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Arrest Made in Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Case

10/3/2009 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned an arrest has been made in the Erin Andrews Peeping Tom case -- the one in which the ESPN reporter was secretly videotaped walking around naked in various hotel rooms ... and the suspect has been charged with the federal crime of felony stalking.

48-year-old Michael David Barrett was arrested at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Friday.

According to the FBI, Barrett allegedly stalked Erin "with the intent to harass, to place under surveillance with intent to harass and intimidate, and to cause substantial emotional distress to a person in another state."

The videotapes surfaced in July. At least six clips showed Erin walking around two different hotel rooms in the nude, and were shot with a peephole camera. It was virtually impossible to tell when or where the videos were shot.

Andrews' lawyer, Marshall Grossman from the law firm Bingham & McCutchen, tells TMZ Barrett allegedly contacted hotels in the various venues "where Andrews was working in order to locate her and her room number -- and some of the hotels revealed that information, permitting him to target her." Grossman says Barrett would remove the peepholes from the doors -- or as the complaint states, "hacked off" -- and inserted tiny camera devices to secretly film her.

Someone tried to sell the clips to TMZ, but we refused to buy or air them because they were an obvious invasion of Erin's privacy. The federal complaint notes that the videos were offered for sale to TMZ.com through his email account.

The complaint says Andrews was so upset when the tapes began to circulate elsewhere she was "having trouble breathing and felt sick all of the time." The complaint adds, "She was concerned there might be more video and wanted to vomit just thinking about it."

UPDATE -- Barrett appeared in court today where he was ordered to be returned to California to face charges.

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So why do you have a pic of Erin Andrews up? Show the friggin perp and shame him......

1844 days ago


TMZ I would be interested to hear your definition of "an obvious invasion of privacy"

1843 days ago


So you think hotel rooms are "private?"

Anyone who wanders around a hotel room (or two) in the nude is a fool.

This can be a lesson for all of us, and I doubt the victim here gets it yet, bimbo that she is.

1843 days ago


Sick? Yes. Would I like to see the pics? Damn yes. Can't anyone post a link where the pics are still onling?

1843 days ago

Baseball Fan in Atlanta    

I think Erin is hot. I think Erin is a great reporter.

I think it's DISGUSTING what this dude did to her.

I have family that are female and if some dude did this to them I'd hurt him.

This is just not right doing this to another person. I hope he gets punked out in prison.

1843 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

The Nashville Tennessean newspaper is saying on its Web site this morning that one of the hotels was in Nashville.

Something just isn't right here. No hotel is going to give out information on what room a woman is staying in, even if the caller pretends to be her husband. And no hotel is going to, after giving that information, consent to providing said caller with an adjoining room.

Specifically, in Nashville where tourism is huge and all of the hotels of any decency like ones that would be putting up ESPN people are quite sophisticated in their reservation systems and protocols. This just wouldn't happen.

Something is just not right here. I believe Erin is a totally innocent victim, but something just isn't right here.

1843 days ago



So what is his connection to Erin Andrews ??

- Stranger ?
- Former Employee ?
- Disgruntled Guy Turned-Down For a Date ?
- Etc...?


1843 days ago


What's this? Has TMZ grown a moral compass? I think not!

1843 days ago


I agree with Jennifer's comment. Hotels NEVER give out room numbers to anyone, unless they contact the guest first. Usually, you have to call the person in that room and they give you the room number. Also giving an unknown person a room next to a specific person, especially a celebrity, would never be allowed. Maybe a big tip was involved, or the guy was just there at check-in and got into the elevator with the bellboy (or tipped the same). Like Jennifer, I think something else must have been going on. Placing a tiny video camera (maybe from a cell phone) into a door peephole along with a battery and maybe a transmitter, takes some real expertise, access to the room and enough time to do this without getting caught. As far as Erin "prancing around the room naked....etc." as one comment says, maybe if you were as hot as Erin, you would look at yourself in the mirror too. I don't find that strange at all. I have seen at least one clip from the videos and Erin has nothing to be ashamed of!

1843 days ago


"Someone tried to sell the clips to TMZ, but we refused to buy or air them because they were an obvious invasion of Erin's privacy."

LOL and how is that any different from what you put on here every single day? You folks are professional privacy invaders. Don't pretend like you took the high road with Andrews. You couldn't LEGALLY air the tape here. Otherwise I'm sure you jackals would have.

1843 days ago


A few jealous people on here.......Glad this guy was caught.

1843 days ago



1843 days ago


Again with the "Who walks around naked in their hotel?" comments. I was on business in San Antonio last week and yes, I'm pretty sure I was naked quite a few times in my hotel room. Why? Because I just got out of the shower. Because I hadn't put my clothes on yet. Because maybe my skin was still a little too moist to have fabric wrapped around it. Why is this such a curiosity for some of you? I have an even better question: who stands alone in their hotel room and suddenly goes "OH MY GOD I'M NAKED! I NEED CLOTHES STAT, BEFORE THE COMPLETE LACK OF OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM SEE ME LIKE THIS!" Go out and interview hot women and find out just how many of them like being nude in their own privacy. There are plenty. PLENTY. It's common!

1843 days ago
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