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Chris Brown -- The Cost of Extra Protection

9/18/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not only paying his debt to society -- he's also paying for an extra security team to protect him while he's doing it ... and we know how much the hired muscle is gonna cost him.

Chris Brown -- and body guards

Besides the normal police supervision, we're told Brown had an extra three off-duty cops watching over him during his first two days in the hard labor program. We're told each off-duty cop makes a minimum of $28 per hour -- and since Brown requested their service, he's responsible for paying them.

Even if Brown knocks it down to one extra cop per day -- for the remaining 178 days he has left to serve -- and even if the extra cop only works a 5 hour day ... Brown will still be in the hole $25,760.

Ironic that a guy convicted of felony assault is paying so much for protection.


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! In search!

1863 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! In search of Chris Brown's brain!

1863 days ago


Chris Brown is paying for his mistakes with hard labor. And he will spend a lot of money for security. It serves him right!!!!! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

1863 days ago


He should be somebody's b*tch in jail right now. What a crock of sh*t. You're dead in my book, Brown.

1863 days ago

A Man Among Men    

Christ, TMZ, get off Chris Brown's back already.

We get it. You don't like him.

But, so f'ing what if he's spending $30K or $90K on bodyguards. It's his freaking money. You all act like he's a weirdo for doing it.

Damn, you're pathetic, TMZ.

But I still love coming here to rag on your b1tch azz.

1863 days ago


This is P.R. and it gives him press. He thinks he needs bodyguards...coward, that he is.

1863 days ago


*************He should have requested some unemployed people from Cali, WTF! I would have guarded his stupid A$$!for the next 3-4 mos. He's a waste!!!************

1863 days ago


Who the hell cares how much he's paying. He's rich and young it's like pocket change to him. Shut the hell up with the Chris Brown non stories TMZ

1863 days ago


Does he really need that many people guarding him?! Honestly, are celebs harassed so much that the police can't keep him safe?

1863 days ago


Chris is making a mockery of the justice system. Of course he needs bodyguards, he is a sissy that likes to beat up women. Let him do his community service like other felons, on his own. Poor baby Chris needs his babysitters.

1863 days ago

That dumbass actually was worried that the guards or the other prisoners would rape his ass. What a moron.

1863 days ago

Terry Joe    

Man oh man, what a whiney little Mommas Pxxxy boy, having to have burly off duty policemen ' protecting him ' ?! And for what; here the man (well, can't say he's really a man, as he's obviously never grown up) already has official law enforcement at his side while he does his manual labor...guess he's scared as a ghost that some 'thug' as himself's gonna show up and try and beat the crap out of him like he did to his girl friend. TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THIS ' while the country is facing huge problems ' !

1863 days ago


omg he is such a douche!

1863 days ago


Triple that fee. The cops watching him are not on straight time. Certainly a seniority or special bid position at the least.

1863 days ago


Do we have to look at Chris Brown's daily work routine for all of each 180 days of his sentence?

Not like he murdered every person in Hollywood or committed grand larceny at the Smithsonian. He's been embarrased in front of the whole world, he apologized and is paying for his crime. His ex-girlfriend is already running around Hollywood half naked again. We get it, he did a bad thing and the court ordered him to do community service. Hopefully he'll learn a lesson, respect women and control his anger. Everyone deserves a second chance, even Chris Brown.

1863 days ago
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