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Tito Chastises 'Lazy' Homeless Guy

9/30/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A self-described "homeless" man hit up the wrong person for cash -- because last night Tito Ortiz handed out brutal honesty instead of $10 bills.

Tito Ortiz: Click to watch
When the guy asked the former UFC champ for some cash, Tito flatly denied him, saying "I worked my ass off for my s**t ... laziness don't get you anywhere in life."

HomelessThis has been Tito Ortiz's motivational moment of the day.

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he is right. get off your ass and work

1857 days ago


Here in CA, there is someone holding a sign for money on every freeway offramp. They make you feel guilty when you don't hand them something. I hate having to sit there because they just stare at you. AND NOW my grocery store which only has 2 doors, now allows anyone to stand there and ask for money as you go in or out. As an unemployeed (I can't find a job either) taxpayer, I STILL give to charity. I do what I can because I have a home yet. I give to a local foodbank and give to an local animal shelter. So I should be covered, right? I give! I can't be guilted into getting nickel-and-dimed too to every guy on the street. And the thing is that they seem to get pissed when you don't hand them something...like I'm a bad person or something. I swear people are too lazy sometimes. Don't they have family they can borrow from?

1857 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks that may have been RUDE? Nobody, NOBODY ever knows exactly what may (or may not have) happened for someone to become homeless. I work with low-income, ex-convicts, and homeless people and MOST would do ANY type of work to earn a wage. I don't necessarily like it when people ask me for money, but I do not judge them for their situation. Many have been driven out of work because of mental illness (apparently America doesn't like to hire disabled persons) and since there is no Universal Health Care, many times people are left with no medication to treat their illnesses. What does all that mean??? Those of us with jobs and hefty incomes are PRIVILEGED!!! It's not necessarily hard work that is "all it takes" to make a living in the U.S. It's also about getting lucky. And I know not many people can refute that because there are several "hard working" people who were once making good money living in tent communities because of the U.S.'s economic calapse. Something to remember the next time someone thinks they "worked their butts off" to be where they are today. BTW 90% of wealth in the U.S. is old money. Which means it has been inherited!

1857 days ago


his wife worked hard too to get where she is, on her back!

1857 days ago

doc murry    

boy there sure are some tough guys on here but somehow i doubt you would be so tough to titos face because he would ground and pound you till you cried for your mama

1857 days ago

doc murry    

better thing to do than yell at the poor guy is spray gas on him and set him on fire and then film it and get on tmz ..

1857 days ago


You are judging this man without knowing him. Do you know how hard it is to find a job these days. I'm willing to take any job I can get and am still unemployed! And don't you dare call me lazy because I even volunter at a local non-profit organization 30-35 hours a week. Open your eyes as to what is going on around you people !!

1857 days ago

doc murry    

lynn your lazy ..go find a job you bum or tito is going to pound on you

1857 days ago

not first    

He came from the streets???? If Huntington Beach is the streets than Compton must be like Baghdad!!!!!!

1857 days ago


I have always thought the Tito was p[rick] up to this point. Now I can honestly say that I respect him for his actions in this instance. Most people are not handed anything for free in this world. If you can ask for money that you can also use your words to say, "welcome to McDonlads may I take your order". No it is not enough to live on, but you do what you need to do in order to survive. Most people look at people like this and don't see a starving person, but someone who has given up. I see people from southeast Asia come to this country and work their butts off in a doughnut shop and have their kids study their asses off so they can go to college. This country needs to quit creating a class of people that have no survival skills other than asking for handouts.

1857 days ago


If you wanna help a homeless person, cut a check to the local shelter or food bank. Give money to the person, and most likely they'll drink or smoke it away. Also, #27? Tito's parents were drug addicts. He knows all about being destitute.

1857 days ago


There was a recent study done in Albuquerque, NM and came to find out that these 'homeless' poor ol' folks make about $500 per DAY begging for money. Alot of them were just liars. Very few of them were actually 'in need'. It was all over the local news

1857 days ago

Fast Earl    

Right friggin on! Giving hard earned cash to some lazy a$$ won't really help him at all! Nice job being a man and saying it like it is Tito!

1857 days ago


Never hand out money. Hungry? Let's walk across the street to Subway and I will buy a $5.00 foot long for you. But, no money for cheap wine, cigs or crack. Sorry. Enabling is not my game.

1857 days ago


This is the first time I've seen Ortiz on video. I have to be honest that I'm generally not impressed by guys who fight for a living but after having seen this clip, I'd like to buy him a beer.

1857 days ago
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