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Waterlogged Atlanta

Rappers to the Rescue

9/30/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The rain's rolled out, but the misery is still setting in -- now rappers Ludacris and T.I. are helping their soggy hometown get back on its feet.

TMZ has learned The Ludacris Foundation has partnered up with Home Depot and Sam's Club to help victims of the Atlanta floods -- which City Hall officials say caused $61 million in damages and wrecked nearly 500 homes.

We spoke to a rep for the foundation, who told us Luda and T.I. are donating $10,000 each to the cause.

The Foundation's rep told us they are planning a large food bank and a gift card giveaway that could happen as soon as Friday.


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I think what they are doing is very commendable. There is a lot of damage, and many roads that are still closed. Douglas county, and many others, need help. I'm glad that they remember where they are from and are willing to help out where they can. And before you scoff at their donations ($10,000 in my book is still huge!) many other stars from Georgia have done nothing. Thank you!!!!

1851 days ago


Before you complain about $10,000 where are Jermaine Dupri, Dakota Fanning, Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff Fracouer, Nancy Grace, Alan Jackson, Julia Roberts etc. They are doing something; which very honorable. These are hard economic times. People who give willingly should be celebrated and not ridiculed as to the amount they give. People lost their lives, it was not just hard rain. We have a lot to recover from. And we should thank those who selflessly give.

1851 days ago


maybe these fat black women should stop having kids with 5 different baby daddys, the kids are the ones who suffer most. i see this over and over in these situations. find something else to do - LIKE GET A JOB!!!

1851 days ago

Just sayin'    

Where's savior oBAMa???? Isn't he down there ministering to the poor and down trodden flood victims? Maybe he could take them all back to the white house to live!!

1851 days ago


Wonder if the gift cards will be used like the Katrina ones? Used to purchase Coach purses and malt liquors. your going to see a line 10 miles long and everyone with their hand out wanting their free stuff.
I know....I live in ATL too.

1851 days ago


I to know where the Savior Obama is during all of this. Why isn't he catching flack for not helping the way Bush caught it for Katrina? Bush did help with Katrina and still caught hell. Why are we not screaming RACE since Obama is not helping???

1851 days ago


For all u speaking on the amount of the donation what exactly are u giving?

1851 days ago

A Heterosexual, West Hollywood Resident    

There is some misinformation given here...
In reality, there is at the bare minimum $500 million in damages done, over 20,000 homes were were destroyed, and numerous businesses were lost. There were deaths, and there is still a number of "missing" persons.
Many of my friends back in my hometown of Atlanta were affected by this, it sucks.

Where did you get your stats TMZ???

1851 days ago


$10G's is better than NOTHING, They didn't have 2 DONATE SH*T. Some rappers would rather blow it on the club or hoez, rather than do something good with it. KUDOS TO THEM...

1851 days ago

Meek Meek    

Ummmmmm....It's amazing to me how so many people have stones to throw at a DONATION amount. At the end of the day no one is obligated to do anything for the next person if they don't want to it or is unable to. I commend everyone that is helping or has helped with the flood victims. People are giving what they can, from 1.00 to 10,000 or more I'm sure. The negative comments appear to be out of jealousy because as someone stated earlier, most if not all of the people on here hating wish they could give away ten stacks and keep it moving. To all the haters let's try and say thank you instead of coming up with stupid, negative comments about "rappers". They're people making a living and trying to be happy just like you. Get a life!!!!!!

1851 days ago


10,000 what a freaking Joke they have cars that cost 300 grand

10k is like nothing to them

1851 days ago


That is so weird thats the doctors office and water treatment plant in the pic that I pass every day to go home I live like two minutes from there. The day the water levels started to rise my dad and I passed there and the water was already 12 inches. By the end of the day they closed the road which is a major road for those wanting to bypass the highway to get to downtown atlanta. The water levels reached close to five feet. We were fine b/c we live on an incline, but alot of people were not so lucky. Pray for them.

1851 days ago


For those who think $10,000.00 aint a lot how much are you giving. Remeber they donate to other places as well, didn't Luda just give away some cars to people who really needed it.

1849 days ago
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