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Kardashian Wedding -- Lamar's Idea

9/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khole Kardashian Lamar OdomDon't go blaming the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom whirlwind wedding on the bride -- TMZ has learned this whole thing was Lamar's idea.

Sources close to the situation tell us it was Odom who was putting the rush on the "I do" swapping because the Los Angeles Lakers star wants to tie the knot before his NBA season begins.

For the record -- the Lakers are set to play their first preseason game on October 7. The wedding is set for this Sunday -- September 27th.

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This might be the biggest cry for attention I have seen since Kanye at the MTV Awards. My sister is having a baby...I need to do something bigger. This is ridiculous. Divorce court in six months. Hello, Gloria Allred.

1855 days ago


I am a caucasian woman who likes black men as well. Every one has a type they are attracted to in one way or another. Yeah I have curves, a booty, boobs that doesn't mean a person is fat!!! It is sad that some people are so superficial.
Khloe is pretty, but her attitude is what makes her ugly. Her actions make her look guy-ish. Kim, Kortney and Khloe act like they are all that and then some, which is pathetic. Confidence is one thing, but being stuck on yourself is not attractive! It's not like they came from nothing to make something of themselves.
With Khloe's trust issues, I think she is rushing into things and it wont last. Lust eventually wears off and you might see this person different. Personally, I think she is jealous of her sister's and wants some of the lime light. Just because they haven't put it out there, and not talking about doesn't mean squat. It got leaked for a reason, so we will see how this pans out.

1855 days ago


And when will they be getting divorced?

1855 days ago


3.) Black guys with horse things are not fully evolved human beings..in the slavery days slave owners would breed super slaves to become better workers and get rid of the smaller men..so do you fools actually know what you are bragging about..lol

Posted at 10:43PM on Sep 21st 2009 by MR. Cool

OOOOOOOO! You are so wrong on all points, but especially this one! Listen, not only did the white women want the black men with the big wonkers during slavery time, but also the white men! They couldn’t satisfy their wives so the brought in the studs to do the job; after the wife was satisfied, he would beg Mandingo to flip him over and make him squeal like a pig. That’s how it went…..ask your grandfather; his father may have passed the story down. Learn your history!

1855 days ago


Take a look at this flickr!

Really i think she is the one in a hurry. Btw she is to pretty

1855 days ago


wow you are really educated, what's "metally" ? ROFL

Posted at 6:29PM on Sep 21st 2009 by blahblahblah

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/09/21/kardashian-wedding-lamars-idea/5#comments#ixzz0Ro0QxtB4

blahblah--you can laugh all you want about my diagnosis on your mental illness--as you can see you are not the only one with the disease--am not going to call you a racist--thats trying to cover up whats really wrong with you--i will say it again --YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL--instead of you to face whats wrong with you and come to terms with it, you would rather spell check..lol--nice try--so what meds do you plan on going on--before you pass it down to your kids----again---people think they are racist---the fact is--you have a mental disease--you are not complete--you don't know people are different---

1855 days ago


125. 3.) Black guys with horse things are not fully evolved human beings..in the slavery days slave owners would breed super slaves to become better workers and get rid of the smaller men..so do you fools actually know what you are bragging about..lol

Posted at 10:43PM on Sep 21st 2009 by MR. Cool

Mr. Cool, did you learn your American history at a klan rally? You obviously feel threatened by black men, so you revert to ignorant historical nonsense. A lot of women prefer black and brown men as lovers because they are more passionate and not as kinky and wild as white men. You don't have to worry if you're skinny enough and all that psychological BS. They know how to make love to a woman and give her massive satisfaction. I'm speaking from experience.

1855 days ago

what cuties    

DUMB - Much tooooooooo fast - give it time and it has a chance to work out ok...........

1855 days ago



Posted at 12:13AM on Sep 22nd 2009 by forwhyuthink

Suffer from a small wanker, do ya? I'm sure Odom inherited his big beautiful black, multimillionaire, basketball playin' c**k from his father. The same way you inherited your 2 inch pink tool from your alcoholic child molesting, deadbeat, trailer park blue-eyed daddy! Jealous much?

1855 days ago


I agree with the frist comment on page one what's the deal with the kasdashian. why do they want black guys all the time, at lease Reggie Bush not a bad looking dude, is khloe that hard up to get married, she just met the guy last month. I love both there show but this is really stupied move for Khloe. Bruce and Cris should have a long talk with there daughter.

1854 days ago


hahahaah... YUK!! YA'LL.. PLEASE.. this grl and that guy 4 perfect for each others BEAT-DWN!!!..

Dumm ass ppl they are..

Ow and the reason that they like balck men is coz they gat money, and are willin to pok wot evea piec ov nastey that comes there way.. african and americans i member were one looked up to.u no like cin butifull sucessful blk families. specially here in Australia.. now they just hoe-marring.. wife basshin.. money wasting losssser.. wot happen to that denziel W type.. dats wot I wana no..
Peace from OZZ!! xox yo grl!!

1854 days ago

John 8:32    

Thanks to some of the comments here, this is an example of social
construct. A social construction or social construct is any phenomenon "invented" or "constructed" by participants in a culture or society, existing because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain conventional rules. "The
Social Construction of Reality" (1966).

-(John 8:32)

1854 days ago

Dr. Demento    

Lamar and Khloe need to go down to the abortion clinic "before the season starts," and then they should stay as far away from the wedding altar as humanly possible.

Unfortunately, we may be hearing about a REAL "shotgun wedding" in time...

1854 days ago

Wc from Sc    

Congratulation Khloe and Lamar and good luck i hope and pray you both stay together long to prove to these haters that it is love and not lust... i must say you have alot of haters Khloe and i love haters they probably are mad that they can't get but a regualar Joe for a man. Poor sad miseable people in the world.

1854 days ago



KLOE could have said, NO !!


1854 days ago
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