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Megan Fox -- Beer Wench

10/4/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It is every man's fantasy to have Megan Fox bring them a beer -- and a few lucky SOBs actually got to live it out on Friday night.

Megan Fox

Megan was a celebrity bartender at an event at Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica to raise money for a charity called Team Stacie. Megan's on-again/off-again BF Brian Austin Green was scheduled to be there -- Megan was just an added bonus.

We're guessing she made more in tips.


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Big shout out to Jimmy. Sonny's is the best bar evah !!!!!

1853 days ago

b e 1 r u 7    

She should have served the beers naked. Would have earned more money for charity that way.

1853 days ago


Megan compared Michael Bay to Hitler. That's messed up.

Shia Labeouf is in the Hugo Chavez Rat Pack. That's messed up.

The movies are great. Why can't these stars just keep their pie holes shut?

1853 days ago

TMZ is going downhill    

In Texas , They say BEAUTY IS IN EYE OF THE BEERHOLDER,and about closing time, I would give her a 9 and a ride in the back of my camper, so she can just step out in the morning and get in to her car yee haa lol:)

1853 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

bye reading all today just had breakfast i don't like megan fox and iman is married to david bowie not online getting ready to mail this to joe jonas

1853 days ago


She really did a great job helping us raise money for team Stacie. People were all over her and very demanding. She put up with a lot for a great cause she deserves a big 'thank you'. PS- THe beer wasn't pouring very well, the head in that picture isn't her fault!

1853 days ago

Rap sucks    

I was also gonna say if she's a tranny. And yeah, she'll do me. I'm not your average joe so this little whore would do me anytime. But enough already she's not the hottest and many other women are much more perfect than her. Eww those thumbs gross, please stop with her and get attention on a real hottie. No, you're gay if you think she's the hottest women ever.

1853 days ago

Rap sucks    

Why? because she looks like a tranny.

1853 days ago


i hate commenting here now cuz i tried to do the returning and it always has my name as "me" NO!! OK>???? IM NOT ME!! im LULA!!!

anyways, megan fox is hot and i would like her to serve me beer!

1853 days ago


God I want to put my face in her crotch for the rest of my life...

1853 days ago


That is MY photo taken from MY Blackberry! Thanks TMZ for stealing it from MY Facebook page! One more reason to hate you guys! Since when is Harvey my "friend"?

1853 days ago


This was a CHARITY EVENT so what about the bad pour that event was to make money to offset medical expenses for a woman with breast cancer. It was an awesome event and Maghan was 1 of a number of celebrities working the bar. Kudos to her for taking the time to help an extremely worthy cause. The fact is she is gorgeous, was accomodating to those wanting pictures with her and was extremely courteous. Anyone seeing her in any other light suxs! I know my brother and I were there and those beers she poured were ours and we certainly didn't feel cheated out of anything. Here's to Meghan and team Stacie ... Cheers! Don S.

1853 days ago


Please, Please, Please explain this to me! I am not one of these girls who says EEW every time another woman is labelled hot, in fact I usually can see a hot woman and do agree when someone is hot. BUT This girl is NOTHING. I do not get it. She looks like a cross between a good looking transvestite and a b-porn movie actress.

1853 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

It makes me sick how you imbeciles gush all over Megan Fox. She does have a semi-nice body but that face has to go. Because if she walked outside without her 1/4 inch thick mask in place, people wouldn't give her a second look.

1853 days ago


Enough with this dork!!!!!!!

1853 days ago
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