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Brody Jenner's GF Sues Joe Francis For $1 Mil

9/24/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jayde Nicole, Brody Jenner's girlfriend, has just filed a lawsuit against Joe Francis, alleging assault and battery.

Jayde & Joe

Nicole claims in her suit, "In an intoxicated and uncontrollable rage, defendant Francis, who weighs over 200 lbs, physically attacked plaintiff Nicole, approximately 115 lbs, by pulling on her hair from behind to gain maximum control over her person and then violently shoving and/or throwing her to the ground of the nightclub like a rag-doll."

Nicole claims she suffered all sorts of injuries from the fight, including a "black-eye, swollen face, bruised ribs, sore and bruised abdomen region, bruised arms and legs, ripped-out hair, and utter emotional distress and humiliation."

She's suing for $1 million plus punitive damages.

UPDATE: TMZ has just received the following statement from Joe Francis:

"Jayde Nicole is an absolute and total liar. Her prior statements about the incident are not only slanderous and defamatory, but actionable.

It is so interesting that Jayde Nicole would hire the same attorney (Ron Richards) who represented the double murderer who kidnapped me from my Bel Air mansion at gunpoint in 2004, for which he is now serving 11 years.

The only thing that Jayde Nicole is famous for is having a tattoo of the word "respect" above her vagina ... for which we all know she has none of.

Francis added, "Jayde have you seen a picture of me lately? I'm 175 lbs. soaking wet."


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Jayde & Brody had BOTH their Azz's Handed To Them.

- Jayde got a "justified" beat-down.
- Brody got Tased in the parking-lot. (Would've loved to seen that on video)

All - Due to Jayde throwing her drink onto Joe Francis.


1834 days ago



I'm a Public Citizen eligible for Jury-Duty.

I would rule in favor of Joe Francis & award any attorney fee's incurred to Joe Francis.

Joe Francis would also be awarded damages for any counter-suit he may have filed against Jayde.


1834 days ago



1852 days ago


She'll get paid, he'll settle.

1852 days ago


I hope he counter-sues and puts her in the poor house...then she can get by serving the Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's to make a living...or appearing in one of JF's videos called "Homely Girls Gone Wild!"

1852 days ago


I went to George Brown with the girl, she was a loser then to ... :P

1852 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! What a joke!

1852 days ago


Where is the evidence? Why is always a million dollars? Why not 1,327,457.32..just wondering

1852 days ago


What ever happened to calling the police?

1852 days ago

Dex Mex    

Dumb B**ch got the smackdown for something she deserved, and now she wants to sue. So Hollywood!

1852 days ago

who dat    

Joe aint going to settle. This is a nuisance suit. He just beat the government, on the tax evasion charges. Only paid a few hundred thousand. Believe the IRS was claiming $20M in fraud. Bet this chick is insane in bed, cause she is a friggin nutty, attention whore.

1852 days ago


Gosh, I just love useless bitches that always gotta scheme to get rich quick. Best of luck Joe. Even though I think you are a douche bag, I still hope you win this case.

1852 days ago


what a dumb bitch good for nothing skank
anybody that dates brody jenner is a tool

1852 days ago


Ok, 1st no man should EVER put his hands on a woman but that said from what I have heard it started with her throwing a drink on him. THAT is also assault! She instigated this by her assault of him. She should get nothing!

1852 days ago


SOME not all females think they can punk a man!Lesson learned.Whatever!She created the whole drama......

1852 days ago
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