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Kardashian Wedding -- Lamar's Idea

9/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khole Kardashian Lamar OdomDon't go blaming the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom whirlwind wedding on the bride -- TMZ has learned this whole thing was Lamar's idea.

Sources close to the situation tell us it was Odom who was putting the rush on the "I do" swapping because the Los Angeles Lakers star wants to tie the knot before his NBA season begins.

For the record -- the Lakers are set to play their first preseason game on October 7. The wedding is set for this Sunday -- September 27th.

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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I like the Kardsahiasns.At least, they are a real family. Atleast,Kris did not ever support OJ.
At least,they have made money on their own.Ok,Kim was dumb to make a sex dvd and not destroy it after,but dumber to be with RayJ.
At least,these three girls don't give the public their unwatned dumb opinions on world events and advice as to how we all should be living.

Reggie Bush is cute,quiet,ok.Kim loves'em thick and Black .She should stay with Reggie .He is the best she will ever get and the best out there for her.

Kournety likes themWhiteandScott isWhite.

Bruce Jenner's girls are White and too young to date, but you bet Bruce is going to make sure they try'em White.

Bruce's sons like White girls.

Robert Kardsians likes White girls.

The Kardashians are White.
Khole,like Kim,likes'em Black.

Khole,this guy,EWWW!!! He is ugly. She does not know him.
Whynot go find somebody like Kednra Wilinkson's husband,Hank Baskiett.He is Black ,1/2,and cute from a middle class,good, 2-parent home.

1855 days ago


So what if it was his idea she don't have to say yes.

This is so stupid and I don't care who the two people involved are, to marry a person after only going out with them for a few months, if that, is ludicrous.

He wants to marry before the NBA season starts. Now how dumb is that? I have not read anything about him being in love with Khloe or her with Lamar.

I still this is a prank or Khloe may be pregnant and being pregnant is not a reason to marry someone.

1855 days ago


the only reason she is popular is because you old hag stay at home mom - crusted panty filled moms make her so.......you all need to get a life....they are so yesterday

1855 days ago


okay--i 'll take the word racist back---thats the PC word for it----you are mentally ill--you can argue all your want--but when God has given you a brain to use and you are using half of it--cause you can tell people have different behaviours and race has nothing to do with it---then you are mentally ill---

point incase---look at the guy that said lamar would beat her---yeah like white guys don't beat women---it's that simple---you are mentally ill

1855 days ago

J Byrd    

Marrying a basketball playa? She's insane. I wouldnt even advise her to have an athlete as a BF, considering all the women they mess with. She's nuts and he's ugly.

1855 days ago


Black men are so much better lovers than white men and if two people want to wed, whats TMZ's business about the timing...wishing they ll call it off? eat your hearts out,TMZ

1855 days ago


This is way to soon into their relationship to get married. One month into a relationship it's about lust, you're both still on your best behavior, and pleasing the other no matter how you feel about a subject. Why is he pushing for marriage? Sounds like he has a control issue. Like, do this if you really love me or I'll find someone else. Please Klhoe, just get engaged and get married a year from now. If it is true love one year will not make a difference. Where is her MOTHER???

1855 days ago


Why would an NBA star on the championship Lakers even talk to that fat donkey let alone try to marry her. WAKE UP LAMAR. YOU CAN BANG ANY CHICK IN HOLLWOOD. PICK ONE UNDER 200 LBS. AND WHO DOESN'T HAVE A MOUTH ON HER LIKE A TRUCK DRIVER!!!!!!! Pick a Laker girl....any Laker girl. Khloe gives me the drive heaves just looking at her smelly ass on camera. Yuck!

1855 days ago


Kim & Khloe are the two who date black men. I date black men as well, but it does seem odd...and maybe for all the wrong reasons? Khloe has HUGE trust issues, and isn't very classy/lady like by any means. Seems like she may be doing this for the attention. If Lamar was smart, make sure you sign a prenup!!!!!!

1855 days ago

laker girl    

Well its ok, as long he has enough strength to play basketball, thats all thats really important right now, how come he couldnt marry his last girlfriend who had three children, 7- 10 7 month child that died of sids, doesnt she count for anything, guess not.....sad for those other children.......

1855 days ago


Wow...they're getting married after they've only been dating for a month? Let's add to the divorce statistics. I'll be very surprized if this lasts. Maybe everything will turn out the way it's supposed to =)

1855 days ago


Does no one see what is obvious?? As soon as Kourtney started getting attention for being pregnant, Tranny Khloe grabbed the first black douche bag that paid attention to her and had unprotected sex (sorry, had to stop to throw up in my mouth). She has to take away some of the limelight from her sister!!! Done.

1855 days ago


After the wedding she can rebrand herself as Khlodom.

1855 days ago


wow, it's totally going to last...NOT!!

she is so gross!! i don't know why people think she's attractive...she's a freaking beast with a potty mouth.

she's got to be pregnant or dying of skin cancer

1855 days ago


They are BOTH stupid. I wish the Lakers would have traded his ass and kept Trevor Ariza. He was a real player and came up big in the playoffs and finals not like unreliable Lamar. But what is this crap about wanting to get married before the season starts? Whether she's a friend, gf, or wife you're stupid ass isn't going to see her either way when you're on the road so who cares if your married or not. And after a month you know NOTHING about ANYONE. He's ugly and sounds retarded and she looks like shrek in drag. I think she is desperate to outshine Kim and Kourtney but she just needs to face the fact that she's the ugly one of the family. Kim got the best looks, then Kourtney, then far far down the road came Khloe. We don't have to wish them anything bad in their marriage because they're bringing it on themselves. Enjoy your bad decision Khloe and Lamar.

1855 days ago
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