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Jury Selected in Travolta Extortion Case

9/21/2009 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Three men and six women decide if John Travolta was the victim of attempted extortion in the death of his son Jett.

John Travolta Extortion Case

A jury is now in place in the case against paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and former senator Pleasant Bridgewater. Prosecutors say the defendants threatened to go public with a document that protected emergency responders from liability. Ironically, the document was irrelevant in Jett's death and it's baffling why the pair allegedly would think Travolta would pay $25 million to keep it under wraps.

Tarino LIghtbourne: Click to watchTravolta will testify -- probably either tomorrow or Wednesday. We're told John's testimony will focus on his interaction with Lightbourne as they tried to save Jett and on his reaction to the alleged extortion demands.

Lightbourne and Bridgewater have both pleaded "100% not guilty" -- legal trivia: OJ Simpson pleaded "absolutely 100% not guilty" in his murder trial.


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This is so sad!

1857 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Sleazy!

1857 days ago


Total d-bagz! I hope they get the maxium punishment!

1857 days ago


These people have got to be the lowest of the low. I hope if they are found guilty, they don't just get a slap on the wrist.

1857 days ago


There's a special place in Hell reserved for people who try to extort money from parents who have lost their children.

1857 days ago

Victor Wood    

Here are the pictures of his son in the ambulance: This is so sad!

1857 days ago


Of course you have to throw O.J's name around for no apparent reason, oh wait....that was supposed to be FUNNY!!!

Get a life TMZ, and new writers. You people SUUUUCK!!! LOL

1857 days ago


A-holes, they should be ashamed of themselves - Greedy folks - wonder if either one of them is gonna use the race card - they usually do.

1857 days ago

shawn spector    

I can't wait to see these 2 go to jail!!!!

1857 days ago


Okay, so their defense is what-that the grieving Travoltas just hallucinated the whole thing?

Somebody needs to explain this again from the beginning. Like, did John refuse to sign a release for this paramedic who attempted to resuscitate his son or something? None of it makes sense. But if they're asking for money, that makes sense insofar as I DON'T think the T's made it all up out of thin air and I DO think the defendants are sleazebags, however you slice them.

1857 days ago


Go to it's totally awsome.

1857 days ago


This is really sad! I hope those jerks do a lot of time!

1857 days ago

London not England    


I take offense that you would think that just because they're BLACK, they gotta use the "RACE CARD".....
WE Wouldn't need to USE the "RACE CARD" if white folks were so devilish in the way they deal with minorities......!
Then they want to INSULT BLACK FOLK'S intelligence by insisting that "racism doesn't Exist"....I guess slavery didn't exist either...? I guess the treatment of African Americans as "second class citizens" didn't exist either.....
that's what you all would like to tell yourselves, and everybody else.....!
But like you always tell us about 300 years of oppression, "GET OVER IT".....

1857 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

I wonder what the connection is between the two defendants. Are they related to each other, or friends maybe?

I hope TMZ keeps us updated on this trial.

1857 days ago

Justin is Calling    

These people are all just being charged because of Racism against Kanye and Obama. If Obama weren't president, they would've walked away.

NY Governor said his critics were coming after him because they were racist, and "Obama is next".

Its obvious these people are racial pawns.

1856 days ago
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