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Edwards: Secret Wedding, Dave Matthews?

9/20/2009 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John EdwardsNo, it's not a storyline on "Guiding Light" (RIP) -- but rather the latest chapter in the John Edwards mistress scandal.

The guy who once claimed he was the father of the child born to Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now claiming Edwards is the real daddy (duh!) and that Edwards once promised Hunter he would marry her after his wife died (she's sick with cancer) -- this according to a book proposal obtained by the NY Times.

Andrew Young, Edwards' former aide, claims Edwards told Hunter it would be a rooftop wedding and the Dave Matthews Band would make an appearance, the Times says.

Because it's the dream of every major recording artist to play at the wedding of a disgraced politician to the mistress they had a child out of wedlock with after the politician's first wife dies of cancer.


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ha! oh the lies some guys will tell to get laid...

1859 days ago

J C    

This guy's a narcissist.
Glad he never made it to the presidency.
Too bad they didn't weed out Clinton before He did His damage.

1859 days ago

I call Shotgun    

He is such a turd. I'm glad he's gone. Didn't he support Obama? He'll support a communist but not his dying wife.

1859 days ago


It may be a wedding in PRISON. Edwards is accused of paying her off with campaign funds. He really screwed his supporters and AMERICA. He does not deserve a lovely wife like Elizabeth.

1859 days ago

J C    

re 4
I mean ,really,What's the difference between Edwards and Clinton?
Clinton was much worse.But Edwards wife has/had cancer .So that makes Edwards worse?He's just doing what He saw Clinton do.
Whereas Clinton was prepared to use the full force of the government to destroy little Monica Lewinski.
Narcissists see these things happen and they just throw morality out the window for relativism.

1859 days ago


Hey Shotgun - get those dogs off the porch and tell your first cousin-wife to get breakfast going. After she feeds your other five.

Stick to what you know. The woods. Don't be talking about things that are miles - Miles over your head.

1859 days ago


John Edwards disgusts me. Any man who could have an affair and baby with another woman while his wife is dying of cancer, well this is very revealing of his true character. Not good politician material. I'm glad that immoral piece of sh*t narcissist is out of politics. He will never get back in again ... the public despises him and Riel. What a disgraceful human being ... people make mistakes but this is the epitome of a fall from grace.

1859 days ago


His wife is an idiot to be staying with him. Give me a break. He's a loser and as someone said, a narcissist.

1859 days ago


How can a politician be sooooooo stupid as to think he would get away with having an affair/impregnating a woman and trying to hide it all? What a dumb-arse. Good riddance Edwards ... I'm glad we don't have to look at your ugly face anymore (the picture above tells a true story). Can you imagine how many further lives he would have ruined (in fact, an entire nation) if he had proceeded as the democratic candidate? And all the people who worked so hard on his campaign. What a selfish little SOB ... and just for a piece of arse!

1859 days ago



1859 days ago


wow!the people of this world are going crazy!Edward if guilty of the money he won't need to marry he will have a lot of support with the S** thing if he drops the soap in the shower.

1859 days ago


I think it's better when a wife does stay with the cheating little SOB. Like Dr. Phil says ... she'll spend the rest of her life making his life miserable, making him feel guilty, accountable, etc. Why should that SOB get a "free get out of jail card"? No way ... Elizabeth needs to hang on to him; don't let Riel get her sk*nky hands on him; Elizabeth needs to make him feel miserable and guilty and like a big poop for the rest of her's/his days ... you never know, the guilt may be chewing at him and he may die first! Apparently, he is waiting on Elizabeth hand and foot; so his guilty conscience is causing him to treat her and the kids like queen bees. Good for Elizabeth! Ha! make him pay!

1859 days ago


yeah baby ... Bubba's gonna have a new girlfriend in jail, Johnnie! Ahhhh don't worry, it'll just hurt a bit at first!

1859 days ago

same same same    

divided states of america is full of some sic people! yes he is wrong, very wrong! but what you post and imagine for him sic!

1859 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Conservatives on this blog are sooo funny! They think that their leaders are sooo clean. So let's start the list... David Vitter (paid prostitutes to spank him while he wore a diaper and he is still in office), Mark Foley (sent inappropriate emails to underage male pages trying to get them into bed), Larry Craig (finally got caught picking up men in airport bathrooms), Ed Shrock (anti-gay congressman caught picking up guys on Craig's list.. NO not Larry Craig's list) And here are a few of the ones who had extramarital affairs: John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Jim Gibbons, Vito Fossella, Micheal Duvall... and too many more to name. If you want the whole list visit this site:

Then quit your hypocritical whining.

1859 days ago
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