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Jackman & Craig -- Can You Hear Us Now?

9/28/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolverine and James Bond are not to be messed with, especially when they're doing the whole acting thing.

Hugh Jackman: Click to watch
Hugh Jackman
and Daniel Craig were trying to perform their play "A Steady Rain" Wednesday night in NYC -- but some nitwit forgot to turn off his mobile phone. Jackman set the dude straight -- staying in character all the while. Minutes later, the ring tone echoed through the theater again and Craig's response was Tony-worthy.

Neither actor seemed shaken or stirred.


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Proscenium Arch    

Hey Paula... I don't know this play, but it's pretty obvious to me that before and after the phone rang they were telling story by directly addressing the audience, heck, the position of the chairs supports this theory. Therefore, there is no established fourth wall and they are well within theatrical convention to talk to a member of the audience. It's not rocket science really...

1681 days ago


Thanks, Andy, for taking the time to write it out. :)

1749 days ago



I hope you're just trolling for negative responses, but if you're not, then you need to dial back and think of all of the others around you.

This is not a planet of one (you), but a world of many. And there needs to be some basic common decency standards that need to be applied in a public venue that requires a level of taste and common courtesy. If you honestly feel you need to be THAT much in touch with the outside it in the lobby.

1749 days ago


How can you say neither actor was shaken? I wass there that night. Hugh was definately very upset, you could see it on his face. He seemed more uspset about breaking character than the phone itself. Although the phone definately bothered him because it does show a complete lack of respect!I was one of the many people that applauded him afterword for handling it so well.

1749 days ago


This reeks of a publicity stunt. The idea that it would take that long to shut off the phone or that it would ring again is just silly. Interesting that the play opens tomorrow and that thankfully this happened at a practice performance where someone was illegally video recording it. You can't really get a better free reminder to the world that two big stars are in a play together in NY, can you? This is about as realistic as the SNL F-Bomb stunt (live show with no buffer feed? yeah...).

1749 days ago

not Mercedes    

#65: 65. I am a professional dancer and I put a lot of work in my routines.
I have to stretch for about 20 minutes a day to be able to preform on the main stage to songs like, Pour Some Sugar on Me.
If someone talks on their cell phone while I am dancing I could care less because I am professional.
It's not about the art, it's about entertaining.

Look at that pitiful set in the video, two old chairs that they probably had back stage.
I doubt the tickets to that show are any less expensive than to The Lion King or Chicago where they have real sets.
In that low budget show I would not hesitate to wear my blue tooth or my heels.

1. Doubtful

2. "professional dancer"=stripper

3. The comments you are making about the set show how little theatrical background you have.

Get back on the pole, baby.

1748 days ago


1748 days ago


KUDOS to Jackman! Since a "preview" is usually free or discounted and it was not a full blown opening, I say "way to go"! They stayed in character and got the point across. If it was an opening show or regular performance it may have been more detrimental but this should make those annoying people who don't turn their cells off think a bit. I hope that person was thoroughly embarassed!

1748 days ago


THAT'S NOT A CELL PHONE. It's a landline. It's a regular old school ring, not a ring tone. After 4 rings, cell phones go to voice mail. A landline not connected to a voice mail service or answering machine will continue to ring.

Y'all are morons on your high horses.

1748 days ago


Mercedes, you are sooooo right. Life is hectic and one must be a able to, nee, is entitled to, multitask. After all those clothes are not going to fold themselves and God forbid you come home from a show to find a dryer full of wrinkled g-strings. It is very considerate of you to talk low and for less than five minutes and also to give the universal "talk to the hand" signal. And why wouldn't you? Of course the head isn't listening. It's gabbing on the phone during a performance. Do you also sing during prayer at church? I.m glad youlive in New York where being rude seems to be oh-so-fashionable.

1748 days ago


CHEERS For Jackman they ought to have to leave cell phones at check out nobody and i repeat is So Important that they have to have phone with them all the time what did they do before cell phones

1748 days ago


I absolutely agree that they handled it with class and anyone attending theatre should know better than to leave their cell phones on during a LIVE performance.


Why isn't anyone questioning the VIDEO that's posted here? Videoing a performance is just as heinous an offense. In addition to the "turn off all cell phones" reminder audiences hear before a show, they are also reminded that photographing and videoing a performance is not permitted. This isn't just a matter of flash photography, but a matter of actors' rights through their union, not to mention the theatre's right to protect the intellectual property of their production.

On top of that, someone must have pulled out their cell phone, and taped this chunk of the performance. I mean, really, it's just one offense on top of another.

1748 days ago


way to go hugh! he had every right to cell phones are the best and worst inventions created by man. however we should have enough respect to turn them off while watching a movie, eating out, or seeing a play. come on show some class!

1748 days ago


Why isn't anyone upset at the nitwit who was recording????That's a total violation of copyright, and the performers and theatre owners should go after the owner of the video!

1748 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

Hugh is a magnificent and gorgeous homosexual!

Are there nude photos?

1748 days ago
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