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All-American Superheroes Lose Olympic Bid

10/2/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know you're screwed when the supreme intergalactic powers of President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey combined aren't enough for a successful bid to host the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

Chicago was just eliminated from consideration for the 2016 Olympics -- in fact, it was eliminated in the first round of voting.

The winning city was Rio de Janeiro -- which, if you think about it, is awweeeesome!

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Amazing how many hate the President. Rooting for your President to failed and then laughing at him, I guess that puts u in the same team as Al Qaida. Only in America, does people get blinded by stupid ideologies.

1816 days ago


I am happy for RIO. Can't wait to get there!! I lost some respect for you Mr. President. What the heck are you thinking? You are not bad as$. I am a liberal but this whole celeb president crap is getting on my nerves. Run the country man, leave the rest to others. Don't be a freaking circus. For crying out loud use your white side for once and not always the black side it can really mess a brotha up know what I'm sayin?? Take medication to calm the dark side down man... it's going to hurt you in the long run. In other words.. Don't go to the Dark side.

1816 days ago


HaHaHaHaaa! I cannot stop laughing! Barak Huissein Obama! MMMMHMMM,MMMM! Boy, did he BLOW it and now doesn't he look foolish! Not only eliminated, but eliminated in tTHE FIRST ROUND!!! Congrats Rio!

1816 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

LISEN UP! The world does not march to the beat of the USA! Although I am an Obama fan, I would not have voted for Chicago if I lived outside of the USA. (1) How the hell would all the people who wanted US visas going to qualify to get them especially under the Patriot Act. I am sure this played into the decision - Too many people would be left out because they dont qualify for visas. (2) Too much crime in Chicago (3) Too much capital to put into having these games.
I WILL HAPPILY go to RIO!! Barack shouldn't have gone. I could have told him the outcome yesterday.

1816 days ago

moe l.    


1816 days ago


Listen, I live in Chicago. Its a good thing we didn't get the Olympic bid. Our politicians are so corrupt.
I still admire and respect Pres. Obama. Its not his fault that we lost.
South America deserves to finally have the Olympics - congrats.

1816 days ago


What American is against the President trying to bring the Olympics to our country ? Answer....Anti-American/Obama Haters!

When the media has spent a week trashing Chicago over the killing of the student. When the media fails to balance the coverage by pointing out the VERY HIGH crime in Rio and when the Republicans trash the Olympics and the President for traveling to Copenhagen, it's no wonder we lost.

Having said that, congrats to Rio and South America....it's about time!

1816 days ago


Hey Oprah! How does it feel NOT to be God?

1816 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


1816 days ago


stop hating on chicago rio can suck d*** plus i didn't know there is still racist people here. lynn go f*** yourself racist. chicago the best city in the world stop hatin

1816 days ago


republicans are such a bunch of whiny losers. its not about obama,you dumbasses. its about the olympics choosing to take their show to a new part of the world.

1816 days ago


HAHA Not a good two weeks for OSAMA. Sarkozy called you a naive wimp, Iran shot a missle in response to your demand for nuclear inspections, Wilson called you a liar, and now the IOC says your HOOD isn't good enough for their event. Looks like your not so cool after all.

1816 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Apparently the folks in Copenhagen are are unaffected by the dark powers of "Lord Oprah" and "Barack the Distracted". It's a shame that Copenhagen couldn't vote on the last presidential election. Back to work Barry, Rahm needs a cup of coffee.

1816 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

To blogger 4 (aka Lynn) and blogger 9 (Mr GQ), are you two serious? Taking the Olympic bidding process and making it a race thing is so retarded. Perhaps the REAL reason the United States lost its bid was not because of our celebrity, but dumb bigots like you. Nobody wants to host an event in an atmosphere of bigotry. So, on that note... congratulations RIO DE JANEIRO. America is too stupid and bigoted and receive such a coveted honor.

1816 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Dear Lord Jesus,
Let this be the sign of Thine Hand for things to come...!

1816 days ago
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