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Courtney Love's Bank

Has Trust Issues

9/28/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love's Bank Has Trust IssuesCourtney Love is having trouble gaining access to her daughter's hefty trust fund -- and it's all because the bank claims she's not the only one trying to access the cash.

The First Republic Bank filed papers in federal court in San Francisco last week, claiming there's a dispute over who can access the funds in Frances Bean Cobain's trust -- Courtney or the Laird Norton Tyee Trustee Company.

The bank put a hold on all withdrawals from the trust -- worth over $1.2 million -- until the court can sort out who's really in charge.

Love's attorney, Keith Fink, calls the filling "childish and vindictive" -- telling us Courtney and the trustee agreed to move the $1.2 mil to a different bank ... but FRB doesn't want to lose such a large account, and just filed the papers to stall the transfer.


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Melissa B    

Trying to move it to another bank! Highly unlikely. It is more than publicly known that Courtney has had cash problems because she spent it all. Know she is trying to raid her daughters trust fund...wich by the way is ONLY 1.2 million. Are you kidding, it should be ten times that...considering the money that Nirvana rolled in. Not saying that 1.2 is not a ton of cash, but not nearly what that girl should have. I would say Shame on Courtney Love but I think shame is not something she will ever understand.

1820 days ago

Rap sucks    

She's a hot crackhead!

1820 days ago


If anyone has any knowledge of Keith Fink (love's lawyer) they would see this for what it is. Fink is the the worst lawyer in all of Los Angeles - don't believe me look at or just google). He has already gone through any money she has available and now needs the daughters. He is a horror story who has never won a case and leave most of his own clients in bankruptcy. I know as I am one of those clients.

1820 days ago


They call it a trust fund and who can you trust.Fink says its childish and vindictive! uh yeah what did she do with all the green backs she had ??? And maybe im wrong thought it was a trust for frances. Oh speaking of children can you be kind and cool check this out pretty please thanks.

1820 days ago


It's only worth a little over 1.2 million. For a rock star, that's not much for his daughter! Geez, Michael Jackson's kids are going to get millions of dollars.
1.2 million is chump change

1820 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to the michael jackson family of loosers.. what is their con game this week? A concert? Another c.d? Or just sned them money

1820 days ago


Hollywood’s Crazy Cults Attacking Innocent People (Courtney Love)

1820 days ago

Courtney Killed Kurt    

Ms. Love is not thought highly of here in Seattle. One is not surprised she continues to try to suck the life of anything Cobain created.

1820 days ago


She and the lawyer are moving banks to gain more access to the trust. That bank should be commended for filing whatever. When ya have a trust you can't access or says "no" to you to many times, you move to a bank that will say yes. At 1.2 million, she might make $40k in interest per year alone, hardly anything and that bank trustee is collecting about $700 in administrative fees monthly.

1820 days ago


I agree with #3! 1.2 million? Dosn't make sense. Someone please protect the daughter.

1820 days ago


This woman need s to take a chill pill... or better yet just relax and drink a chrome soda!

1820 days ago


check out "The Main Squeeze"

1820 days ago


First she ruined Kurt's life, and has spent the last 15 years living off of everything he has earned, now she's living off the money he left for his child too ?, selling his image to support her no-talent lifestyle is bad enough, when she blows through all of Kurt's money
and has to fend for herself, that will be the sweetest karma ever.

1820 days ago

R U 4 REAL    

#14. Melissa, i agree 100% with you, it seems impossible that the trust fund would be 1.2mil,it should be MUCH more. I would like to know who looks after this trust, because obviously this crackhead skank has spent it all already.

1820 days ago


of course she spend it
cocaine is not cheap

1820 days ago
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