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Travolta Acknowledges Son's Autism

9/23/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta made his first public statement acknowledging Jett had autism.

Travolta told the jury in the Bahamas extortion case that Jett was autistic and suffered seizures every 5 to 10 days. Travolta said, "He was autistic. He suffered from a seizure disorder."

Travolta testified the seizures would last 45 seconds to a minute.


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I am sorry for this family's loss, but why did John and Kelly deny all Jet's life that he was autistic. And if he was autistic, then why didn't they help the foundation for this terrible disorder.
This just angers me that he denied his son's medical condition his entire life.
I have disabled children and if one of my children had this I would want to speak out about it and help every foundation if I could to find a cure for it.

This is why I will never watch another one of his movies or his wife's movies.
they both denied their child's medical condition, kind of makes me wonder were they embarrassed to have a disabled child?

1834 days ago


It is really too bad that John and Kelly didn't acknowledge this a long time ago and got him the proper treatment, I mean what is more important? His religion or his child (it should of been his child!) if he would of had treatment he could still be alive today. These crazy religions and cults are killing innocent people.

1834 days ago


At first they were blaming the medication depacote for his seizures.
Well I know that if he abruptly stop taking it, it will cause seizures.
And I just can't believe that a well known couple would deny their son's condition and with all the money that they have, that they would not speak about this condition.

1834 days ago


They just wanted to grieve in peace and now because of these evil people they have to relive it in the media and courtroom. It really is the cruelest thing. I feel for them and hope they find strength to get through it.

1834 days ago


I have heard more than one person say that the autism diagnosis no longer exists. Jenny Mccarthy and another girl I am friends with. It can't just go away, maybe cause it never existed?

1834 days ago


that sucks, it's always extremely diffuclt to lose a child.

1834 days ago


@ 30. Deb-
A quick Google search gives up this article,2933,475488,00.html where Kelly confirms that Jett was diagnosed with Kawasaki at age 2. As you should know, autism is a psychiatric disorder described in DSM-IV.

I know 99% of the internet is entheta to you, but seriously if you are going to comment on this, you should be informed. Maybe you should google Scientology sometime and read ex-staff and ex-member data. You could always read Geir Isene's Doubt formula. He was the only OT VIII in Norway and just recently left the church due to COB's SP behavior towards the church.

You are free to practice any religion you want. Praise Jesus or Hail Xenu. Most people do not care. But when that religion causes disconnection between family members, or in this case not getting the correct medical or psychological care for a know disease, you are going to have people up in arms.

1834 days ago


Scientology is just an awful religion. I love John Travolta and I always will..with that being said..I totally disagree with how they handled their son's health. I read alot regarding Scientology and it sickened me. My heart goes out to the Travolta's, but I'm sure their Scientology higher ups are filling their heads with the BS that their son died because he did not "fit into" the rhealm of the religion. He was imperfect in their eyes and could not continue to live..this is what I have read about this Satanistic religion. God has Jett now and He will watch over him. To the Travolta's:..your son is dead..please grieve for his loss and do not listen to that garbage!

1834 days ago


To #50...b.s right back to you. Yes, it is a disorder, and children 3 and older today are still being called autistic. Symptoms usually start around age 15 months...right after the 15 month mmr vaccination. They stand on their tip toes and flap their arms. It's called stemming. Most stop talking almost completely, but can start talking later with alot of work. Most are obsessed with items that move, and with numbers. Some are obsessed with opening and closing doors, with turning lightswitches on and off. Parents of autistic kids need to have eyes in the back of their heads. Some will take their hands and pretend to write things in the air. Many have phenomenal memories, able to recite entire tv shows. Many are obsessed with electronics, especially anything that has numbers that move (like cd players). Some are smart, some have low iq's in the mentally retarded range. They don't understand stranger danger, making them unable to defend themselves against abusers and others that would do them harm. Having a child with autism affects every aspect of the parents life.

1834 days ago


I know it is pointless to even discuss the whole autism thing but why didn't John and Kelly treat him for this? Maybe they did and didn't make it public? I don't know but from my understanding, the boy had around the clock care because he wasn't on any medication. [If] it is true that Jett was autistic and didn't receive proper treatment b/c of the whole scientology argument then this is truly another sad part of this story. Doesn't matter now though, Jett is gone and this extortion trial is just another detour for the family to get closure.

1834 days ago


The Travolta's don't have to make us .the public aware of anything that doesn't have to do with a movie he is making.........basically his career.......His private life of his family is just that PRIVATE....What makes us think we have a right to judge him because he didn't admit to us That his son was autistic....Who the hell are we!!..Just because we go see his films we think that makes us privy to his personal and private life!!.....His choices and decisions were theirs and theirs alone........Cut the family some slack they just lost a child....and weather we like or or not it's still NONE OF OUR BUISNESS.....To The Travolta Family.......So sorry for your loss...

1834 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1834 days ago


Not everyone wants to sacrifice their child's privacy for the
"greater good." It is sad that so many of you are clicking your
tongues and looking down at the Travoltas for letting their son fight
his battles out of the public eye.

And for those people who are using his young son's death as a way to gratuitously express your opinions on Scientology, when you actually know very little about it... You are being disgusting and should educate yourselves.

1834 days ago


Just because you are a public figure does not mean you automatically have to bring awareness to issues of your private life... the Travolta's had NO obligation to anyone to publically acknowledge Jett's autism or be the spokespeople for autism. The Travolta's have every right to keep their child's medical history PRIVATE. The flashing bulbs from the pap camera's could easily trigger seizures and there is NO good reason to have turned their child into a public figure for the good of autism research. Leave them alone! This is a sad and tragic story and they obviously LOVED their son more then anything in the world and are having a hard time dealing with this loss - the last thing they need is critizism for how they dealt with their child's private medical issues. RIP Jett and prayers to the Travolta's as they continue to heal.

1834 days ago

ist time post    

FYI. Autism is currently diagnosed only based on behavior. If you meet the criteria listed in the DSM IV, you are diagnosed. If you stop exhibiting that behavior you lose your diagnosis as Jenny's son and thousands of others have. There are no medical tests for autism even though these kids present with major medical issues. The mainstream medical establishment offers nothing for these kids (other than psychotropic drugs)because they continue to treat it like a mysterious psychiatric disorder rather than a medical condition which effects whole body systems. The field of psychiatry has set back autism research decades. Remember these are the same people who were saying that autism was caused by "Refrigerator Mothers" in the 1950's. So in that regard, I can see why the Travolta's would not want to recognize autism as a "psychiatric condition." However, that is not to say that they were not treating the underlying medical issues - like seizures. It is obvious that they loved their son very much and they should not be judged by people who have no idea what was going on.

1834 days ago
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