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DJ AM -- Cause of Death Accidental

9/29/2009 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dj am cause of deathTMZ has learned the New York City Medical Examiner has determined the cause of death for Adam Goldstein -- DJ AM.

The M.E. says the cause of death is "acute intoxication" due to the combined effects of cocaine, oxycodone, hydrocodone (Vicodin), Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine with).

The manner of death is listed as "accident (substance abuse)."

Remembering DJ AM


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how do you accidentally kill yourself with that many drugs in your system? are people that stupid that they would think nothing would happen to you if you put that many pills and cocaine, etc. in your body? i don't believe it for a second.

1848 days ago


I'm sorry this guy is dead, but I also have no freaking idea who he is.

1848 days ago


Doesn't sound accidental to me either. Besides that, Levamisole is put into cocaine in south american clandestine cocaine factories/labs. You can aquire Agranulocytosis After Consumption of Cocaine Adulterated With Levamisole. This drug is no longer approved for use in humans in north america. It is approved for veterinary medicine to eliminate intestinal, or lower gut, parasites in domestic animals.

1848 days ago


Retards need to start understanding these time release drugs and such. But no matter, the combination is utter stupidity. A pill in his throat and the other mix sounds and looks to me that possibly it could have been forced on him. the situation in perspective looks fishy. I've taken several types of time released narcotics for 10 yrs. and will have to the rest of my life (spinal injury) but 1st learned the drug as I have with all others before going for the long haul. MsContin (300 mgs in the morn & 200 in the evening), Duragesic (2 100mg patches at a time) & Opana (80mgs in morn & evening) which is Hydramorphone made up of Ocycodone time release (Ocycontin & Dilaudid){now} and so forth w/several types and I'm still 'trucking' and healthy. I'm 56yrs and respect my body & mind, people must learn the drug before one takes it. The caused of many nowadays ODs are on time released pills that load up in ones system because they injest them like the reg. Percs. & Lortabs & so. What idiots, but I do try to educate all about those types. I'm in the same world as others (stepped out of the 60s & 70s & so on). Just wish people would learn--alot of good people lost looking for the pleasure from pills. I put no one down but do wish they would learn. The incident in itself is fishy in my eyes, the combination is not right but if he was on his own it's just plain stupidity. People--please learn it all before losing it all!

1848 days ago


An "accidental" drug addict. Okay, whatever you say.

1848 days ago


all those drugs in his system and it is called "acute" intoxication????? Wow, what more would you have to consume for "chronic" intoxication?????!!!!

1848 days ago


Legal question here .... if the death was ruled an accident for the reason some of you speculate, so that insurance money can be paid to the family, then can the insurance company contest the ruling?

1848 days ago



1848 days ago


wow--hard to believe people in their 30s and older are still so uneducated about medication they take. This shows how blindingly naive people are when it comes to taking responsibility for themselves and how dependent they become on MDs like they are parental figures. Medicine is chemicals which need to be processed by the body not just pieces of material that go in one end and out the other while on their way through magically touch the injured area and kiss it all better. Be self-reliant..

1848 days ago


I liked DJ AM..he seemed like a good guy who was dealt a few of life's blows. But with this news, I kinda lost all respect for him.
Who survives a plane crash and ODs on drugs instead? I would have thought he would've become a born again Christian or a Buddhist monk or something. Surviving a near death experience kinda reaffirms your faith in a higher power.

1848 days ago

sensible grandma    

What do you expect? When you play with fire you get burned. He wasn't too smart, was he? It's a shame, but the world has one less druggie. Wake up drug users before you are next.

1848 days ago


My boyfriend died of overdose too he had everything in his system except the Oxy. Instead he had Heroin. I'm wondering what the Benadryl has to do with it? Is it used with the cocaine? Is it an igredient in crack? My boyfriend had high levels of it in his system like DJ AM.

1848 days ago

Tired of Jon & Kate    

How is it an "accident" when you take the combo of drugs he did? That's not an accident, that's a train wreck waiting to happen.

1848 days ago

Right back at ya    

Accidental? Right, that's why he took several different meds at the same time. Plus the fact that he had the doors to his Apartment and Bedroom blocked by mirrors. That sounds more intentionally planned to me. I'd like to know why the Coroner's Office keeps dismissing Celebrities Deaths as accidental, instead of telling it like it is, Suicide.

1848 days ago


If you or I "unfamous/rich" people had ALL that crap in our blood we would be a "sucide" for sure, but how on earth can anyone say he didn't know what he was doing????? come on how could he not relize hmmm maybe this is to much...did he wake up and say todays a good day to die...IDIOT its the same with heath ledger too and all the rest of them like this its a shame i liked him but now i lost all respect for him as the rest of them id hate to go out known as a junkie but hey someones having a good day and getting paid now since insurance will pay since he didn't "kill himself" I can only wish I was the benefactor

1848 days ago
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