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Letterman Says Someone's Extorting Him

10/2/2009 1:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SECOND UPDATE: 11:58 PM ET TMZ has learned the identity of the alleged extortionist who was arrested today for attempted grand larceny in the first degree. He is 51-year-old Robert "Joe" Halderman who lives in Norwalk, CT. He is a producer for "48 Hours" and has been suspended pending results of the investigation.

David Letterman
says someone has demanded $2 million from him in return for not blowing the lid on Letterman's sexual liaisons in his office.

David Letterman Extortion
Letterman said on his show tonight he received a package 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to have info about sexual escapades between Letterman and some female employees on his staff.

The individual said Letterman would have to pay $2 million to keep the info secret.

Letterman went on to say he contacted the Special Prosecution Bureau of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. He said the D.A. investigated and cut a phony $2 million check to the alleged extortionist who was arrested today.

Letterman says he testified today before the grand jury. In his testimony, he says he acknowledged sexual relationships with members of his staff.

Letterman married his girlfriend of 23 years last March.


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What a pig! He had the balls to say crap about Sarah Palin's family when he 's out boinking the underlings? Who the hell would want to sleep with the ugly f(^* anyway? He deserves anything he gets. He and the audience who actually applauded him sleeping with women behind his girlfriend-now wife's back. Any you wonder why the country's goin to hell in a hand basket?

1842 days ago


I never liked Letterman. He thinks himself to be funny, but I think he's had his time (a long time ago).

1842 days ago

Ethan King    

It's not like we didn't know he wasn't sleezy. This isn't a shock. I think he handled it dead on......staring extortion in the face. A move, his "would be" extortionists didn't see coming.

1842 days ago


C'mon you guys. He's just a normal person too. He had affairs, so what? Big deal. The only difference is that he's famous.

At least he admitted it. That's kinda cool :)
I still like him. He's an entertaining person. :)

1842 days ago

richard fusilier de la Claire    

Letterman is an example of how anyone can succeed in America, if. Who is going to miss him when he's gone which I hope is very soon? Lets get Jimmy Kimmel to replace him. (No. anything but that!)

1839 days ago


Yawwwwwnnnnnn....who cares.....over rated, over paid.
He isn't funny anymore. When he started, he was funny...but, time has taken its toll. Dave, hang it up and retire already.

1845 days ago


oh boy!

1845 days ago

Rap sucks    


1845 days ago


are there any DECENT people left in this world

1845 days ago


Liasons...before or after being married? Not that he is a role model, but why get married. Besides, if he had a girlfriend of 23 years he certainly cheated on her during their shacking up time. Maybe he should become the subject of late night jokes!!

1845 days ago


Wow... I feel bad for his wife. Eventually, it's going to be made public who he was having affairs with and if they still work there. He's an idiot because he also opens himself up to sexual harrassment claims.

1845 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

"......with members of his staff" Hey Conan, I smell a joke or two here.

1845 days ago


I am not surprised by this. He seems like the type that would do something like this. I feel sorry for his wife and son.

1845 days ago

I am    

Dave, Dave, Dave--were you a naughty boy BEFORE or AFTER you wed your 'baby mama'?

1845 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Dave Letterman is very bright - and very witty ... which can be real turn-ons in men. But I just can't see the having-sex-with-him part. Eeeww. Again - eeeww.

1845 days ago
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