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Marilyn Manson

Shoots Swine Flu

Snot Rockets

9/25/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night before announcing he was infected with the dreaded pig virus, Marilyn Manson was busy blowing loads of snot on stage at a concert in Ottawa.

Marilyn Manson Shoots Swine Flu
In the video -- shot on Sunday in Canada -- Manson is performing "Beautiful People" when he suddenly, disgustingly decides to empty flu goo from both nostrils ... while standing only a few feet away from the fans in the front row.

Let's hope Swine Flu is snot as contagious as everyone thinks it is.


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This man has always been odd and extrem to say the least but I think he took it way to far this time. He should have to pay big time for his lack of hanky. The fans of his exspect extrem not hospitals and funnerals

1849 days ago


Well said Dawn I to recently(Sept 3)saw manson in concert. I have been listing to him since I was 14 and I am going to 31. I fought like hell though the pit to get up front. Honestly if he spit or snotted or whatever else on me I didn't even notice nor would I. If you ever be in a pit you know you are getting everyones fluids on you anyway so why is his any different. I wouldnt throw a fit about it either because everyone knows thats manson.So he may or may not had the swine flu. well fyi alot do over 15 percent of my daughters school has it. So I am sure others had it there as well would that have stopped fans NO. "SincerelyMarilyn" You are right he is very intelligent and anyone who listens to his music knows this as well. I wouldn't consider myself a loser. I have 3 kids a stepdaughter 13 and 2 boys 5 and 2. I have been married for almost 7 years going to college to obtain my CPA (3.8 GPA). Now if that equals a loser then I guess I am. Just like everything he has all kinds of fans young, old, smart, dumb, sober,and not. And YES some of us even the non loser ones like him alot and I personally find him to be a very interesting person. Also love that he isn't held back by the labels placed on him by simple minded people who think that there is only one way to live. Let him be who he is and stop trying to change that. They have been trying for years and luckly it hasn't worked. So I say to Manson dont stop being Manson we love you for it.

1847 days ago


Something is wrong with this Man.. That is just Nasty...I hope no one gets sick due to his Nastyness...omg what is this world coming too? why the heack is this News..

1853 days ago


It has fans? Yuk!

1853 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

"Marilyn" makes me embarassed to be white.

1853 days ago


That takes the cake... Gross!!

1853 days ago


I really can't stand this emo movement, I remember a time when men were men, and if two guys wanted to fight they wouldn't whine. They'd fight.

1853 days ago



1853 days ago


Can you BELIEVE Dita Von Teese used to bang this guy?

After reading this story, I have to wonder what habits he had during their relationship and what the hell she saw in him in the first place!

1853 days ago


sweet, a extra lil' something for all the people who paid (probably good money) for front row seats. got'cha!

1853 days ago


Well, if little Brian Warner had any real talent, he wouldn't have to rely on a stunt like this. However when your music isn't enough to hold you up a stupid stunt is sure to keep your image as 'AntiChrist RetardStar' going just fine!

1853 days ago


I hope someone knocked his ass out backstage!

1853 days ago

Rap sucks    

Please rap fans just shut the hell up. You will never even come close to posses the talent he has I'm not even a fan but you suckers think you're what the world needs. This is not right but that's who he is. Oh and it's NOT EMO! Go make some talented beats on a computer and shout out words about how tough you are and enjoy shooting people. Yeah, we need that instead of someone who acts differently on stage and actually has talent.

1853 days ago


This man has snot for brains, so his brain is falling out. Doesn't he know that you can be put behind bars for intentionally and willingly making ppl sick? He shouldn't even be up on the stage, let alone travel! I hope he gets so sick he almost dies from it, the only way ppl learn.

1853 days ago

Linda Mott    

What a jerk!

1853 days ago
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