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Rev. Al's Raw Deal -- Sharpton Gets Booed

9/29/2009 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently wrestling fans aren't too keen on fighting ignorance and illiteracy, because as soon as Rev. Al Sharpton stepped into the ring at Monday Night Raw to promote his education reform tour ... all he heard was "Boooooooo!"

Al Sharpton: Click to watch
On a positive note, maybe they were all just chanting "Booooooks."

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al sharpton....lmao. this guy is a racist piece of garbage. how many more yearsdoes this country have to put up with his anti white rhetoric? jessi jackson is just as bad. these two are the first to stand up and cry foul whenever a black man or woman doesnt get their way. they cite slavery and racism as the reason for the epidemic of drug use among blacks, gang violence, and numerous other problems. news for them, niether of them were slaves, noone living today ever owned a slave, and people of all colors are just trying to get by.time to cut the crap and own up to your problems.
as for him being booed? wtf did he expect. granted wrestling is all scripted and fake, but people came too see action, not listen to an agenda. and wrestling fans, i know you enjoy the action, no matter how fake it may be, but maybe once in a while, you could check out the history channel, discovery, or pbs. a little knowledge isnt gonna hurt.

1820 days ago


Good for them, Sharpton is a massive racist.

1858 days ago


he is SO ignorant. And, SO damn goofy/ugly.

1858 days ago


I wonder if he is willing to help WHITE kids too? Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are the biggest racists on this planet!

1858 days ago


the crappy Rev. is a racist turd.

1858 days ago


It wasn't a "tough crowd", Al .... just an HONEST crowd!

1858 days ago

John G    

Because "even" wrestling fans can recognize a douche bag.

1858 days ago


UNDERPRIVILEDGED?????? That means you have to walk through a valley with your 10gallon water can on a rocky dirt road for about 6 miles. Then you get your water out of a shallow stream and walk back UP UP UP the mountain with your 80lbs. of water so you and your family can drink. By the way your only 11 years old when you do this everyday. Electricity doesn't exist for about 100 miles from your family and you have never even seen a toilet in your whole life. Soap is a rare privilege if some American solder is nice enough to give some to you and candy is something that you only have had once or twice. I could go on with this description for ever. Our children over here in the U.S. are lazy,unappreciative,arrogant,waste of degenerated decadence.

1858 days ago

Your name:    

He got booed because hes a wolf in sheep's clothing. People wanted to see wrestling and not him preaching for 20 minutes. The wrestlers putting him over seemed overly scripted and forced. Why WWE would ever have him as a guest host is beyond me. What were they thinking? Good thing he wasn't seen again for the rest of the night besides that pretaped segment.

1858 days ago

Rap sucks    

Yeah he's a major racist but, WWE and it's fans are stupid. Watch something that's for real.

1858 days ago


Good job on booing that POS race hustler!

1858 days ago

Rap sucks    

Even the small white kids know he's only there for his people. YEAH BOOOO!

1858 days ago

J C    

"Rev" Al needs to teach black kids not to beat up other black kids who study and achieve because that's considered "White" and black kids are taught to resent white people and blame them for all their ills instead of taking responsibility.
But old Rev Al is part of the problem too because He just feeds off racism.It gives him power and political clout.

1858 days ago


Yeah he's a major racist but, WWE and it's fans are stupid. Watch something that's for real.

Ah yeah OK, maybe watch all the death and destruction that is going on in this world, NO THANKS I'LL STICK WITH MY FAKE WRESTLING, EVER SEEN THE DIVAS! BOOOOIIIINNNGG!

BTW they were booing Jerkaco and Big Sloooow! idiots!

1858 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Be caeful what you say about this abhorrent babboon--he might wind up being your next President.

1858 days ago
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