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Phillips: I Aborted My Dad's Possible Love Child

9/23/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips went public with an incestuous relationship with her father today on "Oprah" -- and says the reason the affair finally ended was because she became pregnant ... and didn't know if her father was the father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Phillips claims she was raped by her dad, Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years. The "One Day at a Time" actress says she later became pregnant -- but wasn't sure if John or her then-husband Shane Fontayne was the baby-daddy.

According to Phillips, her father paid for the abortion -- and then she "never let him touch me again."


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iam buying it coz this seems to be the new trend with white people sleeping with young kids or with their own one.sick people

1802 days ago


Why would she do this? Why people are asking?


Do you know how many MILLIONS she is going to make off the sale of this book? Just being on Oprah guarantees she is going to be a top seller. Does anybody doubt this? MILLIONS

Now if she was donating 100% of the money to charity, I would tend to maybe beleive her.

I am betting 95% of you would say you were involved in the assinination of Abraham Lincoln for $100. You'd say anything for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. She has lied before, on multiple talk shows about being clean, and yet she was busted last year for HEROIN and COCAINE possession.

Yep, real trustworthy.

1802 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are bad, women are good.

1802 days ago


If this is true, it would definitely explain why she is so messed up. Reading some of the comments made me sick. Its obivious alot of you are spoiled brats who've never been a victim of incest. Ignorance truly is bliss.

1802 days ago


No wonder she had so many problems with drugs.
This family makes Ryan & Tatum O'Neil look like
the Waltons.

1802 days ago


I agree with Kevin is probably true and occured as a result of the messed up values and beliefs and heavy drug use of the 60s and 70s. That free love and open your mind crap, that was only about self-indulgent laziness and self-induce labotomy's. There really was no love ANYWHERE in the 60s. No love and no peace. Only self delusion and self abuse. I HIGHLY doubt, being raised as a child of a rock musician during this time, that she had ANY basis of reality and of right and wrong and of real LOVE. I hope she continues to heal. And if she IS lying, than she is truely one sick and twisted lady.

1802 days ago


125. only god knows how many white kid are in this situation,that why they are all so damn ignorant

Posted at 7:50PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by steph

Re-read what your just struggled so hard to try and form into a sentence, and then think about how ignorant YOU are. And don't EVEN bring race into it, moron, just because your marriage to your brother isn't working out doesn't mean you should take it out on another race.

1802 days ago

L Hall    


1802 days ago


In drug abuse counseling we teach that we are only as sick as our secrets. She may have come out with this sickest secret in order to finally, once and for all, get all of her truths out there to try to heal.
I remember seeing the two of them on a talk show years ago and thinking there was something oddly intimate about the way they acted with each other. At the time they were touring together as the new Mamas and Papas. They seemed extremely close, and as I said, intimate, really more like lovers than son and daughter. He admitted at that time getting her hooked on drugs when she was a young child.

As for why it became consensual and went on for 10 years, most of us can't begin to imagine growing up in a family that dysfunctional. Things we consider sick and profane are normal activities. And if it's normal, it's okay. I've seen this kind of thing before. It's hard to comprehend, but the dynamics within families are so complex that sometimes terrible things can happen, and within that family, somehow, they just seem normal.

Her father was a very sick man. He had fame and money, and those things can make a person believe he is above the rules the rest of us live by. A man who shoots up his child (as he admitted) is not a man with boundaries. He wanted to be number one in his daughter's life. She was so messed up by years of this kind of weird love, that she thought it was normal.

I hope that her releasing this horrible secret will allow her to finally get about the process of healing.

1802 days ago


I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this.

1802 days ago

The Truth    

while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years.

Are you kidding me..If you believe this I have a beach house in Oklahoma I like to sell you CHEAP!

1801 days ago


19? and for ten years after this? How stupid is she?

1801 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I always thought she look like a dirty nasty something stuck to the bottom of my shoe garbage can licking whore like skank when she was on One Day At A Time, and this pretty much confirms it.....

1801 days ago


I never let him touch me again!
so therefore she used to let him touch her???
why would you let your father touch you at any age, she is a disgrace to all people who have been abused and had NO friggin choice in the matter. Sick lady, you deserve your unhappiness.

1801 days ago


mackenzie is in it for the MONEY! why didn't she come up with this TALE 10 yrs ago. plz, TMZ, no more of her idiotic drama. also NO MORE JON Gosselin or OctoMom.. they all hurt my head because they are suck POOR excuses for human beings...

1801 days ago
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