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New Claim in Jackson Estate Case

9/18/2009 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Micheal Jackson Estate CaseThe creditors keep rolling in. There's a new claim against Michael Jackson's estate for $212,000.

Lynda Parrish claims she worked for Jackson and, apparently, others in his entourage.

Parrish is a hair stylist who is asking for $1,500 a day when she worked for Michael and $1,000 a day when she worked for others.

That's a lot of hair.

UPDATE: We spoke to Lynda, who says she was Michael's personal hair stylist -- and would get flown out to see him whenever he needed something. She charged $1,500 for cutting his hair ... then $1,000 on top of it because of the business she lost by flying out to see Michael.


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I thought he wore a wig???

1760 days ago


Why is she charging 1000 a day for lost clientele? Shouldn't the 1500 cover that?
PLus, why is she charging him extra money? She was just trying to take advantage of the situation.

1760 days ago


NO "haircut" is worth $1500. And no hair stylist is worth $1500 plus travel expenses plus another $1000 for her loss of "business." What a scammer.

1760 days ago


The hairstylist should realise that it's good PR when you're MICHAEL JACKSON's hairstylist. Greedy vultures.

1760 days ago


ok, when was this alleged hair stylist employed by MJ? because i want to know exactly what hair she was cutting. i heard that he wore wigs near the latter of his life! she was cutting the wig hair? i could do that myself! WTF! and if she was cutting his hair, wtf was she using? golden scissors? makes no sense to charge someone sooo much money, and to whom ever said that she shouldnt have charged at all, it would have been an honor, i SECOND that!!! i wouldnt have charged him a dime! i would just have him sing dirty diana to me and feel me up the way he did the mic stand.

1760 days ago


And so they continue to come out of the woodwork.. Hope this greedy bitch loses...big time. Most people would have, WILLINGLY, done this for free, but now that Michael is dead, she obviously sees a way to make herself some extra cash. Shame on the greedy bitch. Besides, I thought Karen Faye did most of Michael's hair and make up work. Karen seems to be the only person, apart from Michael's three children, who's GENUINELY upset and grieving over his death. Poor Michael. Let him rest in peace everyone. Sooooo many greedy people. e.g. The Chandlers, Martin Bashir, The Arvizos, Murray etc etc. Shame on you ALL.

1760 days ago


Michael's song "Just Leave Me Alone" says it all.

What kind of scam is this hairdressing b*tch trying to run? I hope the judge makes her repay the state of California for wasting taxpayer's money.

Just wait, there will me 1000's of frivilous lawsuits. This is only the beginning.

1760 days ago


she's a sheister

1760 days ago


This woman is a vulture. I hope sincerely she will obtain nothing

1760 days ago

tania from Germany    

She`s cut his hair???? Why??? He wore wigs for years, so, there was no need to habe a hair stylist?
All about money!

1760 days ago


Another leech.

The court should ask for the paperwork for all the hairdressing they say they have done.

No paperwork - no money.

1760 days ago


you stupid woman...... what a sick world we live in..... they're all going just keep coming on aren't they? they're all just going keep on coming in and coming in and coming in.. everyone is STILL after Michael's bucks... this is just going to go on forever and God help Michael's children I don't believe it's ever going to stop. I listen to "Will you be there" every single day... I miss you sooooo much Michael....I wish to God somebody just plain decent HAD been there for you and you could have lived out your life in peace but pray God you are at peace now. LOVE YOU MICHAEL XXXX

1760 days ago


What was her pay arrangement with Michael Jackson and why only now ask for payment? He mostly wore wigs I believe the last years of his life so what all did she have to do. This is just someone who is a leach. I hope she gets no other work anywhere. Honestly!!

1759 days ago


Jacko made his choices of who he would hire for his personal grooming.This person must have stated up front what her charges were,even if they were to many people ,outragous. Jacko did NOT have to hire her that simple! Now, this person is entitled to her compensation, her fees ,if infact he used her services,and she has the records to prove so. Jacko was famous for the outlandish and the people he hired seemed to be crooks,he needed to be a bit less money foolish,he always over spent compared to what he earned.Do not call people vultures when she must have had some sort of a contract or agreement up front with Jacko.

1759 days ago

Wasted Spice    

nd teach it to our little ones.

Posted at 7:35PM on Sep 18th 2009 by ADRIANA"

oh, uh-huh, right, "teach it to our little ones".......and don't forget to put the 'Jesus Juice' on ice ///

1759 days ago
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