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Memorial Set for Ryan Jenkins

9/26/2009 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly five weeks after he hanged himself in the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia, friends and family will remember murder suspect Ryan Jenkins in a private memorial.

TMZ has obtained the invitation sent out by Ryan's father, Dan Jenkins, inviting friends and family to the service to be held October 1 in Calgary.

As we've reported, a large public memorial is scheduled for Jenkins' wife -- murdered swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore -- on Oct. 4 in Las Vegas.

Buena Park Police tell us they're hoping to receive Jenkins' hard drive -- found with him at the Thunderbird -- from Canadian authorities within the next two weeks.


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95. Sara, another poster under the Memorial Photos is saying they are friends with Jasmine and she was not raised with her mother. Not saying I don't believe you however now there are conflicting reports from friends. Which is it?

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I grew up with Jasmine, we rode horses together, we went snowboarding together and we spent many nights at her house where she lived with her mother. I cannot believe how the media warps every piece of information they get their hands on. Jasmine was a down to earth girl who grew up in a small community. Maybe she did things as an adult that some people do not agree with, but who cares? no one deserves to have their life ended the way she did. Everybody has skeletons in their closet, what do you think the media and people on comment boards would be saying about you if this was your fate. I just wish people would have a little more respect.

1809 days ago

Iggy Brown    

I don't really have alot of sympathy for her. Relentlessly screwing with Ryans mind, life and finances and not expecting it to backfire was ignorant and arrogant. What she did to him was fully planned and intentional. What he did to her was an unintentional lapse of judgement in a fit of provoked extreme rage. Most of what is talked about happened to her after she was dead, he was just trying to hide evidence. Thus, he did not brutaly take her apart when she was still alive as some media suggests. He choked her to death which is not really that brutal (right OJ?)
I really do belive her death was accidental. She knew what she was doing. People like her just don't get it. Too bad for her and Ryan and thier families.

1814 days ago


"Jasmine's mother Lisa Lepore doesn't sound like someone who is well-off. Learning to ride horses isn't cheap. I think this is more proof that Jasmine Fiore grew up in the shadow of Walt Disney's family. I wonder if stuff happened to her on that ranch in her childhood that made her become the person she grew into? I'm not implying she was abused, but she did grow up around wealthy people, so it would stand to reason she would want to marry into that status. If her fiance was Joanna Miller's son, then they probably grew up together on that ranch"

Read more:
Reading this post shows me how little you know. Jasmine grew up living with her mom, not with the walt disney family, Jasmine only stayed with them as an adult when she would visit Santa Cruz. She rode horses as a child often. You shouldnt speak of what you know nothing about.
Ryans actions screamed innocence, fleeing the country and committing suicide. You get all your information from TMZ. Ryan Jenkins is as innocent as OJ simpson, I can only thank him for offing himself so he couldnt buy his way out of jail too.

1811 days ago


You'd think you as "professionals" would have enough respect to block out the address the his memorial. Just because he may have done something horrific he still has family that in spit of what took place loves him and needs to mourn his loss in a peacefully manner!! SHAME ON YOU TMZ!

1811 days ago


Dear Questioner,

You are soooo irritating. Do you know anyone related to this case first-hand? Is that how you get your info? Or are you just purely speculating? I'm gonna go ahead and say you don't know ANYTHING !!! Please don't make statements and ask questions that are pure speculation. We could sit here for 20 years and come up with different theories. Maybe aliens committed the crime? I mean, why not right? If you are this interested in investigation, maybe your efforts would be better spent in law enforcement where your theories actually mattered. And Cardosi is not back in prison because of drug charges as you recently posted on 9/26/09. He is back in prison because of a Chinese throwing star that was in his mothers house where he was staying (and it was hers NOT his) that she had as a decoration. He gets out in November. So long story short, quit making up stories.

Thank you in advance

1811 days ago


Sara, another poster under the Memorial Photos is saying they are friends with Jasmine and she was not raised with her mother. Not saying I don't believe you however now there are conflicting reports from friends. Which is it?

1811 days ago


ok... I'm sorry... but is that girl the love child of the late Divine?! I'm just sayin'!

1817 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Poor Bugger, with all that's come out about her...

1817 days ago


oh my god he was such a good looking man ..he should have never killed hillself just run to another country...

1817 days ago

Cant Watch    

The pain that this man caused and the horror that was committed is unimaginable. Tough, he is entitled to a funeral so that his loved ones can have some type of closure (his parents are never going to fully recover from this). What was he thinking when he was dismembering that poor woman. I hate my f*ing ex but I would have never done anything close to that.

1817 days ago


i meant kill himself

1817 days ago


That computer is going to give so much information. How did TMZ obtain this copy of an invite? Just like the JF memorial photos, seems to be a sell out everywhere.

1817 days ago


Will you, TMZ, let this woman die already and RIP!!

1817 days ago


Detective Gumshoe from Buena Park PD will be bummed to not have the hard drive before the family and "friends" celebrate the life of Jenkins next week.
I bet that computer has a LOT to tell. We can only hope since the police have it all messed up thus far with their mixed up timelines.

1817 days ago
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