strategy for global emergency AIDS relief,The legislation aims to close the achievement gap, measures student performance, provides options to parents with students in low-performing schools, and targets more federal funding to low-income schools.
From the start of his first term, economic indicators were predicting a recession, thus Bush enacted massive tax cuts in July 2001 which changed the way federal taxes were paid and introduced changes to retirement and pension plans of senior citizens. The most public aspect of this act was that most Americans received a check from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as "reconciliation" for paying more tax than was necessary.

All before 9-11, all with most bi-partison support.
Obeyme is an idiot divider

1827 days ago

Dave Evans    

33. by chris

I want a black friend too.
Can you get them to say "What-u talking bout Willis?"

1827 days ago


#31, couple of things. First being if our First Halfican American Prez is able to pass 1/8th of what he is proposing we WILL BE a 3rd World Country. With him and his ACORN consultants and backers we will end up with the health care system of Cuba, the political leadership of the Venezuela ala' Hugo Chavez/ Danny Orteaga the integrity of government officials of Mexico, and the military security of Somolia. Oh, and by the way, I don't have black friends only, but some white firends also. Not bad for a colored boy from 71st Ave in East Oakland is it!!!!

1827 days ago


@ # 33. fyi, I work full time and I'm a mother and student as well. It's ignorant hateful people like you that feel they have the need to justify their hate by proclaiming "i have several dear dear black friends" So freaking what if u have "dear dear black friends"? does that change the hateful person u r on the inside? lets see what ur "dear dear black friends" will say when they see the racist crap u write about the president. You need to quit hating and start giving people a chance to prove themselves. Someday you'll find ur ignorant self begging for a chance to make urself be heard. idiot!

1827 days ago


Lulu, If you might remember 9/11, Bush got rid of one of the most evil dictators in the world. The democrats constantly called him a liar and even photoshoped ape faces with his. He was called a stupid redneck texan and made fun of on Leno, Letterman, and every other show on the air. Lulu, you can go wipe your ass with your race card because it is worthless on this site...jive turkey!

1827 days ago


Impeach OBAMA NOW!

1827 days ago


hahahahahahaha.... I guess i hit a nerve in y'all. Finally, u r seeing yourselves for what u r. So, i'll end this special chat session by saying y'all can kiss my lily white ar*e!!!!!!!!! Racist, ignorant bunch of self righteous IDIOTS.

1827 days ago


WOW. I just came onto this site and I hope #42 you don't have any children!!!. You call everyone else that is writing their opinion a racist and maybe you better look in the mirror

1827 days ago


pre exsisting condition

1827 days ago


#31- "Tell me, how much did Bush accomplish when he hit his 8th month in office? How come y'all didn't crucify him? "

**************** this point in Bush's presidency we had a little thing going on called oh i don't know, 9-11....where almost the ENTIRE country wanted to go to war.....Bush literally had the rug pulled out from under him and i commend him for he handled things..... He wasn't sword fighting on the lawn with Laura...HE WAS PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY

1827 days ago


jeez, i'm sure everyone non racist admits there are plenty of racists that hate obama, that doesn't mean that everyone who hates him is one. It's really sad that some of you are so worried about racism you can't see what a shizzy president he is! It's so much fun to watch him throw money around, to hear about all the scandals he's been involved him, watch him play with toys, and watch him trying to party with celebrities constantly when he's supposed to run the country. And then while he's doing this, for him to have nearly half the country support his azz just cause he is half black! I love how ridiculous americans are!

1827 days ago

same same same    

LULU hahahah LULU you are the one needs to get a life.. anyone who has the time to point out that many commentors and bash them has way to much time on their hands... watch who you call idiot! i think you speak of yourself!

1827 days ago


Thank you #49. It seems you can't say negative things about Obama or you might be considered a racist. The color of a person shouldn't matter, doing what they were voted in to do should.
It's really to bad that people feel that way.

1827 days ago

same same same    

and again, LULU had not one intelligent thing to say.. used all her comments to call everyone else names. sad sad sorry woman with a job, school and some kids. :(

1827 days ago

time to come out    

LOL TMZ is the greatest thing since the cobalt bomb. I like how they humiliate people.. humiliation is the best of all worlds.

1827 days ago
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