Jackson's Mom and Kids Get a Bundle

9/17/2009 4:10 PM PDT

Jackson's Mom and Kids Get a Bundle

Up to now we didn't know how much Katherine Jackson was getting by way of allowance while Michael Jackson's estate gets probated. In legal docs just unveiled today, we now know the special administrators asked to pay her $26,804 per month.

As for the kids, the family allowance for them is $60,000 per month.

The docs also say "...the Estate assets consist of real and personal property exceeding $500 million and that the Estate is solvent."

Katherine and Michael's 3 kids will continue to get an allowance -- which is subject to change -- until the estate is probated. That could take between 1 and 2 years from now.

UPDATE: The docs also list Katherine and the kids' expenses separately.

Now, the kids' specific expenses are redacted -- but it doesn't matter, because the totals are still listed ... and they're HUGE:

-- Salaries and payroll benefits: $315,580 per year
-- Basic needs: $141,300 per year
-- Entertainment and other: $159,120 per year
TOTAL: $720,000 per year

Katherine's expenses per month:

-- Assistant: $4,722
-- Insurance for Asst: $475
-- Housekeeper: $2,080
-- Driver: $2,000
-- Payroll and Taxes on gross salaries: $1,760
-- Utilities: $3,260
-- Clothing: $3,500
-- Personal grooming: $1,000
-- Entertainment: $1,500
-- Car Expenses: $1,750
TOTAL (plus a few expenses we didn't list): $26,804 per month