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Cops: Suicide Note Found on Jenkins' Computer

10/5/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Buena Park Police Department tells us they found what they consider to be a "suicide note" on Ryan Jenkins' computer -- the one found in the motel room where he hanged himself.

Cops say they found the page-and-a-half long letter titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which was written on August 20th -- three days before he was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Canada.

We're told Ryan never admits to murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore, in the letter -- but he does apologize to family and friends for the pain he caused them.

Cops say in the letter, Jenkins blames Jasmine for the situation he was in -- professing both his love and disdain for her.


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Love hurts. At least thats what Nazareth says.

1845 days ago


she looks like a blond version of one of the contestants on the first season of "paris hilton, my bff". or whatever that show was called. and i don't care if he's dead. he should be.

1845 days ago


she was nothing but a slut...guys sometimes think you can change a slut....but you can see its not true. i feel sorry for jenkins family for so much dispair she caused. Woman like her deserve nothing less that what she got. Do as much as you want when youre single...but if youre married do it and you will get it one way or another. Now she ruined many families and brought and end to 2 lives. He needed no money...he needed respect.

1845 days ago

Sad sad    

Piece of crap gone.

Questioner can go f his rotting corpse.

1844 days ago

lisa lepore    

In # 58 Dawn I agree with you,the two of them were a dangerous mix,big mistake marrying someone you just met..But ryan was truly mis-leading Jasmine when he wanted to get married.He represented himself as a successful architect,and well-off real estate broker.he was actually broke,and desparate to make a new start in the US.He has a violent past concerning women,and owes quite a bit of money.Jasmine paid her bills on time,and had plenty of money in the bank.She was opening a new business,and paid up front for him to move to LA.In her mind,after she kicked him out in June,it was over.So why wouldn't she date?She sounded very relieved to have gotten out of a bad situation. I am not making Jasmine out to be some saint,but she was not the gold-digger here.i hope they close this case soon.

1844 days ago


Curious, You hit the nail on the head. His father says he just found on the 19th that JF was murdered. This letter was written on the 20th. Doesn't sound that strange to me that he contemplated suicide since he already knew she was dead. I don't know if his dad told him he was a suspect but I'm sure RJ already knew he was and I'm sure he saw something on television. Since RJ admitted that he contemplated suicide after a failed relationship, he may have already been contemplating suicide just after he said he was done with the relationship, before he knew she was dead.

1844 days ago


Sad sad, you have no class whatsoever.

1843 days ago


One more question then..... in the pictures which are supposedly taken of Ryan and Jasmine a couple weeks before this horrific event occured why was Jasmine wearing her wedding ring if they were not together anymore?

1843 days ago


I believe that it was said Ryan won Jasmine back after he returned from Mexico. This may be why she wore her ring on Aug 3rd when they were photo'd in Vegas at the restaurant and Palms pool w/video. I wondered the same thing too.

There was someone on another thread that said they had received letters from Cardosi within the past few weeks, one of which said Jasmine told Mike that Ryan had "just sponsored" her in the poker tourney for $20k and that was why she was going to go. The person said it was possible Jasmine lied to Mike. It sounds like there are 2 varying accounts of why she was attending the tourney that is for sure.

1842 days ago

My Opinion know that this person whom states she is Lisa Lepore is only going to answer what she wants to....

Lisa Lepore....did Ryan Jenkins pay for your fight and Jasmines to Jasmines grandmother funeral as G. Beaudguard stated on the Larry King show when the story broke about Jasmine's murder? If he did, I really think that it is low that you call him a fraudelent person and conartist. I'm sure your will lie about that also....
Did G. Beaudeguard bring up Jasmine? G. Beaudeguard was asked by Larry King...."Were Jasmine and her mother close....and G. Beaudeguard stated "yes, but it was a different kind of closeness."

Another question, if Ryan knew about Jasmine picking up Robert Cardosi (prison) and spending the day with him (and night as some reports state)....why was she not wearing her wedding it shows in the pictures she wasn't....if she had nothing to hid why take them off....I believe you are lying about Ryan being OK with that and that he knew about it....because at the Ivy Hotel after the Poker Tournment....Jasmine was texting and taking to someone and Ryan's was yelling and flipping out and asking whom she was talking to. (Jasmine's response was " I'm talking to my mother"....who would call there mother at 12:30 a.m.) as the friends and associates of Ryan and Jasmines witnessed and have stated. Are you going to tell me she actually talked to you at that time also...just a bunch of cover up for your daughter that led multiple lives with different people.

1842 days ago


Questioner and My Opinion....You people are awesome.
I've been reading what you guys post and I think it's great you guys are expressing what you think.
I feel bad for Ryan. Jasmine screwed with his head so bad, and what respectful women has several intamate relationships with different men. It's a sad situation all around.

1841 days ago

lisa lepore    

In response to #83 and #84.I believe you meant to write Michael cardosi,not robert.It is pretty impossible to have an intimate relationship,Questioner,with a man in prison.You can visit once in awhile,and write letters.I hope none of you ever have people in your life make mistakes,and end up in prison,but I don't think it is a flaw of character to support someone when they are having a hard time,and it doesn't mean you plan to be intimate with them in the is all just hype,to make Jasmine look bad.The poker game was a charity event that jasmine planned on attending a long time before Ryan got involved.they were sponsored separately.I have no need to lie about anything.ryan might not have liked it that he wasn't invited to go with us to pick up Mike with Mike's mom and son,but he has no relationship what-so-ever to them.We went because we planned to do it together,for many had nothing to do with any romantic relationship for the was an act of support for a man that was good to jasmine in the past.jasmine had her own place,and paid her own bills and was getting started in a new business in LA,she didn't owe any money or have anyone sueing her,Ryan is the one who was in trouble financially.His credit cards,and rent checks bounced,not the other way around.Who cares what rings she has on when? he was using her,for a way to have a new start in the US.i wish he had found some other girl to con.

1841 days ago


questioner, "lisa lepore" said jasmine was planning to paint the gym that friday from what i recall which is why i was surprised she told hasman on thursday she was coming to see him all the way in vegas. I think the gym was not supposed to open for another month or so.

I have to say a couple things just in general, because while the autopsy/time of death and lack of physical evidence have me wondering about jenkins guilt, there are many other things that really don't matter in all this.

What does it matter who raised Jasmine, whether her mom Lisa, or family friends? Why is that of any relevance to this crime?

Who cares if Ryan paid for the airline tickets for Jasmine and Lisa to attend the grandmother's funeral?

Ryan had over $30k in unpaid credit card debt that he was delinquent on. It is quite possible he purchased Jasmine's big ring with that card, as well as those airline flights.

Lisa Lepore lost her mother earlier this year and lost her daughter who was a victim of a heinous crime, and both were in a short time span from one another. Can you imagine what this woman is going through? Please be respectful.

1841 days ago

My Opinion    

In what way did Ryan con her....she filled the annulment...but wore her wedding rings in Las Vegas...when seen with him at the Palms the beginning of August (3rd).....why wear wedding bands if you are going through a separation....was that done by Jasmine to make Ryan think she was really getting back with him.....or is that just the conartist in her...

How would you know his rent cheques bounced.....did he tell you? or is that something you have made up in your mind?

So what of it if he had a -$30,000 credit card balance..he knew he could cover it as he won I Love Money Three ($250,000)

I wasn't implying that her multiple lives with different people was with Michael Cardosi. I was implying it with Robert Hasman (which I believe was one of her sexual clients not an exboyfriend)...that she moved in and out with when she had no money.... didnot answer whether or not Ryan (the conartist as you stated) paid for your and Jasmines fight to her grandmothers Gwendolyn Beauregard...stated on the Larry King show that aired right after Jasmine was murdered....

1841 days ago


Do you think that some of the money issues could be because his money was tied up in Canada? Not sure how the money works in different countries. Also some people tie up thier bank accounts into a type of account that only lets you spend so much in 1 day.

1840 days ago
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