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Cousin of Rapper Common

Killed in Accident

9/19/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CommonAjile Turner, the cousin of rapper Common, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Brooklyn last night.

Sources tell us it happened on the corner of Greene Ave. and Washington Ave. We're told cops responded to a call involving a motorcyclist colliding with a guy on a bicycle -- Turner was on the motorcycle. Both men were taken to Brooklyn Hospital and both were pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told there is no criminality suspected in the incident.

DJ JS-1, a long-time friend of Turner, confirmed his passing and told us, "He was one of the greatest friends anyone could have, he was a pure, honest, good person, hard worker who traveled the world and lived a great life. We all love him and are going to miss him very much."

Turner was founder and CEO of the Echelon Group, an independent concert production company in NYC.


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Who the hell cares? As others have said, who is he anyway? A slow news day indeed. What's next? The sister of a cousin of an unknown, nitwit rap star, had a minor concussion. Rap, in any way, should NOT be news. It's disgusting, as well as the people associated with it.

1827 days ago


Hes a jackass!!!!!

1827 days ago


I dated Ajile for years in college! So I don't really have any comments to the complete ignorance that is going on this blog right now! I thank TMZ for reporting the untimely devastating death of a wonderful human being.
I caution anyone who has the ignorance to speak ill of the departed! But then again ignorant individuals clearly don't benefit from prescriptive advice! Clearly spending your time vomiting on the status of human life is more important.
2 men died in that accident I never met the other man, but Ajile Lewis Turner had a voice, a wonderful heart, and thank God a magnificent spirit.
If we live long enough we all will care about someone who enters our lives! For those of you who "contributed" to this blog with callous commentary, I pray this day never comes for you because clearly you aren't making any contribution to the world we live in while you are still alive.
Ajile affected millions with his life! And in his death now the entire world will know what a wonderful giant he truly was! Rest In Peace My Love! KDW

1827 days ago


so now distant relatives of slightly known rappers are newsworthy?

1827 days ago



1827 days ago


Steve! And all the rest of you! Clearly you all have nothing better to do than to read about people whom you don't know anyway!!!!!!!!!! So what difference does it make to you if you didn't know Common's 1st(not distant) cousin?
You don't know anyone else who is being reported on by TMZ either. In the event that you do know some of the "celebrities" I will bet you 100% after your ignorant comments they will never admit to knowing ANY OF YOU!
Stop Hating! Get a life! and
BIG FYI! President Barack Obama is our elected TOP GUN BABY! Some of you have made reference to race and hip-hop! This story is not about what color these men were! But as usual if we as a country continue to focus on garbage we will end up where we are now after 8 years! For those of you ignorant enough to hate a man you didn't even know! Let us all know what it feels like to live in the gutter surrounded by all that GARBAGE!

1827 days ago


Rap is for people who are completely tone-deaf and wouldn't know the difference between good music and bad music anyway. And, Sakir .... do you know how many people (strangers) died today within a 50 mile radius of my house? Why should I feel worse about the cousin of some rapper that no one's ever heard of? (But Sakir? .... keep f****** those chickens!)

1827 days ago


One Rapper Down Nine Thousand To Go.

1827 days ago


Oh. And my friends brothers nephews half sister twice removed once knew a person who watched ferris buellers day off. this is not news for the general public, but for Commons family only.......

1827 days ago

dr fred    

it is always SAD to hear about someone dying before their time RIP. people are people..

however how is this news????? I guess it can go into the category with the BRAT that threw the baseball

1827 days ago



English is my second language and still I know that if there is no foul play, that it was just an accident, you should have used "DIED" in the title, NOT killed.

1827 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

This is sad news for Common and his family but are you serious TMZ? Now you are just plain pushing the 2009 death meme a little too much.

RIP Common's cousin.

1827 days ago


Wow, one minute we're here -- the next we're gone. So often we take it for granted that we're going to get a chance for that last kiss, that last, "Goodbye," that last, "I love you." RIP, Ajile. Gone too soon.

1827 days ago


I'm sorry, but these Rappers come and go so fast, it's hard to keep track of them unless they kill somebody or are killed themselves.

1827 days ago


Who and who really cares about someones cousin!! It was on a bike so he was speeding on his croth rocket with a ceral bowl helmet not even strapped! Now they can polish the road with his blood like his frame was polished chrome lmao!

1827 days ago
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