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Lisa Marie in

Facebook Faceoff with Nanny

9/30/2009 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley is firing back at her former nanny -- the one who just sued her -- claiming the woman broke her contract by posting photos of Presley's twin babies on Facebook.

Presley countersued Christine White -- the nanny who claims she was forced to work ridiculous hours without getting OT.

Presley claims White snapped 164 photographs and shot video of her twins and her private residence ...then posted some of them on Facebook.

Presley alleges White flagrantly violated the confidentiality agreement she signed.

Forget White's OT ... Presley wants White to ante up for the damage she caused.


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Well if the Nanny signed a Confidentialy Agreement, then I think she should be prosecuted. Lisa Marie Presley knows what it is to be hounded by the press as a child. If she wants to keep her children and their photos private that's her right.

As for Lisa Marie being high maintenance and /or suffering from post partum depression, what did the Nanny expect? Has she never dealt with a woman post partum (depressed or otherwise)? She was hired to WORK, and that's what she was asked to do.

It's kind of creepy that this woman was actually in Lisa Marie's home and caring for her children. Who knows what else she may have photographed / videotaped?

1814 days ago


JACKSON.Her mom wrote one on Elvis.She's too rich for her own good.
Very arrogant woman.All her kids have different fathers.She didn't want no "black babies" though!!

1814 days ago


that bitch could have done ONE useful thing in her life. and yet, she didnt..poor michael :(

1814 days ago


When did this fat ass cow ever have to work a day in her life ? Awww...she had post partem depression. booh hoo.. Who cares that a nanny she over-worked take some videos or pics?

1814 days ago


I would like to compliment the show for start.
I would like to know what was wrong with that woman that was with Tito Chastises.
How rude of her to say let us be nice to each other and then she ask him to shut up how rude and cruel of her to do that.
I do not understand what Tito saw on her to be around with a woman without class like that.
Is another bimbo in Hollywood?
If you going to be showing off in the public eyed show off with a better woman and looks not something like that that can be your grandmother
She is too old for him he need a nice girl around her 28 not a grandmother and rude no class so ever.
How rude was from him and her to tell the person to get a job especially on the economy he lost site of the thinks are more important in life to be kind to another human been.
I guess that bimbo is showing the good side of this man.
Go figure one trash to another.
She shows her side on camera and he did not do much better.
One day he will pay for doing that to that man in front the camera, he did not have any hart or kindness
Someone will do that to him some day.
God is watching him and his decision against another human been.
That decision from yesterday was so wrong and rude.
From both of them I hope and pray that he dump that bimbo that he is with before she trashes him around.


1814 days ago


Anyone dedicated to Scientology has a few screws loose. It is a false religion (cult)..Don't know what her current involvement is but hope she gets out altogether. It would be good to hear her defend Michael Jackson in areas where he was falsely accused.

1814 days ago


She's an "everybody." You obviously care about her, if you take the time to post on here...Why should she have to work? Her dad worked his ass off so she could reap the rewards, isn't that what everyone dreams off? To make every generation, better than the one before! I'm glad she stands up for herself and defends against these money grabbin hound dogs. She is my personal hero :-) You ROCK GIRL. Now, if all women were like this we wouldn't be pushed around and could make our way without being gold diggin nannies and snappin private photos of CELEBRITY babies.

1814 days ago


You know Lisa Marie really sucks - What she did to MJ - marries him and promises him children - which probably would have changed his life - denies him that and then gets a 25 million dollar settlement - yeah - she really needed that money.

Lisa Marie - shame on you and you should have sleepness nights forever.

1814 days ago


Maybe L. Ron Hubbard can help Lisa Marie......

1814 days ago

truthfully yours    

You tell them, Lisa. This woman took a Nanny job to baby twins, then complains of the hours and work, what an idiot.
She has no right to post pix of the babies. Lisa Marie has been keeping them out of the public eye, then this creep posts them? Lisa Marie could have sold these for big bucks, and given the money to charity....

1814 days ago


Liza tiene razon, me parece perfecto , las nanas se aprovechan , es injusto
Liza es una gran persona!!! su lugar era al lado de Michael, ellos se amaban

1814 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Hey Lisa, Just letting you know I found your Joe Boxer underware, they were in the salad bowl.

1814 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Oh, Lisa. Oh, simple, hasbeen Lisa. Oh, overweight, twice divorced, 43 year old Lisa. Oh, notalent, nobeauty, nobrains, nofriends Lisa. Oh, usingMichaelJackson's memory for publicity, and hanging unto Elvis P's memory for publicity, Lisa.

1814 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

i don't keep up with celebrity marriages lisa marie and micheal jackson my mother does she listens to hollywood mintue on 102.9 i'm kendra bethune i watched that 70's show and eagle eye
and talked to seventeen magazine about guns i heard about it earlier on entertamient tonight
earlier at 2:30 pm on channel 4

1814 days ago


#29. She's been divorced 3 times, she on her fourth marriage. Danny Keongh(sp),Michael Jackson, Nic Cage and Michael Lockwood.

1814 days ago
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