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Lamar Wants Prenup -- But There's a Problem

9/26/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned -- although Lamar Odom thinks love conquers all -- he decided to hedge his bets with a prenup. But there's a big complication.

Odom has lawyered up and so has Khloe. The problem is ... they have to get married on Sunday and there isn't enough time to hash out the details of a prenuptial agreement.

Why, you ask, isn't there enough time? We've learned they must get married on Sunday because one of the Kardashian reality shows is footing the $1 million bill for the wedding, but the deal is that the wedding must be shot this Sunday.

So we're told Lamar wants a postnup -- meaning the agreement will be hashed out and hopefully signed after Sunday's event.

Now here's the intrigue. There's talk that Sunday's wedding might not be the real deal -- it could be a non-binding ceremony. It's common with a postnup that bride and groom would not officially tie the knot until after they sign the document. What they typically do sign before the ceremony is an acknowledgment that it's not really an official wedding, to prevent misunderstandings down the road.

And speaking of problems ... we're told lawyers for Odom and Kardashian are already arguing and hitting road blocks.

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benny b    

funny shet

1763 days ago


Kourtney slept with so many guys just prior to 'old Scott's return. How can she possibly know it's HIS baby? She could be carrying her little brother's best friends baby for all she knows.

Oh, forgive me for using the term 'slept'. I forgot, the Kardassian girls refer to it as 'boned'.

1763 days ago


what a mess already. a reality show wedding. liquor and unnecessary excesses overflowing shallow simple souls. makes me feel germy and nauseous. their families must be so proud.

1763 days ago


Id want a prenub too, those kardashians get around and come from a big family, and its only a month.

blog crazy - www.blogtoilet.com

1763 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

WTF...these two are turning into Spencer & Heidi. GAG.

1763 days ago


Ok I still don't believe this "marriage" between Khloe and Lamar is on the up and up. IMO, it a sham of some sorts but for the sake of argument I will go along with this.

With that being said, Lamar is NOW talking about a pre-nup...two days before this "sham wedding"?

One or the other or both had time to shop for rings, get invitations printed up, make plans for the wedding, have a wedding shower for each and yet THEY DID NOT FIND THE TIME TO SIT DOWN WITH THEIR LAWYERS TO WRITE UP A PRE-NUP

That should have been the first order of business for them whether they wanted one or not. When it's a lot of money/property involved and you are getting married to someone you've only known for 4 weeks a pre-nup is a given. I know their lawyers advised them of that when they announce their engagement.

There is something rotten in Denmark with this whole thing.LOL

1763 days ago

s jules    

It boggles my mind as to who watches their trashy show. I never have and never will. It's irritating that i have to see previews and see TMZ give these pieces of manure attention. they are useless and a waste of my oxygen. I beg TMZ to stop reporting on these media whores. TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH.

1763 days ago


Swizz Beatz wife speaks on his affair with ALICIA KEYS


1763 days ago


@ poster #21, AStorm..."Why would you rush things just because you want it to be done before you start the season? Doesn't make sense."

I was thinking the exact same thing when I first read that statement by Lamar a week ago. What difference does it make?

If he couldn't wait why didn't they write up their pre-nup, go get married by the justice of the peace, go on a short honeymoon and have a large reception with all the glitz and glamor after the season finished.

1763 days ago

who dat    

Of course the so called wedding will be phony. It will match the kardashian whores. The entire family is always looking for others to pay their bills. This union will be over before it starts. Odom will come to his senses and DTB.

1763 days ago

Linda Mott    

The mock wedding sounds like a good idea. They already had the mock honeymoon. It seems that everything boils down to money.

1763 days ago


fat one wants publicity, she isn't smart enough to read lamars prenup, dumb one gets pregnant, and the fat one wants publicity.

1763 days ago


I knew the wedding had something to do with a reality show. Why the rush. 33 million dollar contract. I know his agent isn't going to let this dumb fool go down without a fight. The agent probably hired the lawyers. Love my ass, it's more lust the first couple of months of a relationship. I've been married 25yrs and I'm getting sick of these so called celebrities treating marriage as an impulse and dragging kids into it.

1763 days ago


2 friggin retards.

1762 days ago


And who do you think is at the top of their guest list? You got it. Randy Quaid and his wife. Doesn't that say it all.

1762 days ago
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