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Travolta Extortion Tapes -- We're Like Rug Dealers

10/5/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transcripts of taped conversations between alleged extortionist Pleasant Bridgewater and John Travolta's attorney, Michael McDermott, have just been released ... and it feels like Howie Mandell could step in at any time and say, "Deal, No Deal?"

Travolta Extortion Tapes

The documents show Bridgewater -- attorney for defendant Tarino Lightbourne -- haggling with McDermott over how much the Travoltas should pay for the "Refusal of Treatment" document ... at one point, McDermott offers property instead of cash, complaining how hard it would be to raise $25 million in cash.

Bridgewater says Lightbourne believed the doc was worth hundreds of millions of dollars ... but was willing to accept $25 million. McDermott countered with an offer of only $250,000 ... saying the Travoltas could go as high as $1 million if Lightbourne would accept property.

At one point McDermott, recognizing the absurdity of the negotiations, says, "We can do a little rug merchant negotiations here." At another point he complains Tarino's demands of $25 million require Travolta to come up with "like a pickup truck full of money."

Click here to read the full transcript.


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Foot Fetish    


1842 days ago

Travolta should get his Scientology friends to go after these two idiots.

1842 days ago


who cares more mj news now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1842 days ago


How can anyone try to blackmail a person grieving his dead son!? Its shameful and hopefully they will get what they deserve.

1842 days ago


@ Chef Kooky

Do you have any pies or cakes recipes?

1842 days ago


@ Chef Kooky
You are the best! Thanks for your time.

1842 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Hey John , Hope the Judge puts them away, I know what its like to loose a child my daughter was murdered by Domestic Violence, and now you have some greedy bastards that want to cash in on you.I couldn't handle it, I would go Ballistic.Good luck with this, and I hope this trial ends quick. Our Prayers go out to you and your Family

1842 days ago


This set-up might have been compromised some because it is clear that John's attorney is playing it up for the recording. I'm not sure how that will affect the case. Pleasant seems really stupid and clueless, while Tarino is selfish, inconsiderate and greedy. In spite of this, it will be interesting to see how the defense gets Pleasant out of this. She has avoided saying much of anything and since there was no threat, legally speaking, where is the 'blackmail'?

I do agree though, that I like John T. and I can't believe people can be so mean. Whenever disasters happen, John always donate money to help. He is not like most of the other stars who would give a few thousand dollars. He gives millions. When Katrina hit John personally flew his jet down filled with stuff and brought ( I think he even drove with the trucks) trucks and trucks of stuff for the victims. How can anyone do this to him? I know Pleasant (although not well) and I've heard that she has somewhat of a shady past. I kmow OB Wilchombe very well and he would NEVER do stuff like this. I'm happy he was vindicated. I'm from The Bahamas and I can tell you that most Bahamians are not like this. Bahamians are angry about this entire ordeal. They hate what has happened to John.

1841 days ago

nat Rolle    

those P.L.P's r at it again,corruption, corruption. this poltical party amaze me of the thing they do this country the BAHAMAS and they want the young people to vote them back in ha ha ha ha . then thereis the lawyer for the P.L.P cambridge washing dirty money with under cover agents. doe's mr.christie really want us to believe he doe's not know what is going. this lawyer was washing dirty money for the P.L.P AND MR. CHRISTIE. WHEN HE IS EXTRITED TO THE GOOD OLE U.S.A. HE BETTER THINKS ABOUT HIS FAMILY AND NOT PERRY CHRISTIE AND THE P.LP.

1823 days ago

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