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Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... or Nobody

10/1/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has finally found religion for his children -- but it's a little late.

TMZ's confirmed Jon has sent a letter to TLC demanding they halt production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" or any other show with his children STAT.

Gosselin now claims the filming is detrimental to his kids and he's now determined to bring in police if that's what it takes to stop the production.

So coincidence? Jon was just 86'd from the show -- which will be relaunched as "Kate Plus 8" in November -- and a day later he's suddenly worried about the kids he sporadically sees. A source connected with the production says Jon had no problem shooting the show as recently as last Friday ... but since he was essentially fired from the show this week, he's suddenly worried about his children.

FYI ... whoever put up the sign misspelled "penelty" and "Johnathon."


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idaho potato    

This is the best thing that could happen to benefit the kids. Who cares what or why the reason They're FREE! Daddy and Mommy can go to work now instead of living off their kids. Kate is just as bad as Jon. Same same. Mispell away Jon. I support you. Jon and Kate minus eight!!!

1846 days ago


forget about spelling "penelty" wrong. how about just learning to spell his own name correctly? hope he didn't teach his kids how to spell their names

1846 days ago

idaho potato    

Kate jumped the shark when she took pictures with the youngest six next to their first poo poo in the potty. No kidding, she posed them and told them to smile. One by one. The dopiest thing I ever saw! That's when I stopped watching. For those who watch the show it was obvious that Jon wanted off the show long ago. That was one of the reasons for their split, IMO. He'd shy away and Kate would push and snipe. They need to go and kids return to normal. Bye Bye!

1846 days ago


I had to speak on this. Jon need to stop w/ the b.s about whats good for the kids nw. When they had his rusty azz in the show. He was all for it. And nw they took his nt so cute azz out. He want to stop the show. Hes doin it to get back at Kate thats so nt right. He a very spightful person i can see it all on his face. And he knw w/ his busted azz off the show hes nolonger a celeb. And Kate goes on w/ her life w/ out him. What an azzhole. If they were keep'n his dusty crusty azz on the show. He wouldnt have anything to say. He just like being a d!ck. I dnt c what females c n his self center azz. I c y Kate so mean towards him. Hes a DUH smh rme. He dnt even knw hw he goin to support his 8 kids. If they dnt do the show. Like i said DUH what a fool

1846 days ago


Cancel the show already neither parents are doing this for the kids. It should have been canceled when they filed for divorce they're no longer a family. Neither one of them is better than the other. Why bring your problems to the public when you don't have to. It's time they think about the kids instead that paycheck that they get off their kids. Kate needs to go back to nursing and Jon needs to go back and do whatever the hell he did.

1846 days ago


He was not fired, he would still receive a check it did not matter if he was on the show or not the checks would still be sent to John. People, the truth has three sides his side, her side and the truth. So nobobdy knows what the truth is.

1845 days ago


CANCEL this dumbazzzz show for the sake of the children!

1845 days ago


Jon is in it all for the fame and money ,he cares nothing about his children,if he cant make the money with TLC and his children he want the children out.How come he never said so before he was fired.He said he need privacy, but it now seem he needs more fame more than ever, he is a hypocrite.Get out of the spotlight Jon.You can see you were never a nice person.

1845 days ago


Offer Jon some more money TLC and will leave the children on the show.Jon stop stressing the mother of your children ,you are acting like another child by putting her through all this drama.She have 8 children to raise.You HYPOCRITE.

1845 days ago


Jon makes me sick. How can a man take from his children like he has? He did Kate a favor by leaving her. She deserves better than him. He deserves the dirt bag Hailey. She's gross!

1844 days ago


"Kate Plus 8" What is this a divorce or sudden death!!!
Well Johnathon Gosselin this is just perfect you've simply dropped off the face of the planet with "No Exit Script" for the audience.
I'm on your side this is ridiculous for your viewing audience of supporter's... Stay - Down & Fight the good Fight for the cast & crew of "Jon & Kate Plus 8"...
I'm looking forward to seeing you renew your contract agreement...

1843 days ago


Why is he screwing her over again? This is ridiculous. He should've been thinking about his kids when they brought the show up in the first place. I don't think that he is thinking about his family, considering that he put the sign up the same day that he was dropped from the title. He's being very petty and childish about the whole thing.

1843 days ago


Jon, my sister, Care wants a date!! Heres her e-mail address:

1829 days ago


Too bad the douchebag didn't have his spell check on. It's PENALTY, you moron.

1849 days ago


Money talks, know that. Offer Jon some money and he'll change his mind realllllllly fast.

1849 days ago
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