Katherine Jackson Can Challenge Administrators

9/18/2009 6:51 PM PDT

Katherine Jackson Can Challenge Administrators

The probate judge in the Michael Jackson estate case has ruled Katherine Jackson can challenge the special administrators and not forfeit her position as a beneficiary in Michael's will.

As a result of the ruling, Katherine can now safely challenge special administrators John Branca and John McClain without jeopardizing her position in the will -- she's set to get 40% of the net value of the estate.

The will has a "no contest" clause -- which means any beneficiary who contests the will gets aced out of inheriting anything. But the court has now ruled challenging the special administrators is not a "contest" of the will itself.

Interestingly, the court specifically ruled .... Katherine objecting to the special administrators on grounds there was some sort of "undue influence" imposed on M.J. is not a "contest" under the will.