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Mackenzie -- 'There's a Time for Everything'

9/24/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With members of her own family attacking her credibility, Mackenzie Phillips hit the streets of NY last night and defended her decision to go public with the story of her incestuous decade long affair with own father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Although her father John died in 2001 and can't defend himself ... the 49-year-old "One Day at a Time" simply explained her decision by saying, "There's a time for everything."

And, of course, there's a time to sell books ....


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As her father is now dead, and therefore cannot defend himself, what is the point of her saying all this now??

1852 days ago


Who would want to make up such a sordid story if it didn't happen. Not even for all the money in the world would I admit to having an affair with my own father. Especially if I was old enough to say no, stop! It's disgusting but unfortunately happens everyday in the world. Hopefully this will free her from whatever demons she had and can now move on with her life drug free and at peace.

1852 days ago


I think this whole 'story' is sad, sad that it is her words against her fathers & he is not around to tell the truth. "IF" this all happened.
Think she is just looking for money, she has always been a loudmouth whacko anyways.

1852 days ago

doc murry    

maybe it will help her deal with it..geezzzzz..what does it matter if he is dead,,he is not the one dealing with it..duh!!!!!!!!!!she is a good girl now and this is a healing process she must go through..step#14 of how to get over being raped by daddy...har har har

1852 days ago

doc murry    

hell i would play her daddy now if she still has the hots for him..she aint bad looking..just have a few beers first..she looks like a nasty girl..i like nasty girls....... he he

1852 days ago


Write a book, buy more COCAINE.

This is just another Hollywood Trivia....."THE SONS AND DAUGHTHERS OF HOLLYWOOD"

What a SHAME totally DISGUSTING, who would be next?

1852 days ago


Hmmm...I'm broke and need my fix. I will tell everyone about an incest relationship with my dad, make money off books and interviews, and wham bring on the 8 Balls and Oxycontin!

I'm not saying she is a liar, but this sure sounds like an opportune time to make some dough.

1852 days ago

Buck Naked    


1852 days ago


making this sad, pathetic story public will not heal her. she will be judged and insulted. if she really wanted to have peace, she should have talked to a shrink or someone she trusts to help her. this story of a legal adult having an affair with her father for 10 solid years while they were both married is disgusting. were they high all those times they were doing it? i bet she liked her father giving it to her.

1852 days ago

Dr. Patrick    

It is Simply Unconscionable and reflects the depths to which the US Society has degenerated that "Lady McKenzie" will without shame or any type of Guilt Actively pretend that she is a Victim here in her bid to sell her book.
While I do not have anythoughts one way orthe other about the veracityof her Claim, but it gives reason for pause that she was married and at the same time sleeping with both her father and husband and did not know who the father of the aborted Child is.

Anyone who buys this book is Furthering the cause of Perversion, Criminality and this miasma of Decripitous Filth that Mackenzie is trying to sell for cash.

I pray and plead to all right thinking humans NOT to purchase and BOYCOTT this book and thereby helping to put a stop to this madness.

If her father did indeed molest her which I have my doubts, how come no one, not the Police, Not her Mother, Not her Counselor, Not her Husband, neices, nephews knew about it for 30 Years until 8 Years after the death of her Father. ?

This is beginning to look like a shameless attempt to sell books on the back of a dead man who deserves to rest in peace.


1852 days ago


i bet she loved her father giving it to her.

1852 days ago


Whether she is lying now or it is indeed true, she needs serious psychotherapy. I hope, for her sake AND her family's, she gets it!

1852 days ago


It can happen...It happened to me, and I have never outed my father because he is still alive...and though I never see him and make sure my children never see him, I have no wish to destroy him. He is a pitiful old man now. His lot is his own.

1852 days ago


There's no denying this was one screwed up family. Add drugs and the rock & roll lifestyle of the 60's & 70's, and I don't doubt what she says is totally believable and entirely possible. I just hope there will be a time in her life where she can get past it and be at peace with herself and her demons.

1852 days ago


What the fuss about it, I have seen drug addicts do whorse things than these! But just enjoy your pot, because that doesn't harm you
Everything you do have consequences, sometimes serious consequences.

1852 days ago
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