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Travolta Acknowledges Son's Autism

9/23/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta made his first public statement acknowledging Jett had autism.

Travolta told the jury in the Bahamas extortion case that Jett was autistic and suffered seizures every 5 to 10 days. Travolta said, "He was autistic. He suffered from a seizure disorder."

Travolta testified the seizures would last 45 seconds to a minute.


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Just because he didn't say his son was autistic in the court pf public opinion doesn't mean he is a bad person. It was his family's choice on how to handle their son's medical needs. No matter what our individual opinions are on religion this had to be very touch on him and his family. I am sure he loved Jett with all his heart. No time to crucify him now.

1824 days ago


Find me one article where John or Kelly themselves ever denied Jett was austic. You can't, because the truth is John and Kelly never actually confirmed or denied it. They simply kept it a private family matter. They were under no obligation to anyone to pubically discuss their son's condition. They have never attributed Jett's condition to Kawaski Syndrome either. Again you won't find one article in which John or Kelly has said it. That was media hype because John and Kelly refused to answer any questions. Both john ( on Larry King in 2000) and Kelly ( on Montel in 2003) said Jett was treated for Kawaski in the traditional manner and recovered.

I dare you all to call any Church of Scientology and ask abot autism. You will be told it is a medical condition and that you need to take your child to a medical doctor. Go ahead and try.

I am a Scientologist, I am epileptic, twice the CoS has helped me pay for my medication. I have never been told to stop takiing it. I have been asked a number of times if I am keeping my doctor's appoinments and taking my medication.

People need to get factual information from the source and not believe everything they read on the internet.

1824 days ago


WOW, maybe his son & WHATEVER he suffered from is nobody's damn business???

1824 days ago


Ya this is sad and all, but let's not forget how Scientology f-ed him up enough to deny that his son had Autism for fear of ridicule and getting sent out of the "church". Please let's not put this guy on a pedestal.

Personal stuff kept personal is one thing. Denial due to a cult is another.

1824 days ago


This is nuts he and his wife should not have to go through this nor should they be forced to disclose their son's autism either. It is a private family matter but because of some greedy people now they have to relive the most hellacious day of thier lives. I hope the people on trial get the books thrown at them. Peace to their sweet family and hope and prayers for healing for them. No parent should have to go through this.

1824 days ago

billie jean    

who cares more mj news!!!! NOW!!!!

1824 days ago


Jett didn't have the mental capacity to understand that he had a disorder, so there would be no point to wait until he was an adult and let him "make that decision" to go public with his autism. I used to pray that the John would do a show with Oprah about his sons autism. Oh, the good that it would have done back in the early 90's to have such a huge celebrity bring an awareness of Autism. Doug Flutie, Toni Braxton and I believe Holly Robinson Peete have children with autism as well. I think Jenny Mccarthy's son may have been in the autism "spectrum" but it just doesn't "go away"...I'm happy her son doesn't have the autistic behaviors anymore...just don't believe it can "disappear"...Please, Travolta family, get away from your association with the scientology, created by a SCIENCE FICTION AUTHOR.

1824 days ago


Doesn't sound like "denial due to a cult" to me. He's still a scientologist isn't he? Maybe he kept it private in respect of his son and HIS privacy.

1824 days ago


At least Kelly is hot and has a fantastic rack

1824 days ago


This must be really tough on John and Kelly. But, I'm hoping that this trial will be a form of therapy for them. Hopefully, they will be able to move forward now, and keep Jett in their hearts knowing he's not far. I can't imagine losing a child; My sister did, and I know how hard it is. God bless them!

1824 days ago


The Travoltas are devastated by the death of their son. I wish people would just send them good wishes without criticizing them for keeping private medical information private.

1824 days ago

Glo P    

TMZ I appreciate that you are reporting on the extortion case but please leave John Travolta and his family alone at this time.I cannot imagine losing a son..but cameras in your face while you are trying to deal with it is a little too much.

1824 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

TMZ, can't you understand the anguish this must be causing the Travoltas? Why is it important to you to repeat what is his courtroom testimony? Doesn't it rip at your heart even a little bit to do so? I personally find it beyond boundaries and shameful and came here just to tell you that.

1824 days ago


38. The Travoltas are devastated by the death of their son. I wish people would just send them good wishes without criticizing them for keeping private medical information


Posted at 2:01PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by Una


I recognize most of these negative comments being made against John as those foolish atheist and agnostics who posted really nasty things against Kirk a couple of pages back. They are full of hate and lacking compassion for anyone. So, just ignore them…..they are not important!

1824 days ago


He is under oath and has to tell the truth. He was probablly asked what Jett suffered from. I hope the media doesn't jump all over this and make a huge issue of it. The family chose to keep Jett's condition private, we should respect their decision. They don't need a media frenzy over this admission now.

1824 days ago
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