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Katherine Jackson Can Challenge Administrators

9/18/2009 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probate judge in the Michael Jackson estate case has ruled Katherine Jackson can challenge the special administrators and not forfeit her position as a beneficiary in Michael's will.

Katherine Jackson

As a result of the ruling, Katherine can now safely challenge special administrators John Branca and John McClain without jeopardizing her position in the will -- she's set to get 40% of the net value of the estate.

The will has a "no contest" clause -- which means any beneficiary who contests the will gets aced out of inheriting anything. But the court has now ruled challenging the special administrators is not a "contest" of the will itself.

Interestingly, the court specifically ruled .... Katherine objecting to the special administrators on grounds there was some sort of "undue influence" imposed on M.J. is not a "contest" under the will.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    

Enlightment is with-in yourself with one to show the path for others to FOLLOW.This great panel has the power to SHINE.Love the one that is next to you.THANK YOU MiMi "Never forget NEVER"

1607 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Lawyers=TOP PLAYERS Johnnie Cochran Jr MJ other lawyers,under paid =courts congress =N.A.R.A.S hearings.

1656 days ago


3079. Hey Guitar,
Perhaps it wasn't as much Rwaramba as it was the children's influence? The kids may have implored their dad to take Grace with them, or maybe Michael knew he needed her with regard to the children? And for anyone who has children knows, once they get used to an adult in their lives who cares and nurtures them (and by all accounts Grace did do this), the children come to rely on that adult. I mean, I love MJ, but a RELIABLE ADULT FIGURE, he was not. In business dealings, personal relationships, he was rather flaky. However, maybe he knew that and hence, Grace stayed. Life changes when you have kids, and from all reports, MJ knew that all too well and did everything he could to have those kids in a loving and nurturing environment. Speculation at best though from my end, Guitar.

Posted at 7:20PM on Oct 2nd 2009 by Chico

Chico I agree; and to all;
Grace went from schoolgirlish crush' to Jermaine's bed, became' Michaels secretary, was NOI {for' to blame' NOI, requires every involved NOI that surrounded Michael' understanding / conspiring} then' Michael got son' Prince and Grace became family, she wanted Michael not Michael's fame. As a secretary she likely was handling finances, paid well' and kept handling household finances.

Researching her busiest week included; Marriage License, her second Marriage, getting fired, attempt at Michael's intervention and Marriage Licenses next day covert' return, her almost husbands name reveals little data, all this was in the same week, I read a poster post that claimed Grace had Married Michael. Her misfired Marriage was to a person outside USA, I wish her recent marital status was available.

Now Katherine has Grace back in the children's lives, Judge released "child protect service" instead' of appointing two more Attorney's for children' who are named wrong on worthless' Will that Judge errantly accepted, then' washed the wet ink off hands.

Grace has a for profit, charity fund distribution company, that smells Jackson "to and fro" reason' thinks Music industry' Jackson Family' and NOI' and history tells' Branca was busted in court for extorting from Michael' for AEG Music.

The Will' misnames Michaels children, the Trust from 1997 Will can be managed outside the Music industry, Attorneys' influence, Mesereau's name stands-out, he is a Friend of Michael, that' all fair-minded people would honor, never-the-less a Judge can appoint a team of Trustees for children's best interest, that' I myself feel needs Jackson Family visitation not guardianship.

Chico; My assumption is that Michael was not as interested in Grace as Grace was in offstage asexual Michael, but' Please all' Michael fans' do not let my assumptions' distract you from dreaming your Gold Pants dreams!

Off Topic] From Chandlers’ Confidentiality Agreement 1/25/2004 = verbatim = Michael Jackson “Related Companies”

Refers to all Michael's Company's; A Child’s Heart Foundation; A Child’s Heart Foundation Administration, Inc; ATV Music Limited; Breakaway Songs Limited; Comet Music; Desert: Songs Limited; Encino Productions, Inc.; Experiment in Sounds; Heal L.A.; Heal. L.A. Foundation; Heal L.A. Foundation Administration, Inc.; Heal the World; Heal the World Foundation; Heal the World Foundation Administration, Inc.; Jackson-Strong Alliance, Inc.; Lawrence Wright Music Co.; Lenmac Music; Michael Jackson, an individual; Michael Jackson d/b/a MIJAC Music; Michael Jackson d/b/a Miran International; Michael J. Jackson d/b/a Neverland Valley Ranch; MJJ Artistic, Inc.; MJJ Production, Inc.; MJJ Production d/b/a Miran Publishing; MJJ Ventures Inc.; Mystical Light Music; Nation Comics; Nation Productions, Inc.; Nations Records; Neverland Ranch; Neverland Zoo Foundation; Northern Songs Limited; Optimum Productions, Inc.; Rhymeglen Music; Smooth Pictures, Inc.; Triumph International {Las Vegas Museum} ; Triumph International, Inc.; TTC Touring Corp; Ultimate Productions; Welbeck Music; and any other corporations or foundations owned or controlled by Jackson.

NOTE Michael closed the Heal the World’ around 2007 {Mismanagement} early in 2009 Heal the World reopened’ under name change, money was being accepted for fraud reasons, claiming Michael Jackson charity.

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1656 days ago


John Branca-Administrator of MJ estate

Timothy J. Leiweke
President & CEO, AEG



Board of Directors:
Neil Portnow

Howard Stringer
Honorary Chair

John Branca

Mary Pattiz
Vice Chair

Scott Pascucci

Les Bider
Chair Emeritus

Martin Bandier
Paul Caine
Steve Canepa
Fletcher Foster
Doug Frank
Jerry Greenberg
Jimmy Jam
Tim Leiweke
Ken Levitan
Linda Moran
Tero Ojanpera
Big Jon Platt
Tom Poleman
Gary Veloric

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

THE PUPPET MASTER in search of the SANDMAN.The clock will NEVER stop.The HANDS of TIME will embrace in a TOWER OF POWER.

1607 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

All pieces must fit: Look at the names,,TIM LEIWEKE ??? open the doors and see what is inside the box.

1656 days ago

Emerald Isle    

Maybe this?

NEW YORK – Sony Corporation of America announced today that Martin Bandier has been named Chairman and CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC. As part of the agreement, Mr. Bandier will also make an investment in Sony/ATV, which is co-owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson. Mr. Bandier’s move to Sony/ATV Music Publishing matches the most renowned music-publishing executive in the industry with the company that not only controls some of its most valuable catalogue assets, but also boasts a stellar roster of the most active and popular current artists and writers. The catalogues include a generation-spanning mix of some of the biggest names in music, from the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Steven Stills and Hank Williams to Babyface and John Mellencamp. Sony’s growing current roster of chart-toppers includes Beck, Destiny’s Child, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Rascal Flatts, KT Tunstall and Gretchen Wilson. Mr. Bandier will oversee Sony/ATV’s global music publishing activities -- including talent and copyright acquisitions – and will develop and implement broad new strategic initiatives. Mr. Bandier will report to Rob Wiesenthal, Chief Financial Officer, Sony Corporation of America, and Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Sony Entertainment Inc., and also to Sir Howard Stringer in his role as Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation of America. Mr. Bandier will join Sony/ATV effective April 1, 2007.

1656 days ago


Sir Howard Stringer
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sony Corporation

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder Andre Paine May 20,2009 MICHAEL JACKSON POSTPONES OPENING OF LONDON CONCERT RUN: 8TH TO THE 13TH 09,,10,12TH 14TH =MARCH 2010.

1656 days ago


Mimi & PM
Very good information. Prince saw Micheal as un-valued assest in America, Tohme saw Micheal as a institution that needed to be run like one. Micheal had visions of 3-D in 1997 and a theme park at Neveland in which to showcase, but others wanted the whole operations so he put it on hold, but at the same time perfecting it.

This-is-it was supposed to be filmed for Micheal's personal library not for public, he was probably still perfecting the different techniques, you can clearly see the crime scenes were done in 3-D but no one in the audience had glasses. None of the costumes, props, robot finished eight days before they were supposed to leave. At points in the movie you can tell Micheal strained to use his voice. So his vision taken once again. Micheal worked on new music that he wanted ready for the concert in London and Kenny told him he was working too hard and that they would make sure that he had a studio in London so he could finish. Guards at his house doubled in the last three days at his house so only those that Tohme allowed in could pass. Tohme skipped Larry King Live so tell me who could get past him? Family, Manager, who?

1607 days ago

Emerald Isle    

The delay. The opening show moved back by 5 days to July 13, remaining three moved back to March 2010 since the schedule was tight anyway - they could not get squeezed in.

"There is no explanation for the delay."

Did the rehearsals not go according to plan? This is what I had assumed. I cannot think of any other reason.

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

85 million dollar Delay or insurance policy back-up.Thank you FANS.Next you are requested to donate to the STAPLES CENTER BILL,what else are the fans paying for.Musicares drug REHAB=HEALTH PLAN.Buy any item x-amount of money goes to their health issues.MJ AND Lawyers=NARAS=congress,,did he pay his life for that move?? ,why was MJ EXCLUDED FROM THAT HEALTH PLAN.Are we seeing the same health plan somewhere else in USA ??? connecting events ??

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Now I have plenty of film,,,just go home and relax.Is there anthing we can get for you?? """THAT,S A WRAP"""

1656 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1607 days ago
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