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Rodriguez Still Hospitalized with Mystery Ailment

10/3/2009 7:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul RodriguezComedian Paul Rodriguez is still in the hospital with what seems to be a mystery illness.

Paul was rushed to George Washington University Hospital in D.C. on Thursday after complaining of severe abdominal pain. He was placed in ICU, where he remains.

Rodriguez is a leader in the California Latino Water Coalition and was in D.C. to lobby Congress. Mario Santoya, a fellow member of the organization who has been by his bedside, told TMZ a few minutes ago doctors still don't know what is ailing Paul. They're doing tests, he said.

Santoya says they have taken the tubes out of Paul's nose but he's still in bad pain. Doctors will continue to do tests and he's expected to be hospitalized for a few more days, minimum.


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the truth hurts huh    

It sounds like diverticulitis to me too ..... but any decent docs could have diagnosed that immediately. ?????

1846 days ago


Poor guy, wish him well. Sounds like is he may have an intestinal blockage caused by scar tissue or adhesions. That's what almost took Gordon Lightfoot's life a while back. No early symptoms except the sudden onset of illness described in the original report. Horrifically painful and, if this is what's ailing him, I hope they don't dilly dally & intervene surgically asap - I had it several years ago & it took 3 weeks of hell in ICU before the docs went in - by that time, trust me, you WISH you were dead. I was perfectly fine at dinner time, queasy by 11PM, rushing for the john at 1AM and screaming for drugs in the ER by 3AM. Really gets the admitting nurse moving when you keel over and your BP & pulse drop to a hiccup. If I hadn't been in an ER, I'd have died. Good that someone found Rodriguez & got him to a hospital when they did.

1846 days ago


Obama Care side effects include.....
Delayed treatment
Zero choice
Sky rocketing taxes
,And premature death!

1846 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I was feelin' . . . so bad,
I asked my family doctor just what I had,
I said, "Doctor, . . .(Doctor . . .)
Mr. M.D., . . .(Doctor . . .)
Now can you tell me, tell me, tell me,
What's ailin' me?" (Doctor . . .)

He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yes, indeed, all you really need . . .
(Is good lovin')
Gimme that good, good lovin . . .
(Good lovin')
All I need is lovin' . . .
(Good lovin')
Good lovin', baby.

1846 days ago


In your opinion he may be a funny comedian. I know him to be a rude bigot. "California Latino Water Coalition" .. "and was in D.C. to lobby Congress" says it all. As a California taxpayer, I don't need his ilk lobbying on my behalf. As usual, he has a hidden agenda and is using his celebrity to impress along with the other wolves in sheep's clothes. I don't wish anyone pain nor suffering, however, this one deserves a double-dip.

1846 days ago


His son's twitter says he may get out today and he's doing fine. He just flew out there from LA last night. PlanbProd on twitter.

1846 days ago


You two going on about Obama's healthcare plan fail to mention that if Paul wasn't rich and famous he would have been shuffled out the door after waiting hours in the ER with a few pain pills and a $2000 ER bill. Stop being so ignorant and spouting off the usual conservative lies and misinformation.

1846 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Paul is in the federal cross hairs right now for leading the fight to get the feds to turn the water back on in the Latino farming communities of central California. For this reason, I believe the Feds may be behind Paul's mystery illness. They could have poisoned Paul to silence him. Its one explanation for why he fell ill so suddenly with this mysterious illness, especially in the snake pit that is Washington,DC. I hope we are not soon reading a RIP column about Paul. Get well soon Paul. My gut tells me the government may have slipped him some poison to neutralize Paul since he has been so
effective in exposing their tyranny in the central farming communities of California. TMZ - Please keep us updated on Paul's condition. Beware of the Federal government. A coup has taken place and it is now controlled by crooked Wall Street banksters that working for the foreign bankers of the Federal Reserve. They've robbed the treasury and are now bankrupting the Latino farmers of central California by turning off the water they need for irrigation. The area has the capacity for massive food production and is being coveted by the bankers now since their derivatives pyramid scheme has been exposed. Beware of vultures in high
places. Pray Paul makes it. And that the feds turn the water back on for the Latino farmers of the central valley.

1846 days ago


I hope they find out what's wrong with Paul, and soon. He is such a great guy, besides being a great comedian. I know from personal experience that he's always right there when a friend of his needs something or has a problem. You don't even have to ask him, he senses a friend in need and is there. He's also done a lot for different charities and groups over the years, and unlike some celebs who do this, he doesn't brag about it or act like he's God to whoever he helps.

I hope you're well soon, Paul, and that you're being well taken care of.

1846 days ago


His insurance is probably provided by the SAG. If he was a normal Joe Blow with no insurance, they would have handed him some pain meds and told him to beat it.

1846 days ago


Yeah my husband had diverticulitis and it went to peritonitis...took the docs a few days to figure it all out. His colon was blocked off by disease. He ended up with a colostomy for 6 months.

1846 days ago


I just got out of the hospital for an unexpected case of diverticulitis and secondary perontinis. It sounds like the EXACT symptoms that sent me there and it took 2 weeks for them to diagnose the problem. Paul Rodrigues is a hero to those of us in California who can not believe farmers are on food lines (irony?) because of a smelt. Turn the water on politicians. As Mr. Rodriguez says, "fish can't vote".

1844 days ago


maybe he just has to fart?

1846 days ago


I certaily wish him well! Paul's a very funny man!!! Get well soon!

1846 days ago



3. OMG CHEF KOOKIE, you are the BOMB!

....maybe he had a case of bad guacamole....
Posted at 11:36AM on Oct 3rd 2009 by paula dean

1846 days ago
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