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Jackson Autopsy -- Singer Was a Healthy Mess

10/1/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Autopsy UPDATE: 1:03 PM ET The Coroner also determined Jackson was actively producing sperm.

More details on the Michael Jackson autopsy. According to a new report, Jackson had osteoarthritis which was visible on his lower spine and fingers.

He had dark tattoos on his eyebrows and around his eyes and a dark tattoo on the front of his scalp -- possibly to cover the permanent scarring from burns suffered in Pepsi mishap.

The report says he was balding and suffered a skin disease. We've previously reported Jackson suffered from vitiligo.

His heart was strong but his lungs were inflamed.

The report says Jackson's stomach had no obvious signs of pills, nor were illegal drugs or alcohol detected.

The manner of death -- already reported to be a homicide -- was based in part on Propofol administered in a non-hospital setting.


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I agree with you, this is nowhere near the complete autopsy report, and the details given by the AP report were just the ones they chose to mention. It is not really positive - or dispositive - in proving or disproving anything other than the fact that Michael was certainly healthy enough to be alive for many years to come if not for the dosages and combinations of "legal" drugs/anesthesia he was given that particular fateful morning.

I am not on board with the group that thinks Michael didn't still have drug problems merely because no "illegal" drugs were found in his system. Since when did anyone ever say that MJ had an addiction to "illegal" drugs? Anything we have ever heard indicated that prescription drugs were his thing, and they are not "illegal" per se, which is one of the reasons so many innocently get addicted to them, because they don't have the same social stigma that illegal drugs do.

It seems like he had indeed weaned himself off of other things he had admitted using, like Demerol, but may have replaced it with this even more powerful garbage that lead to his death. Murray is still accountable, though, no doubt about it!

Regarding the cutting, I agree that the abdominal scars could have been from a number of things, like an appendectomy or exploratory something. The one on his shoulder is strange, but could have been from a fall or other possibilities that are not mentioned in this limited report. The ones at the base of the neck sound kind of strange, but I'm not an expert on plastic surgery or why incisions would be made there.

We also aren't given the details of the cuts on his arms and wrist - the amount, the size, the degree of those scars, or what may have caused them. It would seem strange that the report would include very superficial scars that everyone has in various places all over their bodies, so we can only assume that the report would mention more significant scars, even if it doesn't mention the probable source of such scarring.

Conversely, it doesn't even mention the scars that should have been on the back of his head from burns and the corrective (painful) surgery that Dr. Klein said MJ had in that area over the years. And, while it does mention the scars at the sides of his nose, which have always been evident on close up photos, it doesn't mention any other aspects of his nose, which doesn't prove anything one way or the other. It also doesn't really mention the scar on his leg he must surely have had from that extensive "spider bite" necrosis.

So, I am not saying he was a cutter, but my students thought he could be based on what has been reported so far. Then, when I investigated further on details of "cutting," it was shocking to find that Princess Diana - a person who he very closely related to - had admitted to having done it (which I had not been award of, in addition to her eating disorders. (I think MJ did have an eating disorder, on and off, due to his admitted aversions to food at various times.

So, guess all we can do is wait for the full autopsy ... but again it does upset me even more to know that MJ really was a healthy guy for his age, despite his weight and other issues. If not for those AEG shows, I do not think he would have sought the Propofol, and he'd still be here! :( He could've just gone on with his life, maybe directing movies about kids, as he really wished to do, and watched his own kids grow up in relative tranquility.


Everybody needs to krrp in mind this is not the official complete autopsy report not by any means.
This mentioned a small scar below the navel which could be a laparotomy (exploratory) procedure for gastro problems.
The scar mentioned on the right abdominal side could be an appendectomy?
Scars on the leg could be the time he broke his leg.

I seriously refuse to believe MJ was a self cutter, no way.

Posted at 5:07AM on Oct 3rd 2009 by MJ no selfcutter

1844 days ago


Its a shame that autopty reports are made public. Its really nobodys business accept family members. They should pass a law against this. I wouldnt want my autopty report to be made public so everybody can judge me. Dont the family have any rights. I mean every thing from his children how much money they are getting and all thier business. Wow what has the world come to. This family lost a son, brother friend a dear one they loved so much. I just pray they can pull thru all this mess and the family can have time to grieve and get some peace.

1844 days ago

teah pendelton    

I guess Rolling Stone Magazine needs to retract the statement that MJ's nose was missing in the morgue...I am sure that would be in the coroners report but it only states that he had scars on each side of his nostrils...There have been so many flase things said about Mikes condition that the media should really be ashamed. Even in death they tried to make him out to be something he wasn't...I am glad the truth is out.

1844 days ago


It's a little too premature to know whether this is so or not. (Nothing was mentioned about his scalp burns and repairs, either, amongst many other things.) The whole coroner's autopsy has not been revealed, and only selective details were given, that much is what is clear so far.


521. I guess Rolling Stone Magazine needs to retract the statement that MJ's nose was missing in the morgue...I am sure that would be in the coroners report but it only states that he had scars on each side of his nostrils...There have been so many flase things said about Mikes condition that the media should really be ashamed. Even in death they tried to make him out to be something he wasn't...I am glad the truth is out.

Posted at 6:52PM on Oct 3rd 2009 by teah pendelton

Read more:

1844 days ago


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1844 days ago


RE: 453. This new auptopsy about Michael Jackson's health is totally contradicting what the other reports were saying about all the drugs in his system. The other report said that he had like seven drugs in his system and that his body was emanciated. The previous report also said that he had collasped vains in his arms, puncture wounds and he was fraile like an old man. I also heard that one side of his face was collasped also. They also said that part of his nose was missing. Now this new report is saying that he had no pills in his stomach and that he was at a healthy weight with a strong heart and good organs. It also says that he just had some scarring and tattoos on his face. This makes no sense to me. It sounds like these auptopsy reports have been made up. Something doesn't seem right to me. It's just too weird. It sounds like the person there talking about now is a totally different person than before. Does anyone else agree?

Posted at 4:31AM on Oct 2nd 2009 by Tonya

I do agree with you on this, too. I also am suspicious as to why only the AP was allowed to view the report, apparently, or have someone view it and analyze it on their behalf, with only selected information revealed, prior to the release of the entire autopsy itself. Do LAPD/Coroner have a reason for allowing only the AP to leak only bits of info about the autopsy at this juncture? And why?

1844 days ago


Im a former self-injurier.Severe Depression will cause self-injury,and the amount of stress will cause it and we all know that MJ was under alot of stress.Im not saying that MJ wasn't a cutter,he very well could have been.Like one poster said Princess Diana was a cutter,Johnny Depp,Angelina Jolie.The cuts on the arms are very strange and that is the only explanation I can really think of,now the scars on the stomach could be from surgry.Im still struggling with it a little bit,so take it from a cutter.

1844 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

What difference if he was into self mutilation since he was already into self destruction?

Spermettes, how are the turkey basters doing? Not much news on that front lately.

1844 days ago


Vindication for Michael Yes and about time but so sad he has gone because he was healthy. What a terrible terrible waste. Michael Jackson should be alive and performing in London but no, he trusted Dr Murray. Doctor's story doesn't add up. He either wasn't watching over Michael as he should have been at the very least or there is something even more sinister going on. At the very least manslaughter and the worse, murder. Was the heat turned up in the room really? If it was it was possibly turned up by the doc to cover up the length of time after death. A cardiologist would have known exactly what Michael needed - ventilator, defibrilators, etc. No call to the medics until way too late. The story absolutely stinks. What is being done about these holes by the cops? Michael Jackson's family, friends and many many of his fans demand the truth and justice.

1844 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

One would think that everyone would be happy that Michael is now getting the rest he so desired. He himself said he would choose death over living. If you weren't so self absorbed and selfish, you would see this for what it really is: God's grace.

1843 days ago


Esto los verdaderos fanáticos de Michael Jackson ya lo sabían, que bueno que al fin salga la verdad y no solo lo que las asquerosas publicaciones amarillistas decían.

1843 days ago


I for one do not accept a report of a report of a report as factual information. How many times has this stuff turned out to be a tempest in a teapot?

When it gets to where you are relying on unattributable quotes of secondhand information, truth and justice fly out the window.

1843 days ago


This was posted on the other link to the Beardon claim that MJ was healthy, but since that one is buried at the moment, I think it is worth reposting this person's comment here:

42. LoveHimMore,
I agree with you. Michael Bearden may be saying that he was fine, but according to a post I read stating on Karen Faye blog that she was begging for someone to help him, but fell on deaf ears. She stated that he needed to see a psychologist due to his state of mind was not good, he had rapid weight loss, was angry because he had no control, was ice cold, showing signs of drug use and six days before he died she said she sent e-mails to AEG telling them he was not healthy enough to do this concert. She stated also that out of those six days, four of those he never showed up for rehearsal.
I believe it was stated today that AEG had gotten several Michael Jackson look alikes to cover Michael.
The coroner's office put a statement out saying they never released anything except to the LAPD and the DA. I don't know where this info is coming from about the autopsy.
They claim MJ may have been healthy, but, they never said he was healthy enough to do 50 concerts. I didn't see anywhere that he had lupus.
I'm not sure who to believe anymore. All's I know is that he was the greatest entertainer ever and will be sorely missed.

Posted at 11:15PM on Oct 1st 2009 by randi

Read more:

1843 days ago


This report is false, that was not his weight, NEVER in his life did he
weigh that much, how could he weigh it now? He was thin, frail and
sick. The truth is a cover-up, the concert promoters knew he was
abusing drugs and under stress, they pushed him to the limit and did
not care about his health. Do your own research cause the media doesn't
want to follow the truth, but we can spread the truth, GREEDY
BLOODSUCKERS, they want Murray to take full blame, they want to picture
Michael as a drug addict, but why don't they say why he took those
drugs ?? He was stressed, tired, anxious, and in pain, pushed to the
limits. The summary is "They let him die like a worthless dog".

1843 days ago


It doesn't matter to me what others thought of Michael. He always represented truth, love, good will, honesty, caring and a heart that couldn't stop giving. He will always be the light that burned brighter then anyone else.

It isn't going to matter what positive things are said about the man, the doubters will always remain. I wish they would take a look at themselves and hope to god that nobody ever treats them the way they have treated Michael - and they didn't even know him! How can you rationalize your behaviour?

With each new story that comes out, that is one more pain that the fans have to go through. Every day we fight for Michael, to send out the message of who he really is. We will continue this fight for as long as it takes - WE WILL NOT STOP! Our grief is overwhelming but the love for Michael is greater.

It's time to let Michael rest. Give him the peace that he so justly deserves.

I miss him and love him so much.


1843 days ago
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