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Kirk Cameron

Plays the Hitler Card

9/22/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evangelical actor Kirk Cameron is on a serious crusade against Charles Darwin -- connecting the scientist's most famous and significant work to Adolf Hitler.

To commemorate the upcoming 150th anniversary of Darwin's "Origin of Species" -- Kirk has released a 6-minute long video on his evangelical website bashing Darwin's book along with C.D.'s famous theory of evolution.

In the video attack -- which Kirk made to promote the release of a reworked, creationist edition of "Origin of Species" -- Kirk essentially calls Darwin a racist, a woman-hater and claims Darwin's theory has an "undeniable connection" with Hitler.

But it gets better -- Kirk claims he will be embarking on a college tour, in the hopes of infiltrating the minds of America's future "lawyers, doctors and politicians."

To quote Kirk, "These students aren't stupid."

Let's hope not.


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Hey All,

What if we are in heaven right now and it's up to us to make our own
heaven on earth?

Sometimes being here with the ones we love is like heaven.

If some people spent 5% on god and 95% on loving themselves and
others this world would be a better place.

Every Atheist I know in my life is educated, always in a bad mood,
very antisocial and sometimes a little creepy!
They always act like they have all the answers and really don't have
a clue. Just read all these selfish comments.

Every god warrior I know in my life is uneducated, with low
self-esteem and always judging others. Also, they are very needy and
show symptoms of Hypochondria.
They also act like they have all the answers and really don't have a
They love to sin, but get forgiven every Sunday.

Is it really that hard for people to say; I DON'T KNOW!!! And hope for the best!

If you do have all the answers, you need to see a doctor and get on some good meds.

Thank you,
Retarded Genius

1848 days ago


Anyone taking Kirk or Ray seriously get to be called the "missing" link themselves. I mean, these are the guys who brought up crocoduck and a banana as evidence against evolution and for Skydaddy.

1847 days ago


"158. One old guy who hates religion writes a book and we are all supposed to believe it? LOL!
Thank God Hitler never wrote a book!

Posted at 6:41PM on Sep 22nd 2009 by haha!"

*Facepalm* Why do ignorant people feel the need to speak?

1846 days ago

I'll be waiting for that liar, Kirk, down here.

~ 666 ~

PS. God don't exist.

1795 days ago

Isabella Darwin    

716. I'll be waiting for that liar, Kirk, down here.

~ 666 ~

PS. God don't exist.

Posted at 6:03PM on Nov 25th 2009 by Satan

Dude, I am giving you a standing ovation! I literally laughed my ass off for 10 minutes when I saw this. You rock!

But I am very offended by the nature and content of Kirk Cameron's video.

1) Charles Darwin was never influenced or connected to Adolf Hitler. Darwin DIED in 1882. Hitler was BORN in 1889.

2) Charles Darwin described himself as agnostic. Adolf Hitler described himself as a Christian. Not that it's unusual in the history of Christianity, or any other religion, for their prophets to wage war and destruction on entire civilizations.. but damn, Darwin never killed anyone.

3) Far from the idea that Darwin despised women, he valued and admired his wife - discussed his theories with her - raised children that went on to become intellectuals and highly respected in their own fields, and was a supportive and loving husband and father. His daughter Annie's death at a young age almost destroyed him. That anyone should say he had no admiration or respect for females is an out and out lie.

4) It should be criminal that these f---ing idiots have defaced the work of a great man with lies. It is obvious that they have never researched the life of Charles Darwin, nor have they a single shred of concrete evidence to prove their claims. If they do, I would like to see it.

5) Mr. Cameron has been brainwashed by the Banana Man, and its time he find out the truth for himself, instead of vilifying one of history's greatest thinkers with his moronic accusations, which he will never be able to defend with real evidence.

6) Bible thumpers in general tend to piss me off. Keep your f---ing religion to yourselves, and leave the real advancements to those of us who are not hindered by blind devotion to an invisible being.

Just stop it already. Some of us have had ENOUGH.

1795 days ago


This thread is STILL going! LOL!!! Glad to see so many reasonable posters here. It warms my heart. :)

1843 days ago

I think this tread is finally dead. And the atheists won!!
Kirk Cameron is a moron.
And Ardi the missing link has the last word!!!

1843 days ago


Seriously? 32% of people on this site think that "creationism" wins? Seriously? So, I guess the fact that there is no possible methodology to verify the claims you ignorant tools make is completely acceptable to you? I tell you what, do us all a favor and don't get flu shots or ANY form of vaccinations and stat locked in your homes avoiding all who have had them. Why? Because our modern medicine properly comprehends and utilizes the knowledge gained from the "theory" of evolution in order to help us (quite successfully I might add) survive and thrive. So, if you don't recognize evolution as the scientific fact that it is, then please make sure to avoid any and all things related to it.

Huh, that would actually mean that you would need to throw your computers away as well considering it's the basic scientific method that has brought about electricity, vaccines, water purification, automobiles, textile manufacturing, etc, etc, etc so if you don't "agree" with evolution then you should really make your own clothing, live off the land and not have any contact with the rest of society considering that we use these things every day or our lives.

You X-ian twits are uneducated hypocrites and you need to simply go away already. You do more harm than good regardless of your intentions. Go away and leave the intelligent, rational folk to take care of the matters affecting our world okay? You aren't helping anyone.

1792 days ago


Soupgoblin, thanks for being one of the few to see past religious propaganda and recognize what has been established as historic fact. Yeah, Hitler was a Roman-Catholic/Christian. He had support from the Vatican until the allied forces all formed up to fight him. Nazi-Germany was the ONLY "Christian State" to have ever existed and look at what happened.

The Christians, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists and all of their related ilk need to simply go away. I can only hope they can recognize how much time they've wasted on pathetic supernatural pursuits and choose to do something with their lives that will have REAL meaning. Not likely but it's worth hoping for...

1792 days ago

marcy b. of silver spring maryland    


1831 days ago

Cool. This thread is still alive! Anyway, God don't exist dude.

1830 days ago


It's funny people say God doesn't exist but yet they use Satans name, The devil is a Lie. The Bible says he Deceives the World including all unbelivers.

1828 days ago


The Book also says that even Demons believe and tremble, and that Every Knee will bow and Every tongue will confess that Jesus Is Lord!!!!!!! even Satan will confess this.

1828 days ago


Your head is in your ass. To prove God exists using the Bible is like proving Superman exists using a comic book.

God don't exist, moron.

~ 666 ~

1828 days ago


#640... PUTZ. How do you figure that "natural selection" and artificial genetic manipulation are one in the same ? I'm DYING to hear your "logic". Ooops.. that's right... skydaddy believers don't possess logic. It's not in their genetic make-up.

Hitler wanted to manipulate the world with EUGENICS. And he based his beliefs on your "book of myths" and was 100% in cahoots with the Vatican who financed his reign of terror AND helped Nazis like Mengele, Werner and others escape to freedom.

YOu get a "D" for DUNCE.

1853 days ago
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