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Jon Gosselin Won't Charge for John Hancock

9/19/2009 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinWe're not sure who would have paid $7 for an autograph of Jon Gosselin -- but it turns out it was never even an option.

Gosselin is scheduled to appear today at Frightworld in Buffalo, NY -- and a local paper wrote that Gosselin was charging $7 for his autograph (which by our math, is about $7 more than it's worth).

But alas, it's not true. Jon's people tell us he never agreed to any such arrangement. In fact, Jon is doing the appearance as part of his efforts to launch the Jon Gosselin Children's Foundation -- which, we're assuming, helps children who have been exploited by reality television shows. Kidding. Kind of.


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I wonder if Jon Juan will be picking up any new "womens"?

1798 days ago


Actually Frightworld is in Amherst, NY.

And I'm not sure how many people are even going to be there. You have to pay to get into Frightworld, and I believe it's like $23 for admittance.

1798 days ago


He HAD to charge for his autograph. He kept breaking his crayon.

1798 days ago


TMZ you earn an A+ for your math skills. Yes, if Jon G. charged $7.00 for an autograph that would be $7.00 way too much!

1798 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Won't you please do a poll to see if your readers want to continue to read Jon Gosselin news on your Web site?

We've done everything we can to tell you we don't want to read about this man. I know you think this guy is a cash cow for your hits and unique visits, but I'm here to tell you that your hits and visits have nothing to do with stories about this idiot.

If you don't believe those of us who write to you and beg you to stop writing stories about this imbecile, then test us. Give us a poll and see what your readers really want. If it is a mixed message, keep the stories coming. However, if it overwhelmingly screams to you that we don't want to hear about him anymore, then please, consider giving your readers what they truly want.

Trust your readers, TMZ, to tell you what they (we) want. Trust your readers, TMZ.

1798 days ago


I would say it is about $9 too much.

1798 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

And one more thing:

I know that those of us who don't want to read about JG could just skip over the story and not read about him. But, that's not the point.

It's more than that. It's more than us just not wanting to read about him. We don't want people like you giving him press at all. If entertainment site leaders like you will step up and lead, then perhaps others will follow.

So, c'mon. Give us a poll and stop this man's publicity. Do to him what he has claimed he wants, and what we want: ignore him.

1798 days ago


It is amazing all this attention devoted to nobody's like John,and Kate,and the like.His autograph is not worth the paper it is written on

1798 days ago


Someone make Jon & Kate disappear from ALL media coverage.
Both of them are losers. I feel for all those kids.

1798 days ago


I live in Buffalo, and i just want to know why he is going there? that place is for 15 year old kids, but whatever, all i know is i will not be there

1798 days ago

Linda Mott    

He is just mad because the judge gave Kate the control of the money and he gets an allowance. He is exploiting his children with the clothing line. He signed the contract for them to be on the show, too. I don't think he would be living the lifestyle he is, if it weren't for his kids. Give me a break. If he felt his kids were being exploited, he should have stepped up to the plate and been a man and told TLC and Kate, NO!

1798 days ago


I would donate $7 towards him getting a vasectomy, if he hasn't gotten one already.

1798 days ago


Why is everybody giving this guy such a hard time. He seems like a cool guy and she seems like such a bi#c&

1798 days ago

Justlognin 2 bashjon    

I looked up the word loser and saw Jons photo. So what if Kate was mean to him...She just wanted Jon to man up and not be so dumb. He is like reliving his teen years and he looks REALLY DUMB doing it.

Who does he think he is...he is really trying to milk this who thing too. I do think Kate at least works her butt off for the kids.

1798 days ago


everybody is giving Jon G. a HARD TIME because we are all SICK of hearing his DIRTY little secrets., his wife, his kids, his dogs, his TV show.etc. his UGLY MUG on every WEB SITE!!!! need I go on!! NO OTHER REAL celebrity gets this kind of coverage. he is a nobody!!!!!!

1798 days ago
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