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Anna Nicole's Nude Pics with Shrink

9/22/2009 8:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith and her psychiatrist were captured on film in various contorted sexual positions, according to new legal docs.

We reported this morning that the legal docs describe Anna Nicole and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich naked in a bathtub together. Authorities claim the two women had a personal relationship "that crossed the boundaries of professionalism."

The documents are very specific: "One photo showed both naked women embracing while looking at the camera. In another photo, Dr. Eroshevich is sitting between Anna Nicole Smith's legs while Anna...was in a more reclined position.

In the third photo, Anna Nicole Smith has her ankles on each of Dr. Eroshevich's shoulders while they are holding hands and their clasped hands are resting in the area of Anna Nicole Smith's vagina posing for the camera."

More than a year ago we saw a photo of Anna Nicole and Dr. Eroshevich, naked in a bathtub with a sex toy nearby. We did not publish the photo.


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There seems to be no end to the bloodsuckers who feed off whacked out celebrities. Anna Nicole was a messed up girl, no doubt,before she ran into all these creeps, BUT, where do these sleazebags come from? Howard Stern is a SUPER creeper, a real sicko. These shrinks and doctors etc. are real predators. What are the laws in CA? to let these quacks practice? Michael Jackson is the same story. All these people should be dragged through the mud, and put out of business and into jail. By the way, wasn't it Howard Stern who gave Anna's son the overdose? LOck this evil creep up for life.

1831 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! She's still dead!

1856 days ago


LOL im blonde,i had a kinda hot psychiatrist once. Wish i couldve seduced her like Anna die hers lol.

1856 days ago


Sadly this doesn't shock me... Poor Anna Nicole Smith had a "Lawyer" (Howard K. Stern) who stepped over the line of professionalism into her personal life. It stands to reason that she had "Doctors" that did the same. No wonder nobody could help this poor woman get away from her self-destructive behaviors. They were all "professionals" using her however they could (financially, personally, etc.)

I hope she's finally found the peace in death that she could never have found in life.

1856 days ago


did* not die...lolz,not making a death joke.

1856 days ago

superman what!?!
What a non-story...

1856 days ago


If your not gonna show the pics then don't run the story. Alright!

1856 days ago


Thank you TMZ for not posting such an embarrassing and sad picture of Anna Nicole. Let's hope her child never has to see it.

1856 days ago



1856 days ago


This must be some type of new psychiatric treatment. I have never heard of any psychiatric treatment that requires a patient and shrink to get in the tub nude together.

1856 days ago

Where's Swims    

I wonder who took the pic? I wonder if he expected to make money off of it. When's the trial? What low lifes!

1856 days ago

This is sad. Pictures should never be made public. There is still an innocent child out there who may one day be very hurt by them. I think pictures of this nature should be returned to the families once the cases or investigations are completed and the pictures are no longer needed.

1856 days ago

Where's Swims    

You'd have to be might doped up to look at Dr. E naked! Yikes! Who took the photo I wonder?

1856 days ago


it's a good thing that she died cuz i don't think she's gonna be a good mom to her daughter. god really has his own ways.

1856 days ago


I Would Love To Watch Them Bump Clams

1856 days ago
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