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David Hasselhoff's Daughter Says Dad was Drunk

9/21/2009 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David HasselhoffTMZ has learned David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital Sunday night after his daughter sounded an alarm that he had been drinking to excess.

We've learned 17-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff -- who was at home with David -- called her mother Pamela, claiming David was extremely drunk. One of Pamela's friends called 911, paramedics arrived at the family's home in Encino and took him to the hospital.

We're told the hospital was supposed to release David Sunday night.

No comment yet from Hasselhoff's reps.


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Shirl ~~ t.g.    

They need to lock him up ,, once and for all. WTF is wrong with this dude? Guess having $$$$ makes his chit ``` not stink. Go to rehab douche ``bag!! Get help NOW!! Your ex wife shouldn't even allow your daughter to be ANY where near you. And WHAT are YOU teaching your daughter ?? How to be a 'drunk'??? GET HELP!!!


1860 days ago


ya whatever

1860 days ago



1860 days ago


Who on earth cares about this guy? And why is it any of our business. This is for his family to take care of, or not, as they wish. We see too much of this junk in the news. Why not report good deeds rather than failings? I am fed up.

1860 days ago

Mary Worth    

He was doing so well while AGT was shooting.
He looked good and seemed to be in great spirits. (oops!)

Maybe he thinks he'll be the first person in history to recover from alcoholism by doing more personal research.
Alcohol is kickin' his butt!

David, you have to surrender to your higher power as often as it takes. And it takes 24/7.

Will pray for you, and Mel, and Kiefer, and Daniel, and..........

1860 days ago


Addiction is a brain disease folks. There is no cure. Many are helped by treatment and can arrest the progression. Many more are not. They suffer with it till they die from it.It affects all walks of life..Scientists are working madly to find new effective treatment to help the sufferers. Drugs play a role. Campral 333mg is supposed to make the obsession( craving) go awayIt doesn't work however. They are continuing the research. Maybe some day they will find an answer. Most people find recovery in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These people have beaten the odds, like I said; most just die.I didn't hear any one calling Patrick Swayze a low life because he had Cancer. As hard as it is to understand Alcoholism is no different. No one chooses to be alcoholic right? Drinking and driving is different, that really does have shades of low life in it. I say poor David, he needs and deserves our prayers.

1860 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

No detox facility can help this man.He is a goner.He is also a danger to his children.In a drunken state he can hurt one of them.He should be put away for quite a long time until every iota of alcohol is out of his system and if he drinks again lock him in a hospital for the criminaly insane.Because he is crazy.

1860 days ago


I'm not buying all this I bet something serious was wrong. even if he was drunk we all have weak points and I'm jsut glade he's fine now I wsh him the best and will pray that he gets help. all those saying mean things u are not perfect he has his weakness jsut like anyone of us. May be PALM is making this upagain to end more rights and money

1860 days ago


So sad that this man destroys himself like that. Knight Rider was his big series, and afther that I guess it must have gone wrong.
The man is already zo far in destroying himself, that not any clinic can help him anymore, he's an alcoholic. Why does he drink? I guess its because he cant get any job as an actor anymore or at least not what he would have wanted, and afther the big success of Knight Rider and probably Bay Watch he's out of controle.We can pray for him,but I think one day he will dy of his drinking. Its realy very sad.

1860 days ago


Maybe now AGT can get rid of him. He ruins that show. I have to TIVo the show and then fast forward his part. If he's there next year, I'll be watching anything but AGT. This year with his Hoff isms he albout drove me to drink. Please Pleeeeeeeese get rid of him NBC and AGT.

1860 days ago


Another drunk dumb redneck..

1860 days ago


Drinking is a slow death. Been there. Now sober 14yrs He has to get to the bottem of that bottle and be honest only to himself whats happend over the yrs. so, he can get sober. And continue to stay sober is the hard part. Not getting sober. Hes a sick guy. Thats why he went to hospital. However, through thick and thin he has to Want It. Period!!!! They say the only thing that has to change" is everything. Good Luck Dude.Hope you live long enough to tell your story.

1860 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Please David get it together. You have been blessed with such handsome looks, beautiful daughters, and a judge on America's Got Talent. Caught your act on the show when you sang. You are such a tremendously talented person. Please, Dear God get better and seek help. We don't want to be reading your name as another star added to that awful list of alcohol abuse and drug use, and then dying from it. Think of your family. They love you.

1860 days ago


Look people,as I was reading the comments people were bringing MJ into it?? What the h*ll,this is about David not MJ..the topic has David's name into not leave Michael out of it.

1860 days ago

Wanda W.    

Let him drink himself to death,who cares! As far as Im concerned he is on the same level as Jackson.Those people are their own worst enemies. Self centered, egotistical,whining,weak,addicts.Add self entitled celebrity,and its just amplified.Let them all kill themselves,good riddance. Darwin was right,the strong survive,and the weak perish.

1860 days ago
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