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Sue Larry King at Your Own Peril

9/20/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry KingLarry King -- or more specifically his wife Shawn -- doesn't take too kindly to people they feel file frivolous lawsuits against them.

King's company, Larry King Enterprises, and his driver are being sued over a fender bender that went down back in November 2008. The two plaintiffs claim they suffered serious injuries and are suing for damages in excess of $50,000.

But that's not the way the Kings see things.

Shawn tells us, "This is a completely frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit. There was zero damage to both cars. Our driver has an excellent record and is extremely responsible. At the time of the incident, the people got out of the car, said they were completely fine."

She continued, "Our driver checked to see if they were okay. We have witnesses who will confirm that. They exchanged insurance information, and as soon as they saw Larry King Enterprises, they decided to go for what they assumed are deep pockets. These people went to an ambulance chaser for an attorney, and as though they were filling out a form to get the maximum amount of money they could, checked off every box possible . In return, they will be on the receiving end of a big, fat lawsuit."

If no one chickens out, both sides are due in court in December.


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1830 days ago


I will admit it has been a while since I looked at comments. But a recipe for real?

1830 days ago

Linda Mott    

Every time a celebrity is involved in an accident, they think they have so much money, that they can scam them. They may have gotten hurt but maybe not.

1830 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Another one of countless examples of why we need tort reform. Sue their rear ends off Larry and move to have the ambulance chasing Attorney or poor excuse for an Attorney; disbared.

1830 days ago


The property damage on the vehicles is not always the best indicator of physical damages to people. Sometimes people walk away from horrific crashes unharmed, and sometimes the force or angle of the impact from what seems like a minor collision leave people with crippling injuries. The adreneline people have at the scene sometimes makes them think they're not injured, but when things settle down they realize they have pain, stiffness, limitied mobility, etc.

I don't know anything about this particular case, but $50,000 is not much. That could be just a couple visits to the hospital/physician, radiology tests, and some physical therapy.

And consider this (to the guy calling for "tort reform."). Most plaintiffs' attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. In other words, if they don't win the lawyer gets paid nothing. What is the incentive in taking "frivilous" cases? Lawyers don't get paid on frivilous cases, so they don't tend to risk putting time and money into such claims. Frivilous lawsuits are rare; it's a myth put out there by the insurance companies to prejudice potential jurors and to get constituants calling for tort reform.

Is this case "frivilous"? I haven't seen any medical records or bills, so I can't say for sure. But someone asking for only $50,000 or so in an auto accident sounds very plausible and easily reasonable to me. I'm not sure why Mrs. King is so upset about this one.

1830 days ago


If these really were scammers, you'd think they'd be shooting for far more than $50,000. And getting out of a vehicle thinking you're fine at the time of an accident produces remarks pumped up on adrenaline-which is why ambulance chasers tell you not to say anything or sign anything. You might feel differently in the morning when the shock wears off, Larry King or no Larry King.

1830 days ago


Well, if you need more proof the woman who sued me was involved in a major head-on collision just a few weeks before, and probably needed money to fund her new car. I mean, she was absolutely fine after our bumper, which happened at somewhere between 0-5 mph.

A cop came over & didn't even issue a ticket b/c he thought it was of no consequence. Perhaps there are some legitimate cases, but I'm guessing people are smart enough to realize which are real and which are not. I've seen more than my fill of fake cases, which should have never happened in the first place. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if this is, yet again, another case of money grubbers.

1830 days ago


It's often the lawyers, not the people, who get predatory and ramp things up. Celebrities are big bullies with their lawyers and money too.

The wife knows about deep pockets firsthand. Must be worth it having to sleep with that old geez every night.

1830 days ago

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Leave kooky alone!!!! This comment board is a snooze fest without kooky. His recipes are delicious too. Stop erasing kooky's comments!

1830 days ago


... they feel file frivolous ... C'mon guys, write simpler please!

1830 days ago


Well, at least the TMZ folks listened and corrected the spelling error.

1830 days ago


$50,000 isn't alot of money people.

If you smell a rat...take a bath.

1830 days ago


I want to have sex with Larry King

1829 days ago


So you do like Oat Meal eh?
Oh wait it's not Oat Meal it's BEEF JERKY!!!!!!!!!!!
Nasty old Farts. Needs some marinating

35. I want to have sex with Larry King

Posted at 9:41AM on Sep 21st 2009 by sexy gramma

1829 days ago
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