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Big Turnout for Ryan Jenkins' Memorial

10/2/2009 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

About 300 people showed up to the memorial service for Ryan Jenkins -- the man believed to have murdered his wife, model Jasmine Fiore, and then stuff her in a suitcase.

Ryan Jenkins
Ryan's father Dan refuses to believe his son murdered Jasmine and has hired a private investigator.

Jenkins was found hanged in his room at the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23.


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I'm with you Sad Sad, I think that this IS Dan Jenkins too. In fact, why does everyone keeping saying its not? There are very few pics of DJ on the internet. There is one of him on his company website which is VERY tiny. His hair appears darker in his company pic, but its likely that its an older pic and of course you're gonna try to look your best for a professional pic. Here he looks very thin, gaunt face and gray-haired, which I think makes sense given the stress he is putting himself through by not believing that his son did this and wanting to clear the Jenkins name.

Oh, and Questioner, why are you so concerned about the cell records? Those can easily be fabricated. If I found your phone on the street, as an example, and started calling people in your contact list, it would appear that you made those phone calls when looking at a paper phone bill right? Did any of these friends say they talked to her on the phone or left them a voicemail? I don't remember ever reading or hearing that if they did.

1783 days ago

D Jenkins    

This does look like like Ryans dad, and I can tell you what Ryan looks like. He's got burn marks around his neck and his flesh is rotting in hell. I hope his dad joins him one day for making a spectacle of this.

1783 days ago


Questioner, I have been quietly observing comments, particularly yours,following this case on TMZ (since the beginning) and unlike some of the other posters on here I happen to find your comments and observations extremely interesting to read. Ive just decided to not be lazy and register with TMZ to post now. So thanks!

1783 days ago


It looks like Jasmine's porn and pervert pals and relatives are on here jealous that the Jenkins family might win over a few more supporters. Jasmine was trash. And she ended up in the trash dumpster. End of the blame game.

1783 days ago


Questioner you said jasmine fiore called jasmine fiore???? Re-read your statement above. Also, thats just one friend and if that was on friday her body wasn't found until saturday anyway. What about the other people? Its possible that the friend may have been confused a little on dates/exact times. People who are stressed often forget details.

1783 days ago


Questioner, the police said that they have financial and cellular records to prove he was in Corona, etc. I'm guessing he used his credit card to pay for gas or something. But think about it, he left the hotel at 09:30 AM and didn't get home until later in the afternoon. What was he doing that whole time, Lets say JF is still alive and with him like he says she was. Maybe they went to do things in these areas for fun? I'm not familiar with this area in California.

1783 days ago


41. It looks like Jasmine's porn and pervert pals and relatives are on here jealous that the Jenkins family might win over a few more supporters. Jasmine was trash. And she ended up in the trash dumpster. End of the blame game.

Posted at 6:49PM on Oct 3rd 2009 by Frank Reality

Unfortunately, there are no winners in this situation, but if there is more that the police or the PI need to look at to determine who killed the poor girl, then it needs to be done. Not just to clear Ryan's name, but for Jasmine's sake as well.

Right now, so much of the critical information has huge gaping holes in it that it can't be as cut & dried as some want to believe. Like the tools required to extract the teeth & cut off the carries that around with them? Is there any evidence of Ryan stopping anywhere to purchase these items?
If indeed, it was a crime of passion, then strangling her & disposing of the body where it wouldn't be found for a long time would make more sense then going to all that mutilation effort only to dump her in a Recycling Dumpster, where she was guaranteed to be found...and quickly.
I'm glad Jenkins Sr is probing this further. I think Jasmine's death is part of a far bigger story than two young people involved in a toxic relationship.

1783 days ago



THE PHOTO IS 100% NOT OF DAN JENKINS. NOT 99.999% -> 100%!!!!


1783 days ago


Imagine having the vitriol, an innocent, and grieving father, Dan Jenkins has had directed at him -now directed at you, because some random person took a photo and sent it in to TMZ claiming it was someone else for money.

1783 days ago


Questioner I 100% agree with you and your statements thus far. There is so much to the story that isn't being told, and Ryan deserves all the advocates he can get.

I hope DJ gets the "truth" from PI investigation. Someone has to do the dirty work for the police - as far as I am concerned they have pretty much stopped looking for further evidence.

Keep blogging - I enjoy reading your thoughts!

Oh an by the way - hilarious is 100% correct! THIS IS NOT DAN JENKINS! I know cause I am from Calgary!

1783 days ago


christinawhitely - haven't seen you on lately....enjoy your comments also!

1783 days ago


I am still waiting for the reveal of some physical evidence tying Jenkins to the murder. Where is that? Does it not exist perhaps?

Why is it taking so long? This investigation is ridiculous!

1783 days ago

Sad sad    

"Good job, Saddy. It's the first productive contribution you've made to the comments section since the story broke. I think you're next one will be due in 2010."

Questioner go f Ryan's rotting corpse you stupid beetcha.

1782 days ago


Thank you Bunn. I've been posting in different areas since everyone is hopping around right now.

Hi Bunny410. Do you still live in Calgary? Just wondering what the consensus is there.

Question for anyone. On RJ's autopsy will defensive wounds still show up or is it to late for those? If JF fought back he should have had scratches at the very least.

1782 days ago


The father of the killer ryan j cant handle having his Family Name smeared with dodo shi** The dad cant stand the fact his boy was a murderer and ryan j is GUILTY ... daddyo jenkins get some pro help with your Reality Issues..Your kid was a terrible person and a FREAK

1782 days ago
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